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Take Me With You (by vale4eva) - comments


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It seems like no one likes Alec :P I find him amusing. "I can't wait to make you my wife"? :rolleyes: Weirdo :P

Anyway, great descriptions! It was like I was there, watching it all from a distance.

The part where Jack was drinking from the tap really got me thinking. And it made me want to cry too...

Awww, Martha and Jack already have a connection :wub: You just can't help yourself, can you Rach? :P

More please!

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Jack saved Martha. He's a hero. :wub:

I really don't like Alec. :angry: He's so controlling and possessive. Martha is a grown woman. I don't see why she couldn't go out for a walk on her own. <_< Forbidding her to go for a walk will only make her want to go even more. :rolleyes:

More please.

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Yep, mostly definitely dont like Alec. No one talks to Martha like that <_<

But Jack on the other hand :wub: He saved her life, he made her feel safe and comfortable, unlike Alec. For that, i love him :)

Great chapter

More soon please :)

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Geez, is Alec her fiance or her father? He's turning out to be a real pr!ck.

Yes, say yes Jack. I can just see it, he'll go and he'll be cleaned up all nice and look hot. Martha won't be able to resist. Then Alec will turn up and see it all and leave, forever. :ph34r: I can dream.

More please.

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