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Despite knowing he’d only regret it, he found himself unable to prevent it. Drifting back, he re-found the spy hole.

He observed them through a glare as they continued to hold each other. But this time however, something had changed. His glare softened into sad eyes as he looked at her with close inspection. No longer did she appear to have a zest for life, a shimmering glow around her as if she was over the moon with love and happiness. Instead she looked heartbroken, almost lost and in doubt.

Looking deeply into her glassy and gloomy eyes, his insides crumbled into pieces.

He prayed to know what went on inside that trapped girls mind. Her wishes and hopes for the future. Did they even involve her fiancé? Or was she just sad about something else?

Jack guessed he would never know. After all, he was merely a feather in the wind. One of which failed to linger for very long, and when the day came to make a move, it was evident that their goodbyes would unfortunately be set in stone…

That was my favourite . . .

It was just so, sad, joyful, loving, hopeful . . . :)

The way you wrote it just made every bit of sense and very, very beautiful, sorry I havent commented in a while but I've been reading it all and still love it :)

Well done Rach :D

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Now now Martha, dont make hasty decisions. Even Alec is showering you with all the gifts in the world, you should reconsider your decision. Ah heck, money cant buy love. And she no love him no more. Martha loves Jacky. Jacky loves Martha :wub:

Great chapter

More please soon :D

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She knew now, that her future didn’t belong with Alec, because as much as she adored him as a partner. She no longer craved him, no longer got butterflies when he entered the room, no longer enjoyed the strict safety of the mansion walls and the endless gifts he would shower her with.

gosh Martha finally :D

yay. Martha and Jack :wub:

Update soon, that was really good.

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Hope she does get Tashas help to get out of the house to see Jack because she doesn`t belong with that Alec he`s trying to keep her prisoner and not let have any friends or if he does only the friends he chooses her she wants to be free see places shes never seen before and make new friends thats why she likes Jack so much so I think should leave that creep Alec and be the guy she wants so she can live the life she wants aswell

update soon

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