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History Seems To Repeat Itself

Guest h&a-girl

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Title: History Seems To Repeat Itself

Author: h&a-girl

Category: Long Fic

Genre: eg: Drama

Main Characters: Belle and Amanda

Rating: G/T (More G than T)

Summary: Belle's pregnant and finds herself confiding in someone who's been through the same thing

Notes: I can't remember it ever being mentioned in the show the name of Belle's father so for the purpose of this fanfiction he's called Chris.


Chapter One

Waves crashed in the background as mother and daughter sat on the golden sands almost in complete silence. It was Belle that broke the serenity.

"I can't believe you got down here so quickly"

"I heard 'I'm in trouble' and I practically had the engine started…" Amanda smiled weakly

Belle tentatively moved closer to Amanda, the awkwardness of physical contact created by their volatile relationship quickly subsided as Belle rested her head on her mothers shoulder. Unsure of what to do Amanda let instinct take over as she gently stroked Belle's hair.

"Are you sure?" Amanda asked

"I did a test…" Belle sighed

"Well that doesn't mean anything, those things aren't 100%"

The wall of silence reappeared as both women considered that the test was most likely correct, Belle was pregnant. Tears began to roll down Belle's cheek, her future, her career; it all seemed to be disappearing right before her eyes. Amanda couldn't find the words to make this better and so simply held her daughter tightly as she became lost in her own memories…

"Boys create trouble for girls! Now you won't go letting anyone get you into trouble will you Amanda?"

Kitty Vale's words of so called wisdom rang in Amanda's ears as she examined the pregnancy test… It was definitely positive. Amanda felt her heart beat faster and faster and she began to feel sick. She was only 14. 14 and with a baby on the way, her future, her career, it all seemed to be disappearing right before her eyes.

"Amanda! What are you doing back?" Irene grinned.

Too engrossed in their thoughts, neither Belle nor Amanda had seen Irene approach.

"Oh… I'm just visiting Belle… It's not a crime is it?" Amanda snapped in a tone far harsher than she had intended

"Pleasant as ever I see Amanda" Irene sighed rolling her eyes "You ok girly?" Irene focused her attentions onto Belle.

"Yeah I'm fine" Belle was guarded and Irene could plainly see the she was hiding something.

Amanda couldn't help but feel slightly smug inside. Belle had shared the most intimate secret she had ever had with her and was keeping it from Irene. She felt wanted, loved and she felt the most connected with her daughter that she ever had. Shame it was under these circumstances.

"Well obviously abortions the only option" Kitty stated

"I… Well I don't think I want to do that" Amanda meekly uttered

"What do you mean? You're lucky we've caught this thing in time. You have to think of your career young lady! How many successful teen stars do you see pulling a baby behind?!" Kitty snapped acidly

Amanda couldn't believe her mother could be so callous as to call her baby, the person growing inside her a 'thing'. Being an actress, being successful, at first it had seemed like the worst thing in the world to lose, but now, as she grew bigger and bigger, Amanda knew nothing mattered as much as her baby. She was proud of her round little bump which her mother insisted on covering up.

Irene had quickly sensed she wasn't wanted departed, unsure at what was happening with Belle Irene was sure Amanda wasn't making the situation any better. That woman is trouble, Irene thought, but Belle has to make her own mistakes...

"Have you told the father yet?" Amanda questioned

"No… He'll run a mile"

"A lot of confidence you have in your relationship I see" Amanda sighed

"I know he's serious about me. But he won't want to be a dad" Belle defended

"When you start having an adult relationship you have to be ready to face up to adult consequences" Amanda lectured

"Did my father?" Belle asked


"Would he have stuck around, would he have been part of my life if Kitty hadn't intervened" Belle questioned

"It's so big… You'll need a whole other room just to put the bump in soon" Chris laughed placing his hand on Amanda's ever expanding stomach

"Oh thanks for the confidence boost! Make a girl feel really special about herself!" Amanda turned away in mock anger

Chris reached over, his muscular arms taking hold of Amanda he kissed her passionately, always mindful of the bump. Stroking her hair back, a thousand romantic words could have flooded from his mouth in that moment but practicability took over and instead all he could say was

"What's the time? When's your mum coming back?"

"Oh great, things start getting a little bit hot and all you can think about is my mum!" Amanda moaned

"Ah come on! You know I want to focus on you but if your mum comes back and finds me here she'll go mental" Chris sighed

"It's not fair; this is your baby too. You should be around. Even if it's just to give me foot rubs and bring me bars of chocolate!" Amanda giggled

"I wish I could. Hell I could have run, most 15 year old guys would but I'm here. You think your mum would appreciate that." Chris felt anger rise up in him but calmed himself down. Giving Amanda one final kiss he made his way towards the door, unaware that this would be the last time he ever saw her"

"So he was in?" Belle asked in disbelief

"Yep, he was scared just like me but he wanted to be there for me and for you" Amanda smiled

"We could have been a family…"

"I've had that thought many times since I found out about you" Amanda sighed

"How different do you think things would have been" Belle wondered

"How different would I have been" Amanda laughed nervously

In that moment Belle saw a side of Amanda she'd never witnessed before. Love swelled inside her. Behind the hardness, there was her mother.

"So what happened to him?" Belle questioned

"Mum phoned him up, told him you were dead and that contacting me would simply bring up too much pain. It would be better just to cut all ties… and he


"Just like that?"

"He was hurting, just like me. I don't think mum ever considered that part of her little plan. I couldn't have faced Chris even if I'd have wanted to, I couldn't even look at a photo of him without being reminded of the baby that I lost" Amanda felt tears trickle down her face

"Do you still have a photo of him" Belle asked

"Probably… I can't believe we've never talked about this stuff before now"

"We've always been to focused on the drama to ever really discuss how we felt about this whole situation" Belle answered

"Anything you want to ask, I'll answer." Amanda smiled, scared at what she could be about to reveal, and relieved that she finally could express all those feelings that had been eating her up for so many years.

"And Belle… Whatever you decide to do about he baby, I'm here. 100%, I may have been a lousy mum but I promise you I'll be an amazing grandma" Amanda smiled before contorting to a look of mock horror "Oh my god I'm way too young to be a grandma!"

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Wow thank you for the support, it gave me such a lift that I went away and wrote the second part then and there so here it is!

Warning- This starts to move over to more of a Teen rated fic, though it's still pretty tame!

Chapter Two

“So I’ve got to go back to the city for this school thing Ryan’s got tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow morning” Amanda explained

“Seems like a lot of hassle, you don’t have to come back. I can go to the doctors on my own” Belle offered

“I want to come back, I hate leaving you alone tonight but I promised Ryan i’d be there.”

“I’m fine! You’ve helped me so much today. I think I’m just going to head back home and get some sleep” Belle smiled

“Good.” Amanda leaned over and kissed Belle on the forehead before getting up and walking towards her car “Tomorrow, I promise” Amanda shouted back

Belle couldn’t help the smile that broke, looking out to the waves one last time she headed back to Irene’s.

“Amanda” Jazz called just as Amanda was about to get into her car

“Jazz… What a ‘pleasure’ to see you” Amanda sarcastically smiled

“Well what are you doing back in sleepy old Summer Bay” Jazz smiled equally as sarcastically

“Just visiting Belle”

“Well isn’t that cute… How’s the city treating you?” Jazz enquired

“You can just come out and ask how Drew is. I know he hasn’t phoned you” Amanda grinned

“Well he’s a busy boy. Doesn’t have time to use the telephone” Jazz offered, bitter that Amanda seemed to have one over on her

“Strange that, he phones Leah every few days…” Amanda couldn’t help but revel in Jazz squirming

“Well Leah’s bereaved she needs the support… Anyway, you must be off” Jazz felt herself becoming hot with anger

“Really I’m sure I can stay and talk for another 5 minutes” Amanda was on a roll now and hated to break herself away

“Just tell Drew I said hi” Jazz snapped before turning away

Amanda had one final chuckle to herself. After the heavy afternoon she’s had, a bit of light bitching was just what she needed to cheer herself up.

“Oh you’re home then girly” Irene called as she heard the front door slam “Your dinners in the oven”

“Oh… No thanks Irene… I just feel like going to bed” Belle nervously stuttered

“Bed?! Normally you’re burning the midnight oil darl’ what’s with the early night?” Irene knew something was wrong

“I’m just tired! Is that a crime?” Belle snapped

“No it isn’t. But when you come home looking like the worlds about to end, refuse my grub and decide you’re going to bed this early then I start thinking something’s wrong” Irene pleaded

“I’m fine” Belle sighed leaning against the sofa

“Well what was Amanda doing here?” Irene questioned

“Just visiting” Belle was becoming sick of Irene’s questions

“Well I don’t believe that for one flamin’ minute! Has she upset you? What has that woman done now?” Irene was becoming hot with anger

“Why do you always assume Amanda has done something wrong?!” Belle defended

“Because normally darl’ she has!” Irene was becoming exasperated by how closed off Belle was being

“You always see the worst in people Irene! She’s my mum, and she’s done absolutely nothing to upset me, so jump down off your high horse for once!” Belle was furious and ran into her room, slamming the door all she could do was cry.

Irene felt it was best to let her cool down; she could be so hot-headed that girl- just like her flamin’ mother!

Belle turned on her phone and the thing sprang to life informing her off missed calls and text messages… Leah had called 3 times… Damn! Belle thought, she was supposed to have met her in the Den earlier that day. Opening the text messages she immediately went to the one from him…

‘Where hv u been all day? Call me! Xxx’

Belle sighed, remembering when they had got together… Remembering how good it had felt, how different it had been to Drew.

“What do you want from me? I thought they fired you from the paper?! So why are you still sniffing after stories!” He was angry and he spat the words at Belle

“Maybe if you weren’t so intriguing I could leave you alone! But I refuse to believe anyone is that much of a jerk without good reason!” Belle spat back

“Come near me again and I promise you, you will regret it!” His eyes were determined and his face flushed an angry red

“What are you going to do?” Belle laughed

He lost control and grabbed her by both arms, slamming her against the wall the pair stared each other down. Breathing heavy they looked at each other until neither could take anymore… He reached in and kissed her, hungry passionate kisses. Pulling away she couldn’t believe what was happening but knew she didn’t want it to stop, the determination in his icy glare had melted away, he was exposed and she saw him, truly saw him. Grabbing him and kissing him, all the anger just disappeared…

Amanda returned home and Ryan was sat there waiting on the stairs

“I didn’t think you were going to come” He smiled

“Of course I am silly, I’m not late am I?” Amanda smiled back

“Just in time” Peter replied embracing her “Is Belle ok?”

“I think so… But I’m going back tomorrow” Amanda explained

“Looks like it’s just you and me again buddy” Peter turned to Ryan ruffling his hair

“You could look a little more disappointed!” Amanda moaned

But the pair simply laughed and headed out the door, Amanda stood for a moment and reflected on everything that had happened today, her thoughts were interrupted by Ryan calling

“Mum! Come on we’re going to be late!”

“I’m coming!” Amanda smiled hurrying out the door, tomorrow she would return to the Bay, return with a box of secrets, one which had sat in her wardrobe for all these years, finally ready to be opened and exposed…

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Again a huge thank you for all the support i've recieved. I apologise for the delay in posting the third part but i'm really busy with my 'A' Levels at the moment. Still I didn't want to keep people waiting too long so here it is... Enjoy!

Chapter Three

Annie wiped the sleep from her eyes and headed for the bathroom, stopped in her tracks by the sound of someone throwing up. Worried that Geoff was ill she hovered by the door waiting to find out what was wrong.

“What are you doing?” Geoff asked as he crept up behind Annie

Annie felt her heart jump with fear

“Geoff!” She scolded “You scared me!”

“Well it’ll teach you for eavesdropping!” Geoff laughed

“I wasn’t eavesdropping!” Annie protested “I thought it was you in there being sick”

“Well if it isn’t me…. Who is it?” Geoff asked

“Maybe Irene’s ill?” Annie began to worry

“Irene’s just fine!” Irene announced appearing behind the siblings

“IRENE!” Geoff and Annie shouted in unison

“You scared us” Geoff explained when Irene looked at them with confusion

“Well it’ll serve you two right for eavesdropping” Irene smiled

“It must be Belle” Annie suddenly interjected

“What must be Belle?” Irene enquired

At that moment the door opened and Belle appeared looking considerably worse for wear, staring quizzically at her housemates she asked:

“What’s going on?”

“Are you ok?” Geoff asked

“I’m fine” Belle assured

“We heard you being sick” Annie stated

“You were being sick?” Irene asked

“I’m fine!” Belle called walking away from bathroom

“Darling you don’t look fine” Irene followed

“It’s just some tummy bug” Belle smiled trying to reassure a worried looking Irene “I’m sorry about last night” Belle tried to change the subject

“I’m partly to blame for it darl’ I just worry about you” Irene stroked Belle’s hair

“I know and I shouldn’t have gone off at you like that”

The next hour passed by uneventfully, Geoff and Annie got themselves ready for school and Irene for work, Irene tried to get Belle to drink some coffee but the smell made her gag, the breakfast Irene had made her was pushed away untouched and Irene was reluctant to leave her.

“I can stay at home, Roman can cope” Irene assured

“I’ll be fine… Besides Amanda will be here soon”

Irene’s face fell but she tried to avoid showing Belle her distaste at Amanda’s imminent arrival in case it started another argument, reluctantly she was talked into leaving.

Outside Irene bumped into the woman of controversy herself and couldn’t pass without a comment

“Amanda, I don’t know what’s going on but if you do anything to hurt Belle…”

Amanda interrupted “… Irene she’s my daughter I wouldn’t hurt her”

“You might not mean to Amanda but somehow you always manage it” Irene snapped before storming off to work

Amanda tried to brush off Irene’s disapproval and entered the house to see Belle cuddled up on the sofa, duvet around her watching bad morning television.

“Hey, so what time is this doctor’s appointment of yours?” Amanda asked

Belle shot up relieved (and she couldn’t believe she was feeling this way!) at the sight of her mother standing there

“Not till this afternoon, you didn’t need to get here so early” Belle smiled relieved that she had

“I wanted to, I would have been here ever earlier if I hadn’t had the third degree from Irene when I arrived” Amanda laughed disguising the hurt she had felt at Irene’s comments

“I’m sorry about her” Belle offered seeing through the mask

“Don’t be, she’s only trying to protect you. When are you going to tell her?” Amanda asked

“Soon…” Belle muttered

“She might not even want a baby in the house…” Amanda announced

“Do you think she’d throw me out?” Belle panicked

At that moment Amanda saw the perfect opportunity to play on any insecurities Belle had. Convince her Irene wouldn’t want her, play her, manipulate her to try and get Belle to return to the city with her… But something stopped her, her conscience kicked into gear. That was something the old Amanda would do.

“Of course she wouldn’t. Irene loves you and she’s going to love your baby” Amanda meekly reassured

Belle placed a tentative hand on her stomach

“That’s if there is a baby”

A look was exchanged between mother and daughter but neither said anything, Belle instead changed the subject motioning to the box Amanda had brought with her.

“What’s in the box?” Belle asked

“My past” Amanda replied

Slowly Amanda opened the box, carefully lifting out a pile she leafed through the contents of the box

“These…” She began “…Are the instructions from the pregnancy test that told me I was expecting you, I’m not sure why I kept them…” Moving through the pile Amanda stopped before continuing “These, these are your scans”

“That’s me?” Belle asked taking them from Amanda’s hand and looking at the blurry white figure in the sea of black

“Certainly is” Amanda smiled, picking up a photo and offering to Belle she began “now this is…”

“Oh my… Wow! You look so…” Belle interrupted

“Young?” Amanda wistfully asked

“I was going to say pregnant! But yeah… young” Belle smiled touching the ghost of who Amanda once was “Do you have a photo of…”

“Your father?” Amanda finished “here” she offered Belle the 6x4 image

Examining the photo Belle felt herself stop breathing, examining the smiling man looking back at her his hair and eyes the same shade as hers standing tall and proud he looked so happy. Her father.

“I look like him” Belle nervously stuttered

“You do… a lot.” Amanda whispered “Here. I want you to have this”

Amanda took from the box a necklace and fastened it around Belle’s neck

“Your father bought this for me” Amanda explained

“I couldn’t…” Belle pleaded

“Belle I can’t ever get back the years I lost with you and I can’t ever make up for the mistakes I’ve made whilst knowing you but you are my family, and i’m yours and this necklace will always remind you of where you belong…”

Touching the pendant Amanda finished “…My heart”

Belle reached for Amanda and pulled her mother close, tears rolled down both pairs of cheeks as Amanda reached for the final item in the box, handing Belle a red book she explained

“Don’t read it now. It’s my journal, from that time. Maybe it will help”

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Again a big thank you to everyone who's commented, I really appreciate all the support I get.

Chapter Four

I heard her cry, that I’m sure. I can hear it sometimes at night; I wake up with the sound of my baby ringing in my ears. Sometimes I think maybe if they’d let me see her, hold her then I could have had closure; I would have had something to hold onto. I’m haunted by all the things I might have done wrong… Did I eat the right foods? Did I do something wrong? Or is it because when I found out I was pregnant all I could think of was how to end this whole mess. They say bad things happen to bad people. We all get what we deserve. Is this my punishment? To sit here alone haunted by what has happened to me, with a mother so ashamed she can barely look me in the eyes and a boyfriend who cares so little that he hasn’t even attempted contact. Today I make a promise to myself: always be in control. Never get too close and never give my heart to anyone… It’s called protection.

Belle closed the journal and took a deep breath. It had seemed like the longest day ever, this morning with Amanda followed by her appointment with the doctor who had confirmed that she was pregnant. Now as she sat in bed reading her mother’s words she was overcome with emotion. Sobbing to herself she wished now she’d taken Amanda up on her offer and travelled back to the city with her, but the thought of seeing Drew that had put her off. Reaching for the phone, she instead dialled the number which had become so familiar over the last couple of months; she needed to hear his voice even if she couldn’t quite muster the courage to tell him about the baby…

“So how are we going to go about telling Irene about us?” Aden smiled

“I’d really rather not think about it” Belle grimaced

“Embarrassed by me?!” Aden gasped in mock shock

“Never” Belle leaned over and kissed him “It’s just that she’s not your biggest fan”

“Admittedly I may have done a few things to put her offside” Aden laughed

“Well I’d say threatening to sue her wasn’t your strongest moment” Belle smiled

“I think the important thing to remember is that I didn’t” Aden grinned grabbing Belle around the waist and holding her close, never had he felt this close to a person, he never wanted to let her go.

“…Sorry Belle he’s not back yet” Roman apologised “Was it important?”

“Not really, I just wanted to speak to him” Belle replied

“I could get him to phone you when he gets back” Roman offered

“No, just tell him I called.”


“… Of course I don’t mind” Leah smiled making up the spare bed for Amanda to sleep in

“Thanks Leah, I just don’t want to have to travel all the way to the city only to come back again in the morning” Amanda explained

“You should have brought Ryan, me and VJ would have loved to have seen him” Leah sat down on the freshly made bed

“I think Belle needs some one on one time at the moment” Amanda replied sitting down next to Leah

Over the last few months since Dan’s death a sort of friendship had developed between the pair, to Leah Amanda was the only person who she could talk to about Dan’s little quirks and to Amanda Leah was the person who could advise her on how to support Ryan in this difficult time.

“Is she ok?” Leah enquired

“Not really” Amanda sighed

“If you need me I’m here” Leah offered

“Thank you” Amanda smiled “I think I better turn in, it’s been a long day”

“Night Amanda” Leah smiled walking towards the door, wondering what it was that was happening with Belle

“Who knows about this?” Belle asked tentatively

“Dr. Armstrong, my dad, Roman… It’s not something I like to broadcast” Aden sighed

“Thank you… For trusting me… I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must have been to tell me” Belle held Aden’s hand tightly

“That’s the thing: It wasn’t hard. I could tell you anything and everything… Belle I love you, I just hope what I’ve told you doesn’t change anything between us” Aden stammered

“Nothing could change how I feel about you… I love you too” Belle smiled

Gently, softly they kissed. Aden held her tight; with her all the bad things in his past could be overcome.

As Belle laid there curled up lost in her thoughts she was suddenly interrupted by a knock to her door

“Come in…” She called

Irene walked in and headed straight to the bed, laying down next to her they both sat in silence until Irene finally spoke

“You’re pregnant aren’t you darl?”

“Yes” was all Belle could manage before bursting into tears

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Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read this and an even bigger thank you to everyone who has left a comment. It gives me such a boost to know what i'm writing is being enjoyed! Anyway i'll stop waffling and let you read the next part! :lol:

Chapter Five

The next morning brought the overwhelming desire to walk, partly to try and relax her stomach- calming the waves of morning sickness, and partly to clear her head from all the busy nagging thoughts that whirred around her head. It was early, the sun beating down as the water moved slowly. Already feeling calmer and more relaxed Belle sat down on the beach and sighed deeply.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” asked the familiar voice behind her

Turning round she couldn’t help breaking out into a huge smile

“Aden…” was all she could manage before he planted a huge kiss on her

“I missed you” He smiled sitting beside her

“Yeah?! Where have you been hiding yourself then?” Belle asked clasping his hand; simply the touch sent electricity pulsing through her.

“Me? You’re the one who seems to have completely disappeared the last few days” Aden laughed

“Well I phoned you last night mister and had to make do with a chat with Roman!” Belle exclaimed

“Yeah he mentioned my crazy stalker had called!” Aden grinned silencing Belle’s protests with another kiss, pulling away their faces hovered inches from each other, their gazes locked on each other… Love couldn’t describe this feeling; it was just too strong to be summed up with a single word.

“I hate to ruin a perfect moment… But we’re being watched” Aden noticed

Belle couldn’t help laughing at Aden’s puzzled face as the observer approached

“She’s coming over… Shall we run?” Aden muttered

“Actually….” Belle started, getting up and walking across the sand towards the woman “…This is my mum!”

Aden quickly started to chuckle and Amanda watched on puzzled as Belle and Aden cracked up

“Is there something on my face?” Amanda asked puzzled

“No! Sorry, it’s just Aden thought we had a stalker!” Belle teased as Aden blushed red

“Well it’s nice to meet you Aden” Amanda smiled extending her hand

“Very nice to meet you too” Aden charmingly smiled taking her hand

Suddenly Belle let out a loud exaggerated cough and Amanda immediately retracted her hand leaving Aden confused

“Sorry Aden… Past issues” Amanda apologised almost laughing “I was just being friendly darling” She grinned to Belle

“Yeah well I know your definition of friendly!” Belle mocked

It was strange how the event which had almost torn mother and daughter apart was now one which they could share a joke about.

“Am I missing something?” Aden asked

“We should probably save that for another day” Amanda assured

“Aden, sorry but I really have to talk to Amanda. Do you mind if we meet up later?” Belle apologised

“No of course babe” giving Belle one final kiss “Nice meeting you Amanda”

Amanda put her arm around her daughter and the pair began to walk along the beach

“You look so happy” Amanda noted

“I am… I think that’s why I don’t want to say anything, how do you find the words that will end carefree freedom and fun?” Belle mused

“You have to tell him… You just have to” Amanda stated, lost in a haze of memories

She’d walked around the room about ten times; Chris had just sat on the bed engrossed in a book.

“Will you stop pacing Mandy?! You’re making me dizzy!” He sighed looking up briefly before returning to the page

“I’m going to get a glass of water… You want one?” Amanda asked nervously

“Seriously…” Chris closed the book and sat up “… What’s wrong with you?”

Amanda felt dizzy; taking a deep breath she felt the words spill from her mouth

“I’m pregnant, and I’m going to keep the baby, but I haven’t told my mum yet, and I know you really want to run right now because to be honest I would quite like to leave you with this foreign object growing inside you and head for the hills but I can’t because well I’m a girl and you’re a boy and it’s physically impossible and you’re probably thinking the idea of us with a baby is impossible and admittedly it’s going to be a struggle but they say you shouldn’t be doing things to make babies if you’re not prepared on some subconscious level to have a baby so maybe deep inside, and there’s a strong chance it’s very deep inside you really are glad that I’m telling you all of this and if I don’t stop talking I’m going to faint and I don’t think that’s good for the baby so, yeah… I’m pregnant” Amanda panted

Chris stood up, let the words process and then sat straight back down as his legs turned to jelly

“That was a lot to take in” Chris stuttered

“I’m not quite sure what took over me there” Amanda whispered

“What makes you think I can do this?” Chris questioned nervously

“Because you’re you” Was all Amanda needed to say

“You know I think I want to find him” Belle announced as they arrived back at Irene’s

“I thought you would probably want to, you went to all that effort to find me… Time to complete the jigsaw” Amanda said taking Belle’s hand

“Amanda can I ask you something?” Belle murmured


“This is going to sound stupid because I’m an adult now but… I know I stopped after the whole Drew thing, but it’s ok to go back to calling you mum like all the time isn’t it?” Belle asked

“I need to deserve that title Belle” Amanda sighed

“You don’t think you do? After everything you’ve done recently?” Belle exclaimed

“But Belle… The past…” Amanda started

“Is in the past” Belle finished “I love you mum and I’m going to need you now more than ever”

“I love you too Belle” Amanda sobbed wrapping her arms around Belle “and your dad, I’m going to do everything I can to help you find him”

“Thank you” Belle choked welling up herself

“You should go home” Kitty forcefully suggested to Chris who had sat all night on the sofas outside the delivery room

“No way! This is the biggest moment of my life, you won’t let me in there at least let me sit outside” Chris demanded

“You’re in the way Christopher!” Kitty scolded marching off into the delivery room

Chris distracted himself from the anger he felt towards Kitty by thinking about Amanda and felt his heart lurch- love couldn’t describe this feeling; it was just too strong to be summed up with a single word.

Kitty walked into the delivery room where Amanda was sat up panting hard

“Did you phone him? Is Chris coming” she asked, gritting her teeth with the pain

“He mentioned something about a television show love… I’m sorry but he’s a sixteen year old boy Amanda! He doesn’t want to spend his weekend holding your hand!” Kitty mocked without a shred of compassion for her daughter

Amanda felt a sharp pang of sadness as a tear rolled down her cheek, not realising that only the wall in front of her and her mother were keeping them apart.

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*Blushes* Aww you guys! Just thank you again to everyone :) It's a tad longer than usual but I got carried away!

Chapter Six

“Mrs Stevens? I’m trying to get in contact with Chris… Me? Oh I’m an old school friend… Let me get some paper…. Uh huh… uh huh… Thank you very much… Yeah it will be great to hear from him… Ok then bye bye” Amanda felt her heart race as she spoke to Chris’s mum, she didn’t want her to recognise her voice

“Belle we’ve got an address” she smiled nervously, unsure at what this now meant

Belle took the piece of paper and studied the address; it was only about an hour away. A road trip would provide the perfect distraction from all the worries she had over her pregnancy and would also prevent her from having to tell Aden for a little while now

“Can we go?” Belle asked

“Now?” Amanda was surprised Belle’s lack of hesitancy

“What’s wrong with now?” Belle questioned

“Nothing… It’s just, haven’t you got other things to worry about?” Amanda asked motioning to Belle’s stomach

“How about a deal, if we go today then I’ll discuss whatever you want in the car ok?” Belle offered

Amanda sighed deeply; maybe opening up about her past wasn’t as constructive an idea as it had seemed at the time.

Irene suddenly came through the door laden with shopping bags

“Alright there missy? I’ve got some great ingredients for dinner, and all this veg is full of nutrients to keep baby healthy!” Irene smiled getting carried away

“Sorry Irene but I’m going out” Belle apologised packing her purse and phone into her bag

“Where?” Irene questioned

“Me and Amanda are going on a… little trip” Belle didn’t want to reveal the exact details of what they were doing, not yet

“We’re probably not going to back tonight Irene, I’ll book us a room somewhere” Amanda explained

“I’m not sure about this Amanda, Belle shouldn’t be trekking around not in her condition” Irene complained

Belle rolled her eyes

“She’s with her mum Irene, no harms going to come to her” Amanda smiled

“Hmm, well you’re old enough to make your own decisions Belle” Irene replied, her disapproval obvious.

Belle smiled raced to the bathroom to grab her toothbrush before giving Irene a kiss and racing out the door, Amanda followed amazed by how excited Belle was.

The road stretched out before them and Amanda was determined to get her part of the deal, turning down the radio she began questioning Belle

“Why are we doing this now Belle?”

“Because he’s my father” Belle replied simply

“Belle you have more important things to worry about, like telling Aden he’s going to be a father!” Amanda exclaimed

“I promised you I would and I will as soon as we get back”

“Oh and then you’ll find another excuse” Amanda groaned “Soon enough he’ll be able to tell!”

“Who says I’m even keeping this baby!” Belle shouted

“Oh… I just didn’t think that’s what you would want” Amanda was shocked by Belle’s words

“I don’t know what I want” Belle whispered

“But you’re thinking about it?” Amanda asked

“I’m thinking about everything… I can’t stop thinking” Belle felt tears well up and swallowed hard to stop from breaking down

“A baby will completely change you life”

“I know”

“Aden, are you sure about this?” Belle asked tentatively

“Of course” Aden smiled holding her close

“It’s a big deal Aden, even without all the stuff you’ve been through. We don’t have to, we can wait” Belle offered

“I want to be with you” Aden kissed her, taking her hand and led her upstairs

“This is it” Amanda pulled up outside the townhouse and turned to look at her daughter “You want me to come with you?”

“No, I have to do this on my own” Belle assured

Walking up the pathway she felt her heart beat faster, standing on the doorstep she forced the urge to run. Knocking on the door she started to feel sick, the door began to open and standing there was a teenage girl, younger than herself but similar in looks.

“Hi… I’m looking for Chris Stevens” Belle spluttered nervously

The girl looked her up and down before turning around “Dad!” She called

That meant the girl was her sister.


A man stood in the doorway where the girl had previously been, tall and handsome Belle recognised some of her own features in him. Struggling to find words, it felt like a year had passed in silence

“Are you ok?” Chris asked, wondering who the girl was, hoping she wasn’t trying to sell anything

“My name is Belle Taylor, my mum is called Amanda Vale and… and I believe you’re my father” Belle stammered

Chris looked shocked and then angry

“What the hell kind of game are you playing?! What are you trying to get out of me, money? Get off of my property before I call the police. My daughter died, how dare you pretend to be her!” Chris raged angrily slamming the door in Belle’s face

Leaning against the front door Chris couldn’t stop himself from crying at the pain evoked by what the girl had claimed

Chris woke up to Kitty shaking him, he shot up an excited smile spreading across his face as he remembered where he was.

“Christopher” Kitty started

“Has she had the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?” Chris asked excitedly

“Christopher, Amanda had a little girl but… The baby was stillborn” Kitty explained, the magnitude of the lie she was telling having no obvious effect on the stone faced woman

“What… I… I don’t understand” Chris felt like his heart was going to explode, the pain was unlike anything he had ever felt

“The baby was dead when she was born, they’ve taken her away” Kitty continued

“Can… Can I see her?” Chris managed through the tears

“I don’t think that would be a good idea Christopher, that image will haunt you for the rest of your life” Kitty was amazed at how easy it was to lie to naïve children, a few midwives paid off and a nice sum of money from the Taylor family and she had managed to secure her daughters future

“What about Amanda, I need to be with Amanda” Chris started getting up and heading towards Amanda’s room

“No!” Kitty grabbed Chris’s shoulder “She doesn’t want to see you… ever”

“What?” Chris couldn’t believe what he was hearing

“Seeing you will remind her of what she has lost, it’s just too painful Christopher. Go your separate ways, it’s the only way you’ll ever get over this” Kitty manipulated

“We’re in love Kitty, I know you don’t get that but we really are in love and right now we need to be together!” Chris demanded

“Love? Ha! My daughter was with you because you got her pregnant! Now there’s no baby she doesn’t have to see you ever again, I didn’t want to tell you this Christopher but you forced me… Now go home”

Tears rolling down his face Chris turned and walked out the doors of the maternity unit. Outside of the hospital he fell to his knees, his body shaking, sobbing


“Kitty… She lied. To you and Amanda, she sold me. I’m alive and I’m very much your daughter… No games” Belle called through the letter box “Summer Bay… I live in Summer Bay”

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I really love comments, they rock so thank you for the ones I get. I'd really like some feedback on what you like about this story and what you want to see more or less of, for example the character of Chris are we liking him, not keen? I don't have plans for what will happen next so if you want to see more/less of a story strand then I can develop based on feedback.

Chapter Seven

The drive to the hotel had been in silence; Amanda could see that Belle was upset. It was only when they were in their room that Amanda asked:

“Are you ok? What happened?”

“Yeah I’m fine, he was in shock…” Belle began

“Well that’s to be expected he thinks you’re dead” Amanda reasoned

“I’m not sure if he believes me” Belle sighed

“Maybe we should try again” Amanda suggested

“No… I’ve made the first move, it’s down to him now” Belle decided

Amanda decided now would be a good time to raid the mini bar for chocolate.

“How about tonight we pig out, find a rubbish film on TV and just forget about everything?” Amanda mused

“Sounds perfect, all we need are some complementary bathrobes and we’re all set” Belle laughed for the first time that day

“Brilliant” Amanda smiled


“Dad… What did she mean?” Abby asked her father who was still slumped against the door

“Go to your room Abby, I can’t talk about this now” Chris snapped

“Is she your daughter? Dad! Answer me!” Abby was becoming frustrated

“Tomorrow, we’ll talk about this tomorrow” Chris pleaded gradually getting to his feet

“Did you cheat on mum?” Abby questioned

“No! Abby I swear, this was before, before I even met your mum, I promise” Chris insisted holding his daughters head in his hands

“So it’s true” Abby asked looking into her fathers deep brown eyes

“I think so…” Chris confirmed not just to Abby but to himself.

Chris couldn’t sleep all night, thoughts buzzed round his head. He knew he had to go to Summer Bay and talk to this girl again, talk to Amanda if he could, he needed answers. At first what she had said it sounded too ridiculous but the more he thought about it the more he convinced himself that it could be true. Driving to the sunny beachside town he parked up and stepped out.

“Excuse me miss” Chris called to the woman who had just smiled at him

Jazz quickly turned around to lustfully stare at the gorgeous man in front of her

“Er hi, my name is Chris Stevens.” They shook hands, lingering slightly too long “are you a local?”

“Yeah I am, Jazz Curtis” Jazz smiled

“I was wondering if…” Chris started

Jazz prepared herself to accept the dinner invitation this man was obviously about to give her

“… You knew where Belle Taylor lives?” Chris finished

Jazz’s face dropped but seeing an opportunity she replied

“Yeah I do… I could always walk you there” Jazz suggested

“That would be great” Chris laughed “’I’m rubbish with directions”

The pair walked along making chatting away, topics of conversation came so easy and the mutual attraction was obvious.

“Right well here we are” Jazz announced

“Great, thanks you very much Jazz” Chris smiled, his dark eyes twinkling

Jazz looked him up and down and too her horror spotted the one thing she was praying this seemingly perfect man didn’t have… A wedding ring!

“Oh” Jazz couldn’t help her disappointment escape

“Is everything ok?” Chris asked registering the hurt look on Jazz’s face

“I was going to ask you out to dinner… But I see you’re taken” Jazz smiled gesturing to the gold band on Chris’s finger

“I’m not married” Chris stated

“So what’s that? Costume jewellery?” Jazz mocked

“My wife… She died last year” Chris sighed

“Oh my… I’m so sorry” Jazz blushed

“I haven’t dated since…” Chris began

“No, no I completely understand” Jazz backed off beginning to walk away

“Jazz!” Chris called her back “I need to start again sometime… I’d like it to be with you”

“Really?” Jazz beamed

“Here’s my number, call me” Chris beamed back

“Definitely” Jazz called walking away, grinning like a Cheshire cat

“Hey Jazz!” Chris called

Jazz turned around

“Be gentle with me ok?” Chris smiled

“I make no promises” Jazz laughed

As Jazz walked away Chris was immediately hit with a wave of guilt, it had only been a year since Olivia had passed away, this felt like cheating. He couldn’t believe how forward he’d been, walking up to the front door he tentatively knocked and was greeted by a tall blonde boy.

“Hi, I’m looking for Belle Taylor?” Chris asked

“She’s not here at the moment, but she should be back soon” Geoff offered

“Who’s at the door love?” Irene called from the kitchen

“Someone for Belle” Geoff replied

“Well invite them in then!” Irene called back

“Oh yeah of course, would you like to come in?” Geoff asked

“Erm I guess” Chris smiled surprised at the hospitality

“You a friend of Belle’s then love?” Irene asked

“Actually…” Chris wasn’t quite sure how to explain this “… I think I’m her father”

Irene and Geoff exchanged a look of surprise

“Well then love, we better get you a drink. Is tea ok?” Irene enquired

“Great thank you” Chris accepted


On the drive home Amanda tried to talk to Belle about the baby again, she had never thought that Belle might not want to keep the baby.

“So about what you said…” Amanda started unsure of what to say

“About what?” Belle asked

“The baby…” Amanda was wary of how much she said

“I’ve been thinking about that” Belle sighed

“And…” Amanda began

“And… There’s a life growing inside of me, he or she is part of me and Aden and thinking about what you and my father must have been through made me decide that I don’t want to be apart from my child. I know this is the wrong time, that i’m not ready, but it’s happened and I’m going to do this” Belle smiled

“Yes!” Amanda cheered “Oh this is going to be ok Belle I promise you, because I am always going to be here for you emotionally, financially everything. I’m going to make sure that you still have the life you want, that you still get to be the person you want and have the career you want. Belle all the support my mother never gave to me will be there for you.

“Thank you” Belle said with such sincerity

Walking towards the house Belle and Amanda both felt and overwhelming sense of contentment, nothing could change this perfect feeling nothing at all.

“Belle you have a visitor” Irene began as Belle and Amanda came through the door, Amanda’s jaw dropped with shock as the man on the sofa turned to look a the pair.


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Thanks again for the great comments, I love your suggestions keep them coming! Sorry it's been a while since the last part, hopefully this one will make up for it. On my first chapter i've now added a banner, it's pretty basic i'm not exactly a whiz at making them but I think it sums up what the story is about and you'll notice the quote is taken from this chapter.

Chapter Eight

“What made you believe me?” Belle asked astonished to see her father sitting there

“The one thing that kept bugging me, I knew I’d seen your necklace before. I gave it to Amanda…” Chris smiled took in every detail of his daughter

“… And I gave it to Belle” Amanda finished taking Belle’s hand in hers

“I can’t believe this. How could your mother do something so horrible, so evil?” Chris questioned

“We underestimated her…” Amanda sighed “But none of that matters now, all that matters is”

“We have each other” Belle and Amanda chanted in unison

Chris smiled at the pair, watching how strong their bond was he longed for the same connection with his daughter

“You too are like peas in a pod!” Chris grinned

Amanda put her arm around Belle and gave a sad smile

“The more I look at you, the more I see my own reflection… I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing yet…”

“Surely that’s a really good thing” Chris laughed

“You don’t know me” Amanda warned

“I used to”

“People change” Amanda sighed

The rest of the afternoon progressed slowly, the inevitable awkwardness slowly being chipped away. Irene passed at various times offering drinks but was barely noted by the trio. Hours passed and night approached and so Chris regretfully made his goodbyes with the promise of another visit within the next few days, as he walked away from the house he mentally noted what Amanda had said… “You don’t know me” there was something so different to the person he knew, it wasn’t simply age that had changed her; she lacked the warmth her teenage self had passionately exuded. The warmth that was now found in their child, physically Belle resembled him, but her personality was all who Amanda had once been.

“Are you ok?” Amanda asked

“I’m still in shock” Belle admitted

Just then Belle noticed her phone vibrate, picking it up she had a new text message.

‘Meet me in the Den 10.30pm xxx’ it read

It was from Aden, she looked down at her watch. She would need to leave now to meet him. Belle was slightly confused, the Den wasn’t even open at this time, but just the thought of seeing Aden made Belle make her excuses to leave Amanda and head out to meet him.

Arriving, Belle was suddenly aware of the fairy lights which surrounded the door. Walking in she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, candles everywhere lit up the Den, a table set for two in the middle and approaching her was her gorgeous boyfriend dressed in a suit with a massive smile on his face.

“You like?” He asked taking her hand and kissing her

“I love!” Belle squealed in disbelief grabbing Aden pressing her lips hard against his

“Your seat Madam…” Aden smiled pulling out a chair for Belle

He reached for a bottle of wine, popping the cork he made to pour Belle a glass which suddenly forced her back to reality.

“Aden wait…” Belle stuttered pulling her glass away

“You don’t like red?” Aden asked confused

“Sit down… Please” Belle pleaded

“You’re scaring me a little bit here babe” Aden smiled weakly

“I have to talk to you” Belle almost whispered

“What’s going on Belle?” Aden was beginning to get agitated, horrible thoughts raced through his head

“I… I…” Belle couldn’t find the words

“Belle? What is it? Belle!..” Aden didn’t want to ask, he desperately tried to stop himself from saying it but he couldn’t stop himself “…Are you cheating on me?”

“No!” Belle exclaimed

“Then what!” Aden asked exasperated yet relieved

“I’m pregnant!” Belle finally managed

The room filled with silence…


“Dad you’re home!” Abby exclaimed as she ran to the front door

“Very observant kiddo” Chris smiled kissing his daughter on the cheek, heading to the living room

“Ha ha! You’ve been gone all day dad, is it true?” Abby questioned

Looking at his daughter he was surprised he hadn’t noticed the similarities between Abby and Belle as soon as he’d opened the front door

“You have a sister” Chris smiled, unsure of how Abby would react

“Wow” was all Abby could manage, she was in complete shock to find out she had a sister. She was so used to being the oldest child, looking after her younger brother Sam, and now someone else was the oldest child, she had to share her dad with someone new and she wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about this

“Are you ok?” Chris asked taking Abby’s hand

“When do I get to meet her?” Abby asked smiling, she knew that accepting this massive change would make things easier for her father; he deserved some happiness she hadn’t seen him smile like that since her mother was alive


Back at Leah’s Amanda poured herself a glass of wine, sitting down to relax Amanda was suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing

“Hello Leah’s house, Amanda speaking”

“Amanda its Drew, you need to come home… There’s been an accident” Drew sounded panicked

“What’s happened? Drew what kind of accident?” Amanda worried

“It’s dad… Please Amanda hurry, I’m at the hospital… Amanda the doctors coming now, I have to go. Just hurry ok” Drew pleaded

Amanda felt sick, scribbling a quick note for Leah she jumped into her car desperate to be with Peter.

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Another wave of inspiration hit tonight so you're getting another part. In regard to Tony4RachaelEver's post Abby and Sam will be 15 and 13 and they'll appear soon!

Chapter Nine

“Say something. Tell me what you’re feeling” Belle pleaded desperate to break the silence

“I don’t know what I’m feeling…” Aden muttered still in shock

“Well this is just great!” Belle felt herself becoming angry

“Belle! Just let me think ok?!” Aden snapped back

The pair stared at each other until Belle’s frustration caused her to break away

“Well you’ll think a hell of a lot better without me here” Belle announced making towards the door

“Belle please” Aden begged trying to stop her

“I’m going to do this with or without you Aden” Belle said walking out the door immediately regretting how harsh with Aden she had been

Aden was left dazed and confused; she hadn’t given him time to digest this, the news that affected his entire future. Rather than go and chase after her and take part in the inevitable argument Aden decided to sit and think about what Belle had said… A baby. Aden felt a mixture of elation and the overwhelming feeling that he would be a terrible father. That he would let down his child just as his father had let him down.


Amanda sped along the road desperate to get to Peter, whatever had happened it sounded bad and she needed to be with him. Suddenly her headlights illuminated a girl walking along the side of the road, a girl that she recognised, pulling in she wound down her window.

“Belle! Is that you?” Amanda called

Belle turned towards the car and wiped the tears from her eyes

“Where are you going?” Belle asked approaching the car

“The city, it’s Peter. Drew said he’s been in some kind of accident” Amanda explained

“I’m coming with you” Belle decided walking round to the passenger side

“Belle what’s going on?” Amanda questioned

“Don’t worry. Let’s just go see Peter ok” Belle assured

The two sped off, Belle knew that this would look like she was running away but Amanda needed her and Amanda was grateful for the support, the ambiguity of Peter’s condition forced a number of terrifying scenarios into her head and it scared her that she didn’t know what state she would find the man she loved so dearly in.


Aden took a deep breath and knocked at the door

“Is Belle in?” He asked Irene who had answered

“No sign of her, I thought she was with you” Irene puzzled

“She was… Until about half an hour ago” Aden replied

“Ah I see you two have had a row!” Irene smiled knowingly

“Just tell her I was here ok” Aden snapped

Irene could read Aden’s face and immediately guessed what the argument had been about

“She told you…” Irene began

“You know?!” Aden asked astonished

“Darl’ you have to understand there’s very little in this town that I don’t know” Irene announced “I’m guessing you didn’t react well”

“It’s not that! She didn’t even give me a chance to think about it” Aden growled annoyed at how everyone was so determined to judge him

“She’s been working herself up to tell you love, she’s terrified by all of this and maybe she expected too much straight away” Irene explained

“I love her Irene, and we’re in this together I just want to tell her that”

Irene was astonished by the maturity and strength in the young man that stood before her, something had changed in him and the angry boy determined to cause trouble had disappeared.


“I need to see Peter Baker” Amanda asked a nurse

“Amanda over here” Drew called

Hugging Drew Amanda could see how upset he was

“What’s happened Drew?” Amanda asked

“He’s been stabbed Amanda. We were out for dinner, me, dad and Ryan and we spot some guy trying to take some woman’s purse so of course dad goes after

him and the next thing I know he’s on the floor.” Drew explained

“Where’s Ryan now?” Belle asked

“Jen next door came and got him, I didn’t think he should be here” Drew said

Suddenly Belle felt herself become light headed and dizzy falling to the floor Drew managed to catch her before she hit her head against the floor

“Nurse quick! My daughter! You have to help her, she’s pregnant” Amanda shouted

Drew couldn’t hide his shock at Amanda’s revelation, the nurse ran over to check on Belle who was beginning to come around

“She’s going to be ok Amanda, go and see dad. I’ll stay with her” Drew assured

Reluctantly Amanda agreed knowing that Peter’s condition was far more critical than Belle’s.


The address had been easy to find, as he approached the door Chris thought of all the things he wanted to say to her, as she opened the door he instantly recognised the hardness.

“Can I come in?” Chris asked

“Do I know you” She replied

“My name’s Christopher Stevens and yes you do know me Kitty” Chris snapped

Kitty looked at him horrified, it was obvious he knew what she had done and her attempt to shut the door was stopped by Chris’s foot

“Go away now or I’ll call the police” Kitty called

“And say what Kitty! That there’s a man at the door slightly annoyed by the fact that he’s believed his daughter was dead!” Chris shouted

“I won’t let you hurt me” Kitty screamed

“Hurt you! I wouldn’t touch you, you pathetic old bag! I wouldn’t sink to your level!” Chris mocked

Chris turned and walked away, he wasn’t sure why he’d gone to her, he had so much anger he needed to vent so much hurt. Seeing Kitty was his way of confronting all of that pain. Scrolling through his phone contacts, he searched for something to make him feel better, calling the number he wasn’t sure what to expect...

“Jazz… Hi it’s Chris… Are you free for dinner?”

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Ok so I think this part should answer all of the questions that have been left for me, if you have any more do post them alongside your comments and i'll be happy to either incorporate them into the story or just answer them outright. Again thank you for the comments everyone do keep them coming!

Chapter Ten

Belle slowly came around; stretching her arms she suddenly became aware of her unfamiliar surroundings.

“Mum?” she croaked hoping Amanda could explain where she was

“Hey, it’s me Drew” Drew smiled stroking away a hair from Belle’s face

“Drew, where am I?” Belle questioned feeling confused

“You’re in hospital, you collapsed” Drew explained

“Where’s mum? Is Peter ok?” Belle asked suddenly remembering why she was at the hospital in the first place

“The doctors think he’ll be ok, Amanda’s in with him but she keeps checking in on you” Drew said struggling to stop staring at his ex-girlfriend

“So I’m ok?” Belle asked, she felt fine but wondered if the doctors felt differently

“Yeah you’re going to be ok, just stress they think… The baby’s ok too” Drew finished, it felt strange to say it allowed

Belle felt relieved and carefully placed a hand on her stomach, this scare had one positive effect it had confirmed to Belle that she really did want to keep the baby she desperately wanted to protect it and keep it safe.

“You know?” Belle stated motioning towards her stomach

“Yeah Amanda kinda said, she didn’t mean to though it was an accident” Drew clarified not wanting Amanda to get into trouble

“No it’s ok; I probably would have told you anyway” Belle assured

“I can’t believe it Belle; it was only a few months ago that we were still kids being stupid and now you’re going to be a mum!” Drew smiled astonished at how different their lives had become

“I know, strange huh?” Belle mused

“So the father…” Drew began

“Ah, erm you remember Aden right?” Belle nervously laughed knowing how Drew would react

“WHAT?!” Drew shouted “That idiot?”

“Drew you don’t know him like I do…” Belle trailed desperate to calm Drew down

“Oh I know him Belle, I know he’s a bully, an idiot and that there’s no way he’ll be a good father” Drew looked to Belle for a reaction that confirmed his beliefs “I’m right aren’t I? He doesn’t want to know”

“Shut up Drew!” Belle shouted before bursting into tears

“Belle I’m sorry” Drew said gently taking Belle’s hand “Belle… I still love you”

“What?” Belle asked shocked

“I still love you. Move to the city and we’ll give it another go- you, me and the baby” Drew looked into Belle’s eyes with an intensity that indicated he was deadly serious

“Hey! You want to get your hands off of my girlfriend” Aden called standing in the doorway

“Get lost” Drew spat, turning back to Belle he pleaded “Come on Belle you and me, we could be happy again”

“Belle… You’re not considering this are you? I love you!” Aden shouted

“Of course not…” Belle began confused by everything that was going on.

Suddenly Aden grabbed Drew by the throat and slammed him up against the wall, Drew pushed him back and threw a punch at him, and Amanda who was then walking into the room ran between the boys and pulled them apart.

“What the hell is going on?” She shouted “Drew get out of here”

“What? You should be asking him to leave” Drew protested

“They need to talk Drew” Amanda snapped, turning to Belle she asked “Are you ok sweetheart?”

Belle nodded and watched as Amanda pulled Drew out of the room, Aden slumped into the chair beside Belle’s bed and rubbed at his sore eye.

“How did you know I was here?” Belle asked

“Your mum phoned me, I came straight here” Aden explained

“I didn’t think you wanted to speak to me” Belle sighed turning away

Aden leaned over and took Belle’s head in his hands

“You didn’t give me time Belle, same as you needed time when you first found out. If you’d stuck around then I could have told you that I really want this baby… But I’m scared” Aden began tears welling up

“Why?” Belle questioned

“I’m scared I’m going to be a lousy dad and fail our baby Belle” Aden whispered, he couldn’t stop the tears from escaping now

“Aden you’re going to be an amazing dad” Belle promised kissing Aden

“What makes you think I can do this?” Aden questioned nervously

“Because you’re you” Was all Belle needed to say.


“Well I have to admit I didn’t think you’d call” Jazz laughed sitting opposite from Chris at the diner

“I haven’t been able to get you out of my head” Chris smiled reaching over and touching Jazz’s hand

“Ok so give me the lowdown on Chris Stevens” Jazz asked

“Ok so two kids… Actually make that three now, I’m a fireman, been widowed for a year and I have a cat called Reginald” Chris listed barely able to take his eyes off of Jazz who was wearing a dress specially bought for the occasion

“Reginald!” Jazz burst out laughing

“Yeah Olivia named him” Chris explained his heart jumping with sadness at the mention of his wife’s name

“Don’t you think he’s the cutest cat in the world?” Olivia asked picking up the tiny black kitten

“I think he’s a cat” Chris laughed

“Oh come on, this cat is definitely nicer than all the other cats in the entire world” Olivia smiled

“The entire world? Wow he must be special… So what we going to call him?” Chris asked

“Well I’ve actually already thought of a name… Reginald!” Olivia announced

“Reg for short?” Chris asked

“Nope always Reginald” Olivia smiled

“You’re crazy” Chris mocked

“Yep” Olivia grinned giving her husband a huge kiss.

“How do the kids cope…? Without their mum?” Jazz asked

“They’re strong kids, stronger than me I think sometimes. Abby, she’s my rock she’s totally stepped into her mums shoes always looking after me… Sam’s finding things a little difficult, kind of going off the rails” Chris explained

“How did they cope with the news of Belle?” Jazz enquired

“Abby was good about it, wants to meet her sister. Sam… Sam’s a different case altogether” Chris sighed

“So the thing is mate, you have another sister and her name is Belle” Chris explained

“You tell me this now! After all these years?” Sam shouted

“I didn’t know mate, if I had I would have told you” Chris pleaded

“I don’t want another sister! I don’t want to meet her I don’t even want to think about her. Did mum know about this?” Sam demanded

“I though Belle was dead… There didn’t seem any point in telling your mum” Chris justified

“So you lied to her to! You lied to me, you lied to Abby and you lied to mum! I hate you and if mum was alive now she’d hate you too!” Sam spat

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