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Barbara's Artwork

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Hello everyone! It's been a while. Again.  Thank you Sarah, QA, Kristen, Shona, Lesley and Sabrina! I've made some Jack & Martha avatars. In a perfect world (not in a soap opera obviously

Thank you Mira, Lesley, Steph, Danni, Janie, Laura, Reilly, Zoe, Zetti and Katie.


I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a really good time with your friends and family and enjoy the presents and the delicious food. :P

I'd like to thank:

Abi, Aimes, Amy (CharlieBucktonFan), Anaya, AngelSarah, Barbro (chari0t), Bec (matticus01), Bev (Mrs Bishop), Cal, Catherine, Charlene (TachelHolden), Charlie&Ruby, Chloe (chloee), Dan (martha-jack), Danni (Danni02), Deborah, Dotti, Elainea (tessalove), Eli, Elise (-holden-), Emma, Emma (Emsan), flyingwithoutwings, Gemma (lilgemziilou), Georgia, Haymaiden, IrishGirl06, Izzy H, Janie, jenlee, Julie, Kaitie (KaitieL), Katie (KatieroxNZ), Kevin (sexyluc), Kirsty (KirstyEkua)Kristina, Krystal (Jamey-Maria), Laura, Laura (charmed60), Laura (pinky1988), LauraPhilly!!, Lesley (mrs baker), Leyla (leylaa; ), lino, Lise, Mia, Mira (mbi615), MizzyBee123, Monique, Moya (Symphony), Olivia (MissOlivia22), Paige (--HAA), Quiet Achiever, Reilly (HAA Girl 08), Rhedz, Samantha, Sammee, Sarah (rockstarrr08), Shannon (Traceve), Simone, Solarbaby, steff99, Steph (LilyG/adellejefferiesxox), Stephy (stephyrose4), superman’s girlfriend, Tahlia (tahliamarsden), Tahlia (tah_lia), twinkletoesjess, x_kym_x, Zetti, Zivile (flora), Zoe and zoeymarie

for all your nice comments. And yes, I went through all the pages of my thread since my thank you post from last year. :P I didn't want to forget anyone as I appreciate all your comments. :D

Now here is the update:

Angelo icons for Zoe:


Annie and Romeo icons for Paige (--HAA):


Dani icons for Laura:


More to come...

Thanks and No Worries I love your work its Gorgeous hope to see heaps more in 2010

MerryChristmas and Happy New Year

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Woah that is a lot of thank you's you had to say there :lol: But like people have allready said, I think its a pleasure to look at your artwork Barbara, really good work :D

& I like that batch of artwork, & thank you for the Angelo avatars ^_^ I've saved them, will use them, once I'm done with my Christmas avatar.

Merry Christmas!

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