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Name: Regrets

Type: One Shot

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB Rating: G

Genre: Romance, i guess

Any Warnings: Nope

Spoilers: Nope

Summary: Continues from the signing of the divorce papers. Both Jack and Martha regret it, but what happens next?

I had this fic written up ages ago, i read it tonight and decided to post it.

No it's not a long fic, because you wouldn't get updates until next year :lol:

It's a short one shot and it starts from the signing of the divorce papers


“Martha are you ok?” Cassie asked opening the store room, watching as Martha held onto the divorce papers. She could tell that she had been crying and she understood. Even if Martha tried to deny it, she knew Jack and her still had feelings for each other, but them being both as stubborn as each other agreed to sign the papers when it wasn’t what they had both wanted.

Martha gave Cassie a small nod “I’m okay, I just want to be alone” she told her. She watched as Cassie smiled at her before leaving the room. Martha could feel the tears coming down and they weren’t stopping anytime soon, just the thought of being divorced to Jack was making her hurt. It wasn’t what she wanted, she had actually looked forward to tonight, that was until he had brought up the divorce papers.

In some ways she was angry at herself, for not telling Jack how she really felt. They had both just agreed to do it without even talking about it. Of course they had been separated for a while, but after all that Cam drama Martha knew that there might be a tiny bit of hope for them and now that hope was gone, it was thrown out the window by one piece of paper.

She couldn’t even look at them; she never knew that it could mean so much. How was she supposed to send them off when it wasn’t what she wanted? She just couldn’t do it; she knew her heart wouldn’t allow it.

Suddenly a thought rushed through her head, if she didn’t want to be divorced and if she didn’t want to send them off then she would give them to Jack, because it was obvious that’s what he had wanted so she was going to let him make the decision of what to do. She quickly stood up and wiped away her tears. She grabbed her mirror out of her bag to check that her makeup wasn’t all ruined. With that she placed it back in the bag along with the divorce papers and headed outside.

“Hey where are you going?” Cassie asked as she watched Martha walk pass.

“Giving these to Jack, so that he can deal with them, I don’t want them” Martha told her trying to hold back her tears she had to be tough.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, why don’t you just leave it for tonight” Cassie suggested, she knew Jack and Martha very well and if anything was going to result from this it would be an argument.

“Trust me it’s fine, I just need to get rid of these” Martha replied waving the divorce papers before heading to Jack’s place.


She could see light from his house, but it wasn’t that bright when she approached it closer she could here light music as well. Martha hoped she wasn’t disturbing anyone, she figured it would only be Jack inside since he had told her he had the house to him self.

To her surprise the door was wide open and as she stepped inside she got an image she never really would have thought of. There sitting at the table was Jack, he had his back to her so he hadn’t seen her yet. There was light music playing in the background and there were candles lit across the whole room. Martha took a quick glance over to the table, it was full of food and from where Martha was standing she could even see her favourite chocolates in front of the spare seat.

Then it hit her.

“Oh please, I thought you said you wanted to make it special”

“Special, what special?”

“Oh the muffins they are really special, excellent actually you should probably have one”

She let out a small smile, Jack had planned this for her this morning, that’s why he was acting weird when she came down from her apartment and that was why he had asked her to come over, it all made sense now. She couldn’t believe that he had gone to so much effort; he had never done anything like this for her.

She moved over to the side looking at Jack, he was fiddling with food with his hand covering half his face, she could tell that he was upset. She walked forward another step, which grabbed Jack’s attention; he turned around to face her.

“Uh, what are you doing here?” Jack said suddenly shocked that Martha had come, she wasn’t meant to see all this now anyway, everything thing between them was gone.

“What’s all this?” Martha asked walking around the room before heading over the table and observing the food, there was probably enough food to feed an army, Jack had really put in an effort.

“Nothing, uh nothing at all” Jack said getting all embarrassed, when he had come home after signing the divorce papers he wasn’t in the mood for cleaning it all up so he had left it, which right now was a big mistake.

“Was this what you were planning?” Martha asked looking at Jack, but she got no answer as he looked away, Martha picked up the small box of Chocolates. “My favourite” she smiled, before placing them down.

“You know what let just forget all this, let just pretend you didn’t see this” Jack said walking around the room.

“Jack, wh-“before she could finish her sentence he had cut her in.

“Why did you bring them here” he said spotting the divorce papers that hanged out in her bag just enough for him to see.

She was just about to ask him what he was talking about, when it clicked to her. She got them out of her bag and held them out to Jack.

“Here you go, I don’t want them” Martha said looking at Jack, who took a quick glance at the papers, then back at her.

“What? And what makes you think I want them?” Jack asked her.

“Well I’m not sending them off and I guess somebody else has to and you’re the only one left” Martha replied sarcastically

“No way” Jack replied pushing them away “You gave them to me, I did what you wanted me to do I signed them, now you send them off and then you can get rid of me, just like you wanted” Jack said razing his voice a little.

“Like I wanted?” Martha shouted back. “You were the one that brought them up, to me it seemed like you were eager to sign them” she added.

“Let’s not forget who was the one that asked for them, I mean they didn’t just walk into the draw by themselves did they Martha?” Jack replied.

“I asked for them ages ago, when I was with Cam and they only came through now” Martha told him, she felt as a tear dropped onto her cheek, she knew this would happen she was normally quite strong but when it came to Jack she was the opposite.

“You know I was an idiot, to actually think that making some dinner and watching TV would actually fix this, I was going to tell you how I felt I was going to ask you for another chance, but now I know that I was stupid to ever think that you wanted me back” he told her.

It was like every word of Jack’s had gone right to her heart, she was now crying there was no hiding it; she just couldn’t stop the tears.

“I’ll send them of if you want, as you said it’s for the best we don’t know how to do anything but fight” Jack replied moving closer until he got hold of the papers. But Martha didn’t let go of them. She knew if she did, that would be the end of them, the end of everything

Jack was now standing right in front of her and he could see her tears, he hated it when she cried and he would do anything to make it better. Even after everything he found himself reaching out to touch her cheek, both their other hands still held onto the papers. Jack used his thumb to wipe away her tears, before stroking her cheek. She was beautiful and in just one second she could change his whole mood. She had so much power over him that right now he would do anything she asked him.

His hand then trailed down her body until it reached her waist, they eyes both locked. He slowly pulled her in closer.

The sudden drop of the divorce papers both caught their attention as they snapped out of their moment and looked down at them. They had both gotten lost in the moment and realized that no one was holding onto them anymore.

Martha took one final look at Jack before turning around and heading out towards the door she couldn’t stay, if she did she would breakdown right in front of him.

“Martha” he softly said, loud enough for her just to hear. His voice made her freeze she couldn’t move, she had her back facing him wondering what had just happened. The next words Jack said gave her the answer.

“You still got time to watch that DVD with me?”

She smiled to herself; no way had Jack just said that. What did this mean, what was happening with them?

He walked over to her and once he reached her he wrapped his hands around her waist from the back before pulling her into him, he buried his head into her hair, it felt so good having her so close to him, it hadn’t been like this for a while.

Lucky for Martha she had finally got her answer, she turned around and before Jack knew it she had wrapped her arms around his neck strongly holding on for dear life as she buried her head in his neck.

Jack finally reacted to what had just happened, he wrapped his arms around her pulling her in closer, as he slowly picked her up, he could feel her tears on his neck, but right now he didn’t care.

“I love you so much” Martha managed to say through her tears. He finally placed her on the ground as he cupped her face.

Looking at her eyes as they sparkled from all the tears, he couldn’t help but let out the words as well.

“I love you too” he smiled, causing her to smile in response.

Finally letting go of him, he made his way over to the couch and sat down, waiting for her to join him. She walked over and snuggled up to Jack, she held onto him making sure she didn’t let go, she didn’t want to, it felt so good.

She felt as his hand made its way under her chin lifting up her head so that she was looking at him, before she knew it he had lent down and captured her lips. Martha couldn’t help it but kiss him back

She just hoped that this time it would be different, that this time it would be forever.


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