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Take Me With You (by vale4eva) - comments


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WOW . . .

Those last two chapters were amazing. . .

You are doing an amazing job and writing this chapter hunni . . . especially how they are so wealthy and how they speak in this fic . . .

I really dislike Alec . . . :angry:

Loving Jack . . .

He saved Martha :wub:

Update soon :)

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"Selfish son of a bitch" sums Alec up just about right :)

Great chapter.

Martha is such a sweetie. And a makeover for Jack, yay :) Does that mean Marthas taking him on a shopping spree?? I hope so :)

More please soon :)

And i like the idea of faster updates :D

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As bizarre as it sounded, the dirt that covered his face, the ragged clothes that he wore and his over grown hair, was all a security blanket for him, it kept him hidden at times when most needed, and to have it all taken away … would make him feel almost naked.

I certainly wouldn't mind if he was naked. :ph34r:

What? No sleepover. <_<

Oh honey you are more than 'at least decent'. Wave bye bye to Martha, Alec - she's starting to slip away.

Why do I get the feeling that something might happen between Annabelle and Jack and will make Martha jealous.

I wonder where he's going to live? :unsure:

More soon please. :)

Oh and can you be a dear and update SS please? :D

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Remember the times when I used to update, either once or twice every day (Tash would remember I'm sure )

How i miss those days :P

I like the updates on alternate days.

And a great chapter again.

Cant wait for their sleepover :)

I want a kiss soon too :)

Dont like Alec <_<

More please :D

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