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Take Me With You (by vale4eva) - comments


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I love extremely long chapters! :D

Poor Jack! :( He can't leave. Or he has to take Martha with him. Or she has to tell him "Take me with you". After all, it is the title of this fic! :P

Martha should just tell him how she feels about him and dump Alec! Then she can be happy with a man who loves her and doesn't treat her like a child!

More please.

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This is goood, thanks for updating finally! haha!

Wiping the corner of his mouth, his face frowned, deep in thought. “You know what” he muffled as he swallowed it away, “I can honestly say, this is the best sandwich I have ever tasted” he grinned at her with closed lips.

“Oh come on, don’t mock me” she laughed at him, whacking him on the arm.

“I’m not! I mean it” he looked at her, his facial expression now straight.

Her head tilted to the side again, as she narrowed her eyes, trying to make out whether or not he was being sincere, “fine, well … I’m glad you like it” she said, smiling a little, “Alec never likes the sandwich’s I make” she mumbled, half laughing, half sighing.

He looked across at her in sadness. “Well, clearly Alec doesn’t know a good thing when he’s got it” he raised his eyebrows looking directly into her eyes, and they both knew he wasn’t referring to the sandwich.

She forced a smile, “Yeah” she replied softly, before distracting herself with the washing up. He finished his sandwich whilst she kept her back to him.

OK, loved that bit! Jacky and Martha are sooo meant for each other!

I don't like the look of the way things are going. Please keep them happy. And they haven't even kissed yet!!

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Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay they finally kissed!!! :wub: And said the 'L' word! Woo hoo.

Oh my god, I loved that chapter, it was so sweet.

Now they just need to get rid of that idiot Alec, and Alec better not 'decide to come home early' again, and catch them :ph34r: that would be.. so gay!

Awesome chap, more please :P

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