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I don't see anything wrong with tattoos, and I dislike the thinking some people have that if you have a tattoo you are "rough" or dangerous to society. I'm sick of people telling me that if I get a tattoo then I'm unemployable. I'm not going to get a swastika tattooed on my face, so I don't see why my potential tattoos which people won't be able to see should become a factor of how employable I am.

That annoys me so much. A tattoo doesn't jeopardize your ability to do your job. They think people or customers will get offended and think it's unnacceptable.

When I used to work at woolies (I know checkout chick :lol:) I have a tattoo on my wrist and this one lady was like 'Oh they let you work here with that one your wrist?'. I just stared at her and was like 'I seem to be serving you okay don't I?'. She started freakin lecturing me about how offensive it was and inappropriate. I just said 'If you don't like it, next time go to the next register'

Boy did I get a hell of a complaint. Stupid people and their opinions <_<

I agree. It's not because someone has a tattoo that he/she won't be able to do the job.

I would understand if a person who has a swatiska, the emblem of a gang (like in the US for example) or some other symbol like that tattooed on his/her arm didn't get a job because that would just be offensive or dangerous (esp. if that person is in a gang and you are confronted with the other members, things could get ugly). But if it's a small tattoo on your wrist or even several tattoos, it really shouldn't matter. Unfortunately, people can be very judgemental. <_<

I don't have a tattoo and I'm pretty sure I'll never get one as I'm a chicken and don't like needles. But if I was brave enough, I would have a star, a rose or a butterfly tattooed on the small of my back. :)

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If I was brave enough I'd like one but just something little. I hate needles and pain so I know I'll never get one.

A guy I once knew had a tattoo of a square. He got it as a spur of the moment thing and has regretted it ever since.

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Getting tattoos removed isn't as bad as some people think. It takes a few weeks to get them removed (an hour here and an hour there). It feels like somebody snapping an elastic band onto your skin, but you get used to it. It'll be red for a while, but your skin will be back to the way it was after about two months. :)

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I'm not against tattoos or anything, but I'm usually not a big fan either. Of course there are many tattoos I think look really good, but I've also seen a lot that look downright horrible and trashy. I think tattoos such as Lindsay Lohan's "La bella vita" (or something) on the left side of her lower back, Gale Harold's "Resist" on the side of one of his fingers, and generally a lot of tattoos where something is written on the inner wrist, are really nice, but there is such a thing as going too far. I have a friend who's one year older than me (soon to be 20) and she has a lot of tattoos, all of which she drew and designed herself. Basically she has the name of her daughter right below her collar bone, a tractor (sounds weird, but it actually looked okay until she got all these colorful patterns around it) with stuff around it on her leg, a snowflake on one inner wrist, a heart on the other inner wrist, a heart and some other figure stuff (same tattoo) on the upper back/lower neck, a sketch of a heart on her foot, and some other thing that I haven't seen yet on her hip.

That's my idea of too much, especially when most of them don't even look that good in the first place :P

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Got my second tattoo last week and I love it. It's of a Moon and 10 stars. 9 stars represent my family and the last is my best friend. I can’t believe how quickly it’s healed compared to my other one. I’ve already started to plan for me next one.

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