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Take Me With You (by vale4eva) - comments


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That chapter was very sweet! :wub:

They spent their first night together. :wub:

“I never thought I’d ever be grateful for the way my life’s turned out … but I am … and it’s all thanks to you,” his words were like a feather in the wind, and a small smile appeared on her face, almost as if, despite her deep dream-like state, she could hear his words loud and clear. “You’ll never know how much I truly love you. My beautiful angel”.

Love that part. :)

Hope Alec isn't going to show up when they're still both in bed. :unsure:

More please.

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Aw, how adorable. I kept saying "aww" every 10 second's :lol:

But really, that was a really sweet chapter, they finally told each other how they felt. :wub:

Now.. what about Alec, argh, god I hate him. :ph34r:

My thought's excatly when Barbara said "Hope Alec isn't going to show up when they're still both in bed" That would just kill the moment, grrr!

More please :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I.....i...i...i can't believe you! :( How could you do that!

Poor Martha, Poor Jack, poor everyone! Except that horrible, annoying,disgusting Alec.

I can't believe you made Jacky boy leave, after everything they did the night before, after everything they said to each other, after them basically getting together..

Oh Martha, you have to find him! And you have to stop him, either way, you can't let him go! If he doesn't want to go back to Summer Bay then you can go with him to wherever he wants to go.... Why does Martha have to be in a relationship with Alec, if they weren't together it would make it so much easier, then maybe Jack would be there with Martha right now..

Instead of running away, after he just found his soul mate! :( And now it's just been taken all away....

Okay now Jack, your a bloody idiot! Why would you do that :ph34r: I mean c'mon! Are you serious, you just had sex with her, and then you just leave. Like you actually LEFT, without saying goodbye, just a stupid little note, you could at least woken her up. Even tho she wouldn't of let you go, but that's a good thing, cos then you would be there now!!!!

Anyway, that chapter, was written extremely well! Your such a good writer.

More please :)


Wow... I didn't know I wrote such a big review :lol: And one more thing, I was getting a bit confused, But he actually did leave right? The start of it was a dream? And then it came present, and he actually left? Lol, I don't just want to write all that, and he didn't even leave, that would be so embarrassing! haha!

Edited by stephyrose4
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^ :lol: You're so funny! Bless ya :P

Yeah, the start was a dream ... Marthas dream.

Then she woke up and found he was gone.

I guess I wanted to make the dream kind of like a vision ... maybe not a vision exactly, but some kind of sign to her or warning ... telling her that Jack was being taken away from her :(

And then obviously Jacks perspective just explained what had happened between the time she was asleep and woke up (ie, he watched her sleep, wrote the note and then left)

Hope that makes sense :)

Thanks for the long review. Theyre my favourites ^_^ hehe

Edited by vale4eva
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Okay cool, I get it now! haha :lol: I did get it, I just didn't know if I was right or not actually... lol.

Ohh, I'll write big reviews from now on, okay? I actually like writing long reviews, so I'm going to from now on! :wink:

And just cos you like extra big reviews, that's just a bonus! :P

Alright... hmm, I think thats all I've got to say,Except, get Jacks ass back to Martha's house(or Summer Bay), OR get Martha's ass looking for Jack! :P

Okay yep, thats all! :D

More please.

Edited by stephyrose4
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*crys* What have you done?

Jacky's gone... If Martha can't find him she shall be left with Alec <_< *shudder* forever! :(

Poor Martha waking up from a perfect dream to find the love her life (technically) has just left her alone in her bed with a letter saying why he's gone. :o

Run Martha Run! Chase Jack! He can't get too far! :P

Update Soon! :D

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