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Love Problems

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Do it! Take the plunge! Be a man! :P

I did. Very weakly to be honest, but yea I did. Not *love*... but I liked him and I was good friends with him too. The other week someone (with a very big gob) overheard me tell my best mate that I wasn't going to tell him (as I planned to that day), so I was kind of forced in telling him before the large-gobbed-person beat me to it! Anyway, he likes me back and we've been going out a week and all is pretty good. :)

I'm no "Relationship Guru" at all... but if it's bothering you that much then it probably is already affecting your friendship so you should tell him. Even if he doesn't like you, it's good to know so you can move on. I'm sure you don't want to be hanging around for ages wondering when or if something is going to happen. Your friendship will probably withstand it, if you push through and make it withstand it. He might even end up liking you as a result. :)

So my advice is: Go for it! Being rejected isn't all that bad. :)

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I may be a bit late... I just wanted to leave my words in here for you. It's tough what you're going through, I can imagine. But the thing is though, we can't help what we feel, we really can't. So, if you do have feelings for someone then that's how it is, and to keep your feelings to yourself isn't always very good. I mean, it depends... Let's say your friend is married with kids, yeah then you may need to move on, but that's not the case now, is it? :)

You should really go for it. You don't want to live your life thinking "What if..." so just give it a try, what is there to lose? If it's a true friend of yours then you won't lose your friendship - It's way too precious. You may be rejected, sure, but as long as you're ready for even that (I know you can never be ready for this) then you won't hurt too much, atleast then you know you spoke your heart out. I guess I don't have something great to say, but I really hope you follow your heart, you can never ignore your hearts feelings. And you never know... Your friend might feel the same? And if you've already told your friend and it didn't go so well, then I am very sorry about that, I really am. I just wish you the best of luck and be strong!

After all love is wonderful, and sometimes with love we must take a risk, and a true friend won't leave... It may just feel a bit 'strange' to start with if it doesn't go the way you want, but you'll be friends again... Although it's hard to not be more than that when having such strong feelings. I know this message may not help you much, I just thought I should say something since I read your little problem. Give it a try... If you heart wants to

I really love the love, and I am sure we all do. And today me and my fiancé celebrate our 1 year Anniversary. So, I take love very seriously, and I believe that if you are truly meant to be with someone then you will be, no matter what. That is a really great feeling.

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I hate to say it, but there isn't going to be a right time. I say go for it, but if you're not ready, then you're not ready. And as Liyah said, if he's really a true friend then he won't let it ruin the friendship. Just go for it. :) And let us know how it all goes.

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I'd tell my story but I think I've brought it up three or four times in the Have a Moan thread, and it doesn't sound any less pathetic. :(

Me to,lol....All i could really add is i agree with the others,tell him now don't wait till he finds someone else like me :( .

So how long is a appropriate time after a break up to tell someone you like them?He's told me he doesn't really like her like that anymore but feels bad because she likes him,so i'm sure a break up will happen eventually,lol.

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Lynd: I'd say probably about a week, depending on how upset he seems.

And Meg: Same as anyone else, it's never really going to feel like a great time to say anything but I'd go for it. At least then it's out there. And you could find out he's been sitting there in silence all this time as well feeling the exact same way and all this time will have been wasted!

I've got a slight dilemma on my hands with a couple that I am very good friends with that have just split up. Basically he split up with her and she is still very much in love with him and he is very much over her and was at least six months before they broke up. Anyway, I was at his house not too long ago and we were both pretty drunk (truth comes out when drunk etc) and I was staying in his bed with him, not unusal, we have done this lots of times, and we are just good friends. Anyway, we were talking and he basically told me that he is in love with me and he was trying his hardest for something to happen all night. It was all ok, I told him that I didn't like him that way ya da ya da ya da. And the next day he apologised for being out of order etc. - he was being pretty pushy.But that's all fine.

The only thing is I don't really know whether or not to tell his ex-girlfriend. She doesn't even know that I stayed at his house and it's all so complicated because I am also very close friends with her and she has been saying that she thinks they might get back together. So, basically I have no idea what to tell her, of if I should tell her anything. What do you guys think? I'm thinking that I should just leave things as they are and not say anything.

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