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Fri, 6 June 08 – Episode # 4655]

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Senior Constable Actually, Judge Actually “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 6 June 08 – Episode # 4655]


Belle brings Axel into the hospital and Dr Young tends to him. Belle tells Dr Young that Axel didn’t loose consciousness since she found him.


Geoff approaches Annie, who tells him that she told Belle & Aden about what happened to Melody. Geoff seems VERY annoyed that Annie did so.


Aden is in his room when Nic enters, and she complains about all the work at the diner that roman is getting her to do. Aden suggests that Nic should stop whining. She takes offence to that and bails form the room.


Bell and Annie talk about what’s happened to Axel – Belle tells Annie that Axel was hurt rather badly, but he didn’t say who attacked him.

Geoff enters the room, and bell tells him that Axel is in hospital. Geoff seems very annoyed at this, and he bails. Annie tells belle that she doesn’t think that Geoff who has done this, but you can see that belle’s thought of someone who might have.


Belle arrives, and asks Nic if Aden is here. As soon as Nic says yes, belle barges into the house and goes upstairs and confronts Aden about what happened to Axel. Aden’s grazed knuckles confirm belle’s suspicion that Aden did tis.


Geoff tells Tony that he is feeling REALLY bad, as he just watched Aden bashing Axel, i.e. he didn’t intervene.

Tony insists that he has to talk to Melody about all of this. Tony isn’t keen on Geoff going with him, but agrees when Geoff says that he will stay in the car when they get there.


Belle can’t believe it when Aden tells her that Axel deserved what he got [for attacking Melody].

Belle storms out of the room in disgust, and Nicole enters the room moments later. She says tat she heard everything, but she agrees to keep this form Roman.


Tony speaks to Christine about what happened to Axel … because of what he did to Melody. When Melody comes to the door, Geoff [in the car] is pleased to see her again. Melody, however, denies tony’s accusation that Axel attacked her. Christine “suggests” that Tony should go. Melody is looking a bit sheepish, but Tony decides to bail.


Morag is driving her car when she gets a txt message – its form Ross. Because she looks down at her phone, Morag almost collides with a car going the other way. The person gets out of their car, and approaches Morag. The woman [who was driving the other car] approaches Morag and”suggests” that Morag shouldn’t have taken her eyes of the road because of the text msg. The unknown long-ish haired woman walks back to her car, whilst Morag sits in her car kinda in shock bout what’s happened.


In the main room, Aden thanks Nic for her promise not to say anything to Roman, Nic thane suggest that they should go for a drive letter – she’ll even let Aden drive. He likes that idea, and then he bails.


Geoff sneaks up to Melody’s window, and cant believe that Melody is blaming herself for what happened, i.e. “I got punished for going to that party against mum’s wishes”.

Christine [of course[ catches Geoff, but in the middle of Christine verbally laying into Geoff, Melody tells her mum that EVERYTHING that Tony said is true – she was attacked at the party.

Melody & Geoff can’t believe it when Christine is keen to “sweep this under the carpet”. Indeed, melody walks away is disgust, whilst Geoff looks at Christine with a “how could you not support her” look.


In the kitchen, colleen comments to Belle & Aden that she can’t believe that Axel’s been bashed. As Belle & colleen exit the kitchen, Tony enters, and talks to Aden about how he bashed Axel. And insists t that Axel deserved it, for what he did to Melody. Aden says this Belle enters the kitchen. When Tony is gone, belle comments to aden that she doesn’t “get" him [i.e. he was great supporting Melody, and yet he goes and bashes axel].


Melody tells Geoff that she is going to go to the police about what Axel did to her. When Geoff offers to go with her, melody insists yat she wants to do this alone. [Note – thoughts of Chloe becoming a stronger person after Brad Cooper attacked her].


Morag see that woman she clashed with earlier today approaching her. The woman sys that she knows who Morag is, thanks to the police database. After the woman says that she is a senior constable on the police force, Morag responds by saying that she is a judge.

Ross approaches both of them, and Morag is very surprised when Ross tells Morag that the woman she is talking t is his daughter, Charlie.

Soon after, With all 3 of them seated now, Charlie tells Ross that his other daughter HATES boarding school – and that she is just wrtitng/sying that she likes it as its what Ross wants to hear.

Charlie then has a go at Morag & Ross for being “old fools”.

Nearby, Nic wonders to Colleen where Aden is. Colleen says that he bailed a while ago.


Belle is taking photos when Aden interrupts her. She wonders about why Aden has been acting the way he was been lately, he insists that he will, in time, tell belle what’s going on. And looks at some of the digi pics that Belle has taken, and then belle isn’t that keen for Aden to take of photo of her – but it’s all very playful.

Form afar, Nic sees that two of them. She frowns …. It looks like she rally wants to be with Aden.



The police are chasing after Kane – will it all end in tragedy???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: green off the shoulder top [with purple singlet top neath]/red scarf/dark blue shorts/red [non high heel] open shoes


Annie: dark purple dress [with apple green top beneath]


Melody: green wide strap top/faded blue skirt


Aden: black & grey horiz stripe t/denim jeans

Aden: black t/dark long pants

Axel: yellow [white “Norton”] t/denim jeans

Charlie Buckton: dark grey thin strap top/dark long pants

Christine: white [pin stripes] blouse/dark long pants

Colleen: white [black & red floral] blouse/white top

Dr Young: light-ish red button up shirt/dark long pants

Geoff: light blue [yellow unknown Chinese style writing logo] t

Morag: white jacket/black top

Nicole: gold scarf/mustard singlet top [with green singlet top beneath]/dark small beaded necklace/denim jeans

Nicole: royal blue thin strap top/white [black swirls?] skirt

Ross: red button up shirt

Tony: black [2 white horiz stripes across chest] rugby jersey/dark track pants

Tony: red t/brown long pants

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