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Bec's Dress a Brown Study

Guest **Julie**

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Bec's Dress a Brown Study

Adelaide Now

SHE'S never been an ace in the fashion contest, but it could be game, set, match for Bec Hewitt's style-challenged wardrobe if designer Charlie Brown has anything to do with it.

And as Bec showed at the French Open this week, there's never been a better time to add some topspin to the tennis wife's fashion sense.

Brown's husband and business partner Danny Avidan told Confidential a six-month endorsement deal with the former soap star is expected to be finalised this week, pending Hewitt's availability to be part of the label's parade during Spring Fashion Week in August.

"She needs a transformation, that's part of the idea and why we think she would work so well," Avidan said.

The label hopes to secure Hewitt to promote its 2009 Spring-Summer range.

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