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Thurs, 29 May 08 - Episode # 4649

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “You’re Not The Only One To Ever Loose A Parent “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 29 May 08 - Episode # 4649]


Kane Phillips [who now has a beard and a muchly in disguise] is talking on the phone as a police car goes bay. Kane tells [i’m guessing] Kirsty to relax and that he is about to go to the hospital.


Irene reds Ollie a story, and she reminds him about their “be quite about his situation” game.

Rachel enters and she comments that medically quite well, but Irene says that he’s quite listless at the moment. Rachel thinks that’s because he is missing his parents. This leads Rachel to saying that she is going to talk to DOCs. Irene suggests that it will be no problems for her yo look after him, but Rachel insists that they have to go thorough official channels.


Morag & Ross enter, and his phone rings. He takes the call – Morag seems annoyed, and her mood isn’t improved when she opens the kitchen door. She wants some service, but Irene is on the hone. Ire insists that she will be out soon. When Morag goes back to the min area, Irene returns to her call with Kirsty, and [form Irene’s reactions] Kirsty doesn’t like the sound of DOCS sending Ollie to live with another family.


On the back patio, Matilda sees Jai’s walkman. She is surprised when she plays the tape – as its classic music. Jai arrives, and after Matilda expresses her surprise at the music, Jai says that his dad was an avid classical music fan. Jai tells Matilda that she can borrow his walkman anytime – she thanks him, and althougout that scene, there’s a I-don’t-really-know-you-at-all type unease tween them.


Kane enters Ollie’s’ room and hugs his son. Ollie is very pleased to see his dad. Kane urges Ollie to be good for Irene.


Jai is sitting at the end of the wharf. Alf approaches and wonders if Jai like to fish. Jai say that he’s not into killing fish, and the kinda perplexed Alf walks away.


Kane hugs Ollie once more, before he exits the room. Nurse Gloria sees him exit and tells Rachel – who tells her to call security. Kane, meanwhile goes into a storeroom, and reaches into his bag for something.


Morag & Alf are walking along, and Alf suggests that if Morag is keen on Ross, then she should suggest that they should take things further.


Rachel tells Nurse Gloria that the security staff and the hospital staff have been made aware to be on the lookout for the perron that Gloria described.

Rachel walks down the corridor, and she unknowingly bumps into Kane [who is wearing different clothes now] but she doesn’t recognise him and they both walk away in different directions,


Alf approach Jai once more – and tells him that Miles was afraid of the water, and still kinda is – but Jai dismisses Alf’s thought. He tells Alf that he’s live near water all his life. A wore Alf walks way.


Alf talks to Miles about his chat with Jai. Alf is pretty worried about Jai. Miles wonders where he should they to talk to Jai about this. Miles bails.

Nearby, Morag suggest to Ross that they should perhaps, take the next step in their ‘ship, but he’s not keen on the idea. Indeed, as Ross walks away, Morag is annoyed at herself [for being “stupid” enough to mek the suggestion to him].


Miles approach Jai, and tell him about what Alf was saying. Mikes then can’t believe it with Jai falls into the water. Miles dives into the water, and goes under the surface a few times looking for Jai. Jai hoevr has got himself back to holding onto one of the pylons form the pier that go into the water. Jai says that Miles didn’t have to jump in after him. Miles looks annoyed.


Miles confronts Jai about awht;s happened. Jai once more insist tat he was never in any danger in the water. Miles is muchly frustrated by the situation.


Rachel talks to Irene about the person who was in Ollie’s room. After Rachel describes the person [loosely], Irene suggests that that description fist lots of ppl.

At one of the tables, Miles talk to Matilda about the pier incident, and especially how he hasn’t told Alf about this.


Miles tells Alf about the water incident with Jai, and Alf suggest that Miles should tell Jai what he went through [being totally down & out after the tsunami] but Miles isn’t so sure.

Alf tells Mile that she is going to see how Morag went today.


Morag tells Alf what a silly woman she’s been for thinking that she & Ross could get together. Alf tries to reassure Morag about what’s happening Bt it doesn’t rally work.


Alf suggest that Miles should talk to Jai – to at east stop the “racket” outside. Miles goes onto the back patio, and suggests that Jai should stop bouncing a tennis ball against the wall. When Jai doesn’t. Miles opens up to him about what Miles went through [when his life fell apart] and how the ppl in the town made it able for him to live again.

Miles goes inside, and he is pleased when he hears that Jai has stopped bounding that ball.

Next day, Maddie enters the main room, and confronts Jai about the stunt at the wharf yesterday. She “suggests” to him that he’s not the only one to loose a parent – and she tell him about Beth’s car accident.

Jai rushes upstairs, and Maddie is worried that she went too far with her verbal attack.


Irene is on the phone. She tells Kisrty that they need to talk. Unbeknownst to Irene, Kane is in her house, And when she gets off the phone, she is shocked when she sees him. They hug, before Irene comments about Kane visiting Ollie in the hospital. Kane tells Irene that he has a BIG favour to ask of her.



KK have a heart braking decision to make, but will Irene risk jail time to help them!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jai: mauve & white horizontal stripes t [with red top beneath]


Matilda: mauve low cut spaghetti strap top/brown long pants


Alf: white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/bone wide brim hat

Irene: orange blouse/black top

Irene: white [light brown floral] long sleeve top

Jai: bleu t/grey [black wavy lines] jacket

Jai: fluro yellow t/old denim jeans

Kane: royal blue [yellow unknown motif] t/black cap/dark grey long pants

Kane: sky blue polo shirt/dark long pants

Kane: tan jacket/red [gold unknown logo] t/white & black cap/denim jeans

Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/denim jeans

Miles: plum button up shirt/green t/light blue [dark blue vertical stripes] shorts

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t//denim jeans

Morag: black v neck blouse/black long pants

Nurse Gloria: Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Oliver: royal; blue top/royal blue [white clouds etc] long pants

Rachel: white [red & grey swirl pattern] blouse/black vest/dark skirt

Ross: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

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