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Tues, 20 May 08 – Episode # 4642

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Gatecrasher “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 20 May 08 – Episode # 4642]


Annie & Belle are talking all about JnM’s rekindled love, but Geoff isn’t that keen that they are talking about things like that. Annie suggests that it’s all because of Melody, so she & belle suggest that Geoff should go & see Melody.


Melody appears to be doing her homework when she sees Geoff outside her house. She is keen to go out & see him, but when she is about to go outside when Christine wonders if she has finished her homework. Melody says that she is going down to the shops, just for a break, but Christine suggest that they will go for a walk together when Melody is finished but then Christine sees Geoff outside. Christine goes outside – and “suggests” that Geoff should leave Melody alone. Christine, as she goes back inside, grabs Melody and takes her out of Geoff’s sight.


Nic & Aden are talking in the longue room, when Morag greets Ross Buckton at the door. Nicole tells Ross that she is pleased that he is here, as Morag is in a good mood when she is around here.

Morag tells Ross that she is not really looking fwd to JnM’s engagement party tonight – as she’s still not sure if they are right for each other.


Alf is talking to Tony when they notice that Jazz has clearly [before the engagement party has started] drunk a “tad” too much.

Rachel & belle also well & truly are aware of this – and Rachel doesn't take too kindly to Jazz seeing sexual double entendres with young Annie close by.


Christine is keen to speak to Melody. She knocks on her bedroom door, but there’s no answer. Christine opens the door, but Melody isn’t there – the window is open.


Geoff answers a knock on the door – its melody, who tells him that she just NEEEDED to see him.

Melody tells Geoff that she’s under constant watch – her mum drives her to & form school, her teachers have been told that she’s a troubled child. Melody also tells Geoff that she’s made no friends at the catholic school that she now goes to.


Colleen enters and congratulates JnM, whilst Jazz drinks even more.

Ric, Maddie & Belle are by the bar at Noah’s, and Belle isn’t that keen that everyone else seems to be in a couple.


Aden is sitting on the longue floor, when Nicole makes it VERY clear that she is keen to sleep with him. She waaaaaaaaaay kisses him, but Aden tells her to stop. He stands up & walks away from her. Nic seriously can’t believe what’s just happened.


Jazz comments on how bad the food is – but Leah reminds her that she [Leah] make all that food.

Leah talks to rach about how she is feeling, because JnM might have stolen Rachel & tony’s thunder [with their engagement]. Rach says that she is ok with it – and she eagerly agrees with Leah’s suggestion that she will be Rachel’s maid of honour.

Alf comments to Ross that he & the others have been “walking on eggshells” around her lately.

Belle is talking to Maddie & Ric – she once more comments on everyone else being in a couple, and speaking of couples, Geoff & Melody arrive. Annie is especially please to see them.


Christine knock on the door, and calls out – wondering if Melody is there. Of course, she gets no answer.


Belle suggest to Melody & Geoff that Christine has just worried that she is losing control of Melody, and Annie jokes that she Geoff is turning Melody into a rebel.


Christine enters, and asks Roman if he has seen Melody or Geoff. Roman says that he hasn’t – but he does tell her that they might be at an engagement party at the surf club. Christine bails.


Alf calls for everyone to be quiet, and then he begin his speech – congratulating JnM on their engagement. Alf does certainly mention JnM’s intriguing history.

Belle hears her phone beep mid Alf’s speech – she jokes that it’s a message from her dream man, but it’s actually Roman [Diner] who leaves a message telling Belle that Melody’s mum is most likely on the way.

Indeed, as Alf contains his speech, Christine arrives, and tries to forcefully remove Melody for the room. She tells Jack that she will be at the police station tomorrow – to get a restraining order on Geoff [for corrupting Melody]. Jazz decides that she will “buy into” this argument, but Christine has a go at her for the not so great ‘ship with her son Drew. Jazz responds – by SLAPPING Christine. Tony restrains jazz, whilst Christine bails with Melody.


Tony & jazz enter, and Tony suggests that jazz should go to bed. Jazz tells tony that unless he has one drink with her [before he goes back to the party], she’s going to drink all night. Tony agrees to this suggestion.


Aden enters and Nicole wonders what happened earlier. She also wonders just why that he is here [at Roman’s house] but Aden “fires back” by telling Nicole that she’s waaay lost her touch, as she didn’t sleep with Geoff, and she’ll NEVER get together with Aden.


Tony finishes his drink, and tells Jazz that he is going back to the party. She tells him that the only reason she stayed in the bay is because she is STILL in love with Tony. She even lets it slip that she arranges for Rachel to be ill [courtesy of laxettes] so she could go to the reunion with tony. He is SCHOKED – and tells Jazz that he wants her out of his house 1st thing tomorrow!!!!



After getting a phone call, Irene tells that likes of Rachel & jack that she found a young [5 yr old???, previously unseen] boy !!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Belle: black [red band at waist] strapless dress


Nicole: silver [blue & yellow swirls] long sleeve v neck top


Rachel: beige low cut v neck dress


Aden: dark blue singlet/dark shorts

Alf: dark green button up shirt

Annie: dark blue scoop neck top/denim shorts

Annie: pink dress

Belle: navy blue with navy uniform like motif] v neck top/red long pants

Christine Jones: white long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Colleen: aqua fascinator/dark “tiled” top

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t/dark long pants

Jack: blue button up shirt/black sleeveless jacket

Jazz: black, yellow, white & blue [black on bust, and yellow & blue separated by wide white vertical stripes]

Leah: red thin strap dress

Martha: leopard print v neck dress

Matilda: orange [with white & orange bust] thin strap dress

Melody: aqua thin strap top/denim jeans

Morag: white layered v neck top

Ric: blue & grey button up shirt

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Ross Buckton: white button up shirt/dark jacket/grey long pants

Tony: dark brown [white dots?] button up shirt/dark jacket

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