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Jonathan Creek to return

Guest Dan F

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I heard about this a couple of months ago, but saw this article today which confirms it for certain:

BBC1 plans to bring back detective comedy-drama Jonathan Creek after almost five years for a Christmas special.

Pre-production has begun on a one-off 90-minute edition of the show, with Alan Davies reprising the title role as a designer of magic tricks who solves mysterious crimes.

Creator David Renwick, who penned all 25 episodes of the show in its original run in BBC1's Saturday night line-up from 1997 to early 2004, is writing a script with an eye to filming it in the summer.

"After a five year break I think we're all looking forward to getting Creek back on the screen, and the BBC appear to be quite excited, so fingers crossed," he said.

The show, which won a Bafta for best drama in 1998, was produced by the BBC's entertainment department and championed by the late producer Verity Lambert, with whom Renwick also collaborated on his recent BBC1 project Love Soup.

Really looking forward to it, certainly is one of my all time favourite shows! Though for me, the show was never the same after Caroline left....and I doubt that she'd come back now......just not the same with Julia Sawalha!

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We have more details now from the Press Office:

Jonathan Creek – The Grinning Man


Alan Davies returns as Jonathan Creek in the popular, award-winning comedy drama about the adventures of the master of illusion, who uses his brilliance and intellect to explain the unexplainable. This one-off special is written and directed by David Renwick and guest stars Sheridan Smith. Stuart Milligan returns as illusionist Adam Klaus, Creek's employer.

When Creek is called in to solve unexplained events in a vast Gothic house following several disappearances from a gloomy old attic known as The Nightmare Room, Creek is completely baffled. Seventy years on from the first disappearance, the room continues to claim lives. Can the ghost of a madman who preys upon human flesh really be to blame?

When two young women take shelter in the attic from a raging thunderstorm, it's not long before the ominous "presence" has claimed another victim.

Determined to discover the truth about what has happened to her friend, the fearlessly sceptical Joey Ross finds herself working alongside veteran lateral-thinker Creek. Together, they embark on a complex, often dangerous, investigation into a mystery which only continues to deepen.

Can Creek shed light on the riddle and render the impossible possible? Or are his once-formidable powers of deduction about to be eclipsed by the sheer raw intuition of his younger counterpart?

Alan Davies plays Jonathan Creek, Sheridan Smith plays Joey Ross and Stuart Milligan plays Adam Klaus.

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Well there doesn't seem to be many fans on here, but I'll post it anyway :P

Renwick confirms return of Jonathan Creek

From Broadcast

Alan Davies is set to reprise his role as magician sleuth Jonathan Creek for a second feature-length special for Easter next year, writer David Renwick has confirmed.

The Judas Tree was initially slated to air next Christmas, but the writer said that budget issues had pushed the project back to next Easter.

Renwick told Broadcastnow he has penned the 90-minute edition of the comedy-drama and is also set to direct.

Davies is already on board for the project and Renwick hopes to re-team him with Sheridan Smith, who was introduced as Creek's sidekick Joey Ross in the recent special, The Grinning Man.

That two-hour episode, which marked the show's return after five years away, attracted 9.91m viewers on New Year's Day.

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