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The Secrets of Summer Bay

Guest LeahVinnieVJ

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Story Title: The Secret's of Summer Bay

Story description: Loads of Secrets will come out in the whole Story

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: The whole of Summer Bay

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: yes by my friend

Any warnings: just some kisses

Summary: Loads of Secrets will come out in the whole Story

Chapter 1

Geoff sat in his Room, staring at the walls all he could think about was

Melody and Axel. Luckily she loved Geoff and he loved her, he got up

When he heard a knock at the window. He opened it up and Melody climbed in

"Are you ok" Geoff said hugging her tight. Melody had tears running down

Her face, what had she done.

Nicole looked at Aden as he walked in "Where were you last night" Nicole Asked

Doing, her pretty smile and tucking her hair behind her ear. "Belle's place" Aden smiled

As he sat on the sofa still smiling. "Why do you date her she's no good for you" Nicole said

"What, oh I get it, you just want a boyfriend, maybe you should try Mr Copeland, you fancy him don't you" Aden Shouted.

"Well, at least he's kind" Nicole screamed back.

Miles sat up his desk as the pupils walked out, but he saw Nicole crying "Nicole, what's wrong" Miles said

Walking upto Nicole. "Your very kind sir, I wish I was as kind as you" Nicole Cried. She suddenly kissed Miles

"I'm so sorry Sir" She said, looking into his eyes. Miles walked out. "Just like a drug, he can't say no" Nicole smiled

Walking out of the class room.

Aden walked into the Den and saw Belle "What's up Cutie" he said, as she laughed.

"I wouldn't say the same for you, joking" Belle replied, as Aden kissed her. Aden looked around

To Nicole "What you smiling at" He shouted, as she walked over. Nicole sat on a seat

"I and Mr Copeland kissed" Nicole whispered. Aden and Belle tried not to laugh

Axel watched as Melody walked away, he couldn't believe she lied to all her friend's.

He didn't false her to do anything, he actually liked her, and even though she lied he still did.

Axel ran after Melody, he ended up following her all the way to the beach. "Melody, Wait" he shouted

Running after her. Melody looked at him "Why did you lie to Geoff and everyone, I didn't make you do

Anything" He said. He just looked at her face. "Melody, what have you done" He asked

The next Chapter will be very long this is more like a try out Chapter or something like that :D

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thanks for the comments :D

You’ll find out Melody’s secret next chapter

Melody just stared at Axel “You what” Axel shouted.

He didn’t know what to do it was in his head, should he go to the police

Or cover for Melody, would she cope in prison. He just walked off he didn’t know

What to think, she lied about him ready to destroy his life, and if he told the police

What Melody had told him, he would get revenge?

Roman walked down the stairs “Morning Guys, where’s Morag” Roman asked

Looking around. “You’re not very clever are you; she told you she was going to Ross’s

This morning, last night” Aden laughed walking into the kitchen, followed by Roman.

“I can guess what your smiles about” Roman said sitting up the kitchen table and drinking

A glass of Orange Juice. “Yeah, it’s about his girlfriend, and Roman that’s mine” Nicole replied

Grabbing the juice and poring it down the sink.

Nicole walked down the corridors at school up to Axel “Hi, do you think I look alright” She

Said hoping for a reply. Axel just stood there frozen looking at Melody and Geoff, obviously

She hasn’t told him he thought. He looked at her eyes all red and Axel just started running

But what was he running to.

“Miles, I mean Mr Copeland” Nicole shouted running towards Miles.

“I’m busy Nicole” Miles replied, walking into the classroom and shutting

The door, Nicole looked at Aden who was laughing as he watched her.

“He doesn’t act like he kissed you” Aden smiled. Nicole looked at him

And stomped off “See you at home, Princess Nicole” He laughed walking to

His next class.

Martha just looked at Jack “You alright, Jack” She asked. He wasn’t looking at her he was

Looking at a woman, she had long blonde hair, and red lipstick and she had a little boy with her.

“Jackson Lewis, here now” She shouted, until she noticed Jack and ran out with her son.

Jack could here the name over and over again in his, head. And he knew the women

Her name was, Rebecca Lewis. And she held his secret, and that secret was her little boy.

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chapter 3

Axel, pushed opened the door, and walked into the lounge.

There on the floor was Christina blood around her head it made Axel feel sick.

Axel picked up his phone, and dialled “Hello, I, I” Axel said but hung up.

Melody walked in looking on the ground “I hit her yesterday, so why isn’t she up”

Melody shouted, Axel just looked at her “Melody, you killed her” Axel replied.

He looked at Melody’s face, she felt guilty for hitting her, and she didn’t know she was dead.

Axel could tell she didn’t do it on purpose “I’m going to move the body, and then you won’t get arrested”

He said.

Jack walked across the beach, and he saw Rebecca again. “Jack, I can’t cope

With him he’s your son, so you can have him” Rebecca just run off leaving her son with Jack.

“I’m so sorry” He said looking at Martha. She actually smiled at the little boy

“So, your Jackson and how old are you” Martha asked him. Jackson smiled

“I’m only 5” He replied.

Geoff walked in “What’s he doing here” Geoff said looking at Axel who was walking in from the garden

“I’m going to be sick” He shouted running into the bathroom. Melody didn’t know what to say

“Were sorting out the kiss we had the other day, I regret it, I told you that” Melody said but she burst into

Tears. “What, have you done, and why is there blood on your shirt” Geoff shouted. Axel just looked at them

He wanted Melody to move on with her life otherwise she’d feel guilty for an accident. Axel picked up his phone again

“Hello, I’d like to confess, to a murder” Axel said on the phone, Geoff hugged Melody as she looked shocked.

“Christine Jones, I murdered Christine Jones” Axel replied to the police officer that was talking.

Sorry that’s a bit short, the next one will be long, I promise.

Next Time:

Why is the real reason Axel lied

Nicole falls for Miles big time, but he likes somebody else

Jack finds out the real reason, Rebecca gave him his son

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Chapter 4

Martha, Jack and Jackson sat on the Sofa watching TV “I don’t normally watch TV, Craig doesn’t let me” Jackson

Said Jack looked at Martha. “He doesn’t let me play, everyday, I have to get up, brush my teeth, and go to school

Come home and as soon as I do I have to bath and go to bed, no fun aloud” he continued.

Melody knocked on Axel’s door and his mum answers. “I’m here looking for Axel, he’s confessed to

Murdering my mum but” Before Melody could answer his mother butted in “Axel, someone here, get down

Here now you idiot, hi, I’m Susie, you’ll meet all the others in a sec, come in” Melody walked into the

Small house and into the lounge. Melody looked around the lounge, there was a man, sitting in one

Chair, on the sofa sat 3 kids, and there were two babies, in highchairs. “It’s hectic, it’s what you get

When you have 6 kids” Susie Laughed. Melody tried to say hello but Susie quickly said “That’s

Axel’s step-dad Roger, he’s a lazy guy, then on the sofa’s that’s Jodie, Axel’s older sister, Molly

She’s the one that Axel gets on with, then there’s Joe, and in the highchairs James and Sean.”

Melody tried to keep all this information inside. “Alex, I said get down here. Stop being lazy you fool”

Susie said. Melody wondered who Alex was. “Who’s Alex” She asked looking at Susie, everyone just

Looked at her “its Axel, the stupid boy used to write his name wrong, never called himself Alex again”

Susie lighted up her cigarette. Axel walked into the room “Melody” He said looking surprised

“Oi, Lazy get us some dinner” Roger shouted, Axel walked into the kitchen followed by the Melody.

“Why did you confess, Axel, why it’s not like your guilty” Melody shouted, but Axel started crying.

“Maybe not of that, but I am of making my dad leave” Axel replied. Melody didn’t get it

“Mum’s always said, he thought I was a stupid son, and he couldn’t cope with me” Axel looked sad.

Nicole watched from a distance as Miles talked to Leah. Leah walked off and Nicole went

Towards Miles “Miles Please I like you” She said. She suddenly kissed him again.

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Sorry it’s been a few days

Chapter 5

Axel had just told the police, he was confused, and told them about his family life

And they relised he didn’t kill Christine. He walked into the school and looked at Melody

“Not this again” Aden said, walking towards the classroom but stopping as he listened to the voices

“Why do we have to lie, there’s not that many years between us” Nicole shouted to the other person

Aden new Nicole’s voice, he had to live with her. “There’s 12 years Nicole, and it doesn’t help

That I’m friends with your dad” Whispered the other person. Aden walked in, and saw them

Nicole and Miles were standing there and Aden smiled.

“Melody” Axel said walking to her Melody looked at him and smiled.

“I don’t think it’s right what were doing Axel, I’m dating Geoff” Melody replied.

“Tell him then” Axel said looking at Melody “Didn’t think so” Axel added turning around, as

Geoff walked towards them. “What do you want, you killed her, mum and you hurt Melody”

Geoff shouted Axel just stared right into his eyes. “I don’t hurt or kill people” Axel just looked at Melody

Smiled and walked off.

“Hey, why you smiling” Belle asked her boyfriend, as he walked towards her.

“Guess who, I heard talking about there, relationship” Aden smiled, looking around.

“Who” Belle replied, as she kissed him. Aden just stood there ready to tell

As Miles walked out “Nicole and Mr Copeland” Aden laughed. Belle could

Tell he was telling the truth.

“He’ll be here soon, Axel” Melody said looking at the clock.

“What is it with Geoff, he thinks I’m weird, he’s addicted to you” Axel replied, hugging Melody

And walking towards the door. “Go out the back, he’s coming” Melody shouted, as Axel slowly

Walked to the back door and walked out. Meanwhile Melody had opened the front door “Hi”

Melody said, kissing Geoff’s cheek.

“I’m just going out” Nicole said rushing to the door. Belle and Aden looked up, but ignored her

And carried on kissing “Nicole you’ve dropped something” Roman shouted running to her

And picking up the book that had hearts all over it, with Miles name inside them.

Aden just sat there until Nicole run out. “I have to tell you something, and your not going to like it”

Aden said

Next time:

Will Aden tell Roman the truth?

Will Geoff find out about Melody and Axel?

Will Jack, give up, the son he just found back to Rebecca and Craig?

hope you liked this chapter

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