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Meet Nat Franklin

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Title: meet Nat Franklin

Main Characters: Nat, Nicole, Roman

Type Of Fic: long fic

Rating: T maybe some violence bad language and SC

Genre: drama thriler

Spoilers:Not sure, i've heard rumors about Nat coming.

Summary: Roman has finally got Nicole to calm down and stop acting the way she is. Only for Nat to come to town with a very specific agenda.


A bmw convertable pulled up outside the diner and Axel and Aden looked up.

"Who's that?" Axel asked as he saw her grab her bag and shut the door of her car. She noticed them watching and gave them a little wave. Axel was flattered that a sexy older woman waved. He then watched her walk into the diner and followed.

"I want to see Roman. Is he around?" she demanded and Irene looked up

"And you are?" she asked

"A woman who would like to speak to him" she replied not smiling

"He's bus..." Irene went to answer her but she was cut off by the woman rudeness.

"Look hag am i gonna have to push through you, because i'm perfectly capable of kicking your ass" Nat told her

"What's going on out he..." Roman asked and looked at Nat.

"Nat, what are you doing here?" Roman asked

"Finally getting somewhere. I came to see my daughter. She around?"

"She in school"

"Thankyou" Nat said and walk out. Roman followed her.

"You can't just go to the school and get her"

"Why not?, she is my daughter. Now get you hand off my arm"

Roman let go and watched Nat walk to her car


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Everyone in the corridoor watched as Nat walked into the school. She saw Nicole standing a her locker with Matilda.

"We need to talk" Nat said

"Mum" Nicole replied

"Why are you really here?" Nat asked Nicole

"Because your stupid boyfriend tried to kiss me"

"As if, trust me he wouldn't find you attractive" Nat said angrily to her

Nicole put her head down

"Well?" Nat said

"You were the one who said i couldn't come home"

"Yeah i thought you were at your grandmothers"

Nat sighed.

"Get in that car"


"Get in the car now Nicole"

"You can't make me"

"Nicole get in the car or i'll embaress you infront all these people" Nat threatened

"What naked in a dream ilke embaressed"

"No, like the time last year when you got caught screwing ya cousin embaressed".

Nicole stopped smiling

"Fine" she said and stompted towards the car


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