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It's over for Kate and Corbin

Guest Dan F

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KATE Ritchie has broken up with her boyfriend Corbin Harris.

After a year-long romance, Ritchie and professional skateboarder Harris have mutually decided to call it quits, both citing difficult timing and loaded work schedules as the reason for their split.

Speculation over the couple's relationship has been rife within industry circles of late, and gathered momentum following Ritchie's solo showing at the Logie Awards at the beginning of the month.

As a gold Logie nominee, the former Home and Away star was one of few celebrities permitted to invite a guest to the black-tie gala, but opted to enjoy the night alongside her network colleagues instead of Harris.

Confidential can confirm they separated two weeks ahead of TV's night of nights, but remain good friends - as evidenced in Ritchie's winning speech at the ceremony.

Now co-hosting Nova 969's breakfast radio show with Merrick Watts and Tim Ross, Ritchie, 29, was reluctant to be drawn on the break-up yesterday.

"We remain great friends but at this time we have decided to go our separate ways," Ritchie said in a statement.

Despite their four-year age gap, Corbin was much more than a sk8er boy for the showbiz star, and is widely credited for supporting her through the intense period of upheaval she experienced in the wake of leaving Home and Away's Summer Bay, where she spent 20 years playing the part of Sally Fletcher.

"Corbin has been an amazing support for Kate during a period of incredible change," a spokeswoman for Ritchie said.

Ritchie is less than six months into her new radio career, while Harris has similarly just begun working in television. He hosts Foxtel's extreme sports program Fuel TV.

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Kate snares Eels star


COULD Parramatta Eels star Eric Grothe Jr have caused a slippery situation between Kate Ritchie and Corbin Harris, prompting their break-up?

That was the rumour doing the rounds yesterday, following confirmation that the showbiz golden girl has ended her year-long romance with the professional skate-boarder just two weeks before the Logie Awards.

While the split was put down to work schedules, an industry source who is friends with Harris and an associate of Ritchie's has revealed the Nova 969 breakfast recruit was seen getting cosy with NRL player Grothe at infamous nightspot Sapphire Lounge last month.

"I didn't want to say anything at the time because I know Corbin and hadn't heard that he and Kate had split up," the source told Confidential.

"But Kate and Eric were definitely looking very couply at the bar - there was a lot of whispering and intimacy going on between them. They then walked out of the club into the middle of the street and were cuddling openly, before walking off with linked arms."

Ritchie's management denied the former soapie star was game on in a new love match when contacted yesterday, saying she and Grothe "are just friends".

"The know each other through footy circles but they are just mates and definitely not dating," the spokeswoman said.

"By all accounts, Kate is single."

Grothe wouldn't be Ritchie's first connection to a high-profile footballer - she was involved in a turbulent relationship with Gold Coast Titans player Chris Walker for several years.

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What is she doing to her hair?! It looks orange.

I think it's just a trick of the light.

I really don't think Kate would be stupid enough to cheat on her partner so publicly when it's blatantly obvious that it will end up in the papers. She's been in the media spotlight for nearly her whole life, she knows how these things work. She's an intelligent woman after all - not Ashley Cole. :P

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