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Thanks. I'm making some avs now. Actually I've got a Jack one.

You interested?? :P

Do chickens lay eggs? :lol: YESSS of course i want to see a Jack av !! :wub:

And onto your fic, Yes ive been waiting for a update for ages !! :lol:

HAHAHAH jokes. Take as long as you want as long as i get a update.. :P

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You will. But soon both fics will have a (dun dun daaaaa!) two-month hiatus when I go travelling...

OH DAM, Thats right. Oh how dumb lol. And get those biatches Jazz and Nicole out of your fic ! :lol:

Ohh god i hate them in that fic.. :lol:

And, Ahhh where is the Jack av? :P


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