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Barbara's Artwork

Guest Barbara

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Absolutely amazing! :D

The colouring of all of them is outstanding and the cropping is just perfect, especially on 1 and 10. My fave is number 4 because the colouring just stands out. Very good.

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I absoulutely love that last batch Barbara!! Amazing colouring and cropping! :D


I love these very much! The colouring works really well on all of them, but I esp love the first two and how the blue stands out. The cropping is brilliant too!


The colouring is amazing on this one too, the blue and everything!


I adore the cropping on this gorgeous Hayley avatar! And of course the colouring is great too!


KK! I've got to love these avatars, they are cute!

I think I have to save the Jade ones and maybe a few more! I will of course credit you if I use them!

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So many updates, Barbara. I love the cropping on the Rachel one & the colouring on the Irene icon. The Logies icons are great, those three I quoted are my favourites. And the colouring on the old days h&a icons is beautiful. Love the two I quoted the most. :wub:

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Thank you Stephy, Deborah, Zoe, Lise, Lesley, Sarah, Laura, lilgemziilou, Abi, Emma, Kristina, Haymaiden and Anaya. ^_^ I love reading your comments. :wub: Thank you for taking the time to comment. ^_^

Kristina: Save away. :D

Haymaiden: It has been taken care of. Thank you for using one of my icons. :)



Two contest entries (#97 Jai & Annie and #100 All Things Home & Away)


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