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You'll Never Be Alone

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Chapter 121

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“... we can’t have children,” finished Ric.

Matilda took a minute to register what her husband was telling her. She didn’t want to believe it, there must be some mistake, she thought.

“No,” she said, not knowing what to do.

“Mattie I’m sorry. But it was the only way to save your life.”

“We ... I ... I can’t have children,” said Matilda, letting it slowly sink in.

“We’ll get through this,” said Ric.

At that point Matilda’s doctor came in and explained the procedure that he had carried out. After he had left Matilda lay in silence with Ric sat holding her hand. Soon after, Rachel came to take Ric back to his own bed.

“I’ll be here first thing in the morning,” said Ric as she kissed Matilda’s forehead. Matilda didn’t say anything.

“It’s going to be hard for you both to comes to terms with,” said Rachel, as she wheeled Ric back to the room.

“Rachel,” said Ric suddenly, “I don’t feel so good,” and his breathing became more rapid and harder.

“Ric,” said Rachel, stopping and moving to in front of him. “Can I get some help over here!” she shouted as Ric gasped for air. Once an oxygen mask was placed on Ric his breathing got a little easier.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong?” asked Rachel.

“My chest ... it feels ... tight,” said Ric slowly, breathing deeply.

“Let’s get you back to your bed and we’ll run some tests,” said Rachel.

Once they opened the door it became apparent that Lara was also having breathing difficulties and feeling ill.

“Her breathing became rapid and hard and she’s thrown up as well,” said the nurse who was attending to her.

“A similar thing has happened to Ric,” said Rachel, thinking about possible solutions. “Make sure they keep the oxygen masks on and call me if there are any changes.”

As Rachel rushed over to the nurses desk to order tests for both Ric and Lara, the phone rang.

“Rachel? It’s Jack, I have some important information for you. The shed where Matilda was found by Ric and Lara contained some chemicals that are known to be dangerous. They were stored in some boxes and so went up in the fire. Ric and Lara could both have breathed in some of the fumes and Matilda,” finished Jack.

Rachel rushed back into the hospital room after getting all the details from Jack and phoning intensive care to warn them about Matilda.

“Right guys I know why you’re both suddenly feeling ill,” Rachel started. “The shed had some chemicals in that you both must have inhaled. The fumes sit on the lungs and if not treated then it can be very serious although we’ve caught it early so it is treatable. You’re both going to have to stay here for at least the next couple of days while we monitor your progress.”

“Why didn’t it affect us until now?” asked Lara.

“Well it can take a while to properly get into the lungs and take affect. This is why your only feeling it now.”

“What about Mattie?” asked Ric, worried. “She was in there much longer than us.”

“Well the chemicals were only released when the boxes started burning. Because Matilda was on the ground she may have avoided inhaling them as she was too low down. This might have saved her life. I’ve informed intensive care but they say she seems to be doing well. Now you two both need to get some sleep and relax as Ric especially your blood pressure is very high.”

“Well I have just found that my wife can’t have children,” said Ric, annoyed as Rachel left the room.

Ric turned towards the window, away from Lara, and tried to get to sleep. However every time he shut his eyes he saw images of the burning shed, of Matilda’s lifeless body, being told what had happened, Matilda’s face when he told her she couldn’t have children. Tears fell down his face but he stayed quiet.

“Ric,” said Lara tentatively. “I’m here if you need to talk, I know we don’t really know each other but ...”

Ric turned round, wiping his eyes quickly, and lay facing her bed.

“Thanks Lara ... for everything. You’ve been great today and its all my fault that your in here.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s all part of the job.”

“Cassie’s still out there,” said Ric, more to himself than anyone else.

“I know but they’re looking for her. Jack will make sure that she is found.”

When Matilda woke up the following morning it took her a while to remember why she was in a strange bed surrounded by machines and wires. Then it all came flooding back, Cassie turning up, being tied to the chair in the shed, being kicked and then the shed being set on fire. Then the worst – Ric telling her she can’t have children because of Cassie. Matilda thought back to when she was a little girl on the family farm and playing with her dolls. Being the mum and looking after the dolls as if they were her children. She always believed that she would one day become pregnant but now that was impossible. Only a couple of days ago she had been in bliss, happily married and ready to start a family with the man of her dreams. A nurse came in with her breakfast but Matilda wasn’t hungry. The nurse left and the Matilda pushed the tray away from her, turned on her side slowly, trying not to move too much, and faced the wall. Tears trickled down her face as she thought about the dreams that would not come true.

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Chapter 122

“Mattie,” Ric said as he woke suddenly. The light was streaming through the hospital window and Ric sat up, taking his oxygen mask off.

“Ric, it’s okay, Matilda’s fine,” said Lara from the other bed in the room. Ric blushed and then turned to face her.

“Sorry,” he said. “I just ... I was reliving it I suppose.”

“It’s normal after something like that.”

Ric started coughing and quickly put the oxygen mask back on.

“Slow breaths, that what the nurses keep telling me. Deep and slow,” said Lara.

“Matilda, a psychiatrist is here to talk to you,” said a cheery nurse coming into the room. Matilda didn’t reply but just kept staring at the ceiling.

“Hello Matilda, my name’s Katie, is it alright if I just come and sit for a bit, maybe we can have a chat,” said the woman. Matilda lay there still in silence.

“So, would you like to tell me about yourself?” asked Katie.

“Not really,” replied Matilda.


“Fine, my name’s Matilda Jane Hunter, I’m 22 and have just been told by my husband that I can’t have children because my psycho former best friend locked me in a shed, beat me up and then set fire to it, leaving me there to die,” said Matilda, then faced the other way.

“I see in your file that you have a big family,” said Katie, trying to make polite conversation.

“I suppose, but everyone’s left, apart from Scott and now Luc.”

“Luc? He’s not in the file as part of the family.”

“He was almost my step brother but my mum and his dad died.”

At that point Jack walked into the room with another officer that Matilda didn’t know.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we’re here on business,” said Jack, hating seeing Matilda injured in hospital. “But we have good news, this morning we caught Cassie and she is now on her way to jail where she will be charged with your kidnap and the injuries she gave you. There will be a court case but that won’t be for a while. The important thing is that she is no longer free,” finished Jack.

“Thank you,” said Matilda, smiling slightly. “Have you told Ric?” Matilda had already been told about Ric suffering after affects from the chemicals.

“Yes we have, he said that he’s trying to persuade the doctors to let him visit you. Meanwhile I suspect I’ll be back later with the others to visit. In the meantime we’d better get back to the station and write up the report.”

“Thank you Jack. You don’t have to visit later, I’ll be fine. I know that everyone is really busy.”

“Mattie, we’ll see you later,” said Jack as he opened the door and left.

“So,” said Katie “how does it make you feel now that Cassie’s been caught?”

“How do you think?”

“Matilda I know that you don’t want to talk to me but if you let me then I can help you. I know about your past and how you went to a retreat when you had bulimia, you let the people there help you, why can’t you do the same for me?” said Katie.

“I suppose,” said Matilda, thinking back to her time in the retreat, how better she had felt after attending the different sessions and it started to work. “I feel relieved,” said Matilda after a while. “She can’t hurt me now.”

“You said earlier that your family have left you, what did you mean by that?”

“Well, my twin, Henry, is in England working in theatre in London. My sister Kit is the other side of the country with her husband Kim and their family. Robbie is in America with his wife Tasha and their daughter Ella. My mum went to France to visit my oldest brother Scott and his family. Scott came back to Summer Bay but mum and Tony stayed. They were flying back to visit and their plane crashed and both of them died. Then Lucas was at Uni all last year, came back for summer and my wedding and I got so used to having him around. Then he left to go back to Uni. But then he came back.”

For the rest of the session Matilda was more talkative and volunteered information about herself. When Katie left, saying she would be back tomorrow, Matilda was left on her own to think about everything that had happened.

That afternoon Ric was still confined to his bed as his breathing was erratic and he kept having coughing fits. Scott took the afternoon off work to be with his youngest sibling.

“It’s probably a stupid question but how are you?” asked Scott, holding his sister’s hand.

“I don’t know,” replied Matilda. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

“I know,” said Scott.

“We even talked about having a family. But then this happens and ruins everything.”

“Mattie, I know that this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but there is still adoption.”

“I know. And I’ve been thinking about that. But it isn’t the same is it, I wanted a baby that was mine and Ric’s, that shared our DNA.”

After a while Scott had to leave and minutes later Sally walked in.

“I just want you to know Mattie, that I’m here if you need to talk. I know it should be your mother but ... And I’ve been through what you’re going through. I remember how I felt and I learned that the worst possible thing to do was to shut people out. You don’t want to bottle things up.”

“Thanks Sally. I talked to a psychiatrist this morning and she’s coming back tomorrow and that seemed to help. Plus I can relax better knowing that she isn’t still out there somewhere.”

“Ric keeps asking to come and see you but Rachel says he has to wait for his breathing to get better,” said Sally.

“How is he?” asked Matilda, concerned about her husband and feeling slightly guilty that he was ill because of trying to save her.

“He’s on the mend. He’s just worried about you.”

“Mmm well you can tell him that I’m fine.”

“Please Rachel, if you let me go see her for a half hour then I’d be more relaxed. I’ll take my oxygen tank with me and use the mask if I need to, please,” begged Ric.

“Fine, but if you feel the slightest bit worse then you are to tell me. I’ll come with you and wait outside.”

“Thank you so much!” smiled Ric.

Five minutes later he was being wheeled into Matilda’s room and Rachel, after fussing around with the oxygen, left the husband and wife alone.

“How are you today?” asked Ric, reaching out for her hand.

“Fine,” said Matilda simply.

“Are you in any pain?” asked a worried Ric.

“Not much, I’m on loads of painkillers.”

“I heard you talked to a psychiatrist,” said Ric.

“Yeah we had a good chat.”

“You know that you can always talk to me?”

“Yes but this is different. She’s trained to help people like me.”

“People like you?”

“People who have had their life ripped apart,” replied Matilda.

“Mattie ...”

“Don’t say that we’ll get through it and it’ll become easier Ric because I don’t want to hear it. I can’t have children and that is something that I have to deal with and live with for the rest of my life!”

“It’s something we both have to deal with, your not on your own, I’m here for you,” said Ric, worried about his wife.

At that point Rachel came back into the room.

“Sorry Ric but I have to get you back to the ward, the consultant is coming to check on you and Lara.”

“Fine, I’ll come and see you tomorrow Mattie.” Ric stood up to kiss her, she moved her head as he leant over her so he kissed her cheek, not lips.

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Chapter 123

“So Matilda, how are you feeling this morning?” asked Katie, the psychiatrist, 10 days later. Ric had been discharged the previous day, his lungs now free of chemicals. Lara however was still in hospital although hoping to go home in the coming days.

“I’m ... I don’t really know. I feel guilty I suppose,” replied Matilda after a while.


“Guilty that I can’t give Ric children, something I know he wants.”

“Is that why you cease up when he comes to visit you?” asked Katie.

“He told you that?” asked Matilda.

“He’s just concerned about you.”

“He doesn’t need to be. I don’t deserve him.”

“Maybe she blames me for everything that has happened?” said Ric from where he was sat on the sofa at home, Lucas and Scott were also there but Jack was at work.

“Don’t be silly, why would she?” asked Scott.

“Because whilst she was being kidnapped, I was fast asleep. If I had been downstairs with her then maybe none of this would have happened.”

“You can’t think like that mate. Matilda just needs space to get her head round it.”

“Yeah but when you guys all go visit she’s fine, as soon as I enter the room she changes,” said Ric.

“She’ll come around,” said Lucas.

“Knock knock,” said Ric as he entered Lara’s hospital room later that day.

“I didn’t expect to see you. How come you’re not with Matilda?” wondered Lara, although pleased of the company.

“Yeah well Matilda’s gone for a scan and so I’ll visit her when she gets back, they said I couldn’t come.”

“How is she?” asked Lara.

“Honestly, I have no idea. Anyway, how are you?”

“Oh just fabulous,” smiled Lara. “I’m still having coughing fits and my room mate has deserted me!” she said.

“So they haven’t moved anyone else in?”

“Nope, meaning I’m very bored ... if you want to talk about Matilda, then I’m a great listener,” offered Lara.

So Ric started spilling his heart out. He told Lara exactly how he felt and how Matilda kept blanking him and wouldn’t let him kiss her on the lips. He was there for over an hour talking and all the while Lara was listening and taking in what Ric was saying.

“Ric, I think you just have to give her time and make sure she knows you are there for her when she needs you,” said Lara, stuck for advice to give.

“Well I’d better go see her actually. Can I maybe come and see you tomorrow, if you haven’t gone home?”

“Sure, I’d like the company.”

“Hey Mattie,” said Ric as he entered the room. “How did the scan go?”

“We won’t get the results until tomorrow. And they say that if it’s good then I can go home soon, maybe even tomorrow.”

“That’s great. I’ll make sure that the house is extra clean,” smiled Ric. And valentine’s day is the day after tomorrow so you’ll be home for that!” Matilda didn’t react. “So did you talk to Katie this morning?”

“Yeah, I’ll have to come in every other day to have sessions with her for a while,” said Matilda.

“Is she helping?” asked Ric.


The rest of Ric’s visit past with Matilda not talking much. He left after an hour and promised to come first thing in the morning to see if she was being discharged.

Just as Matilda finished eating her dinner that evening there was a knock on the door and Lara entered.

“Lara?” said Matilda, surprised.

“Is it alright if I come in?” asked Lara.

“Sure, you still haven’t been discharged then.”

“Rachel says I can go home tomorrow. I hear you might be too.”


“Look Matilda, I don’t mean to intrude, I mean I hardly really know you. But over the past week I have gotten to know Ric and I know that he feels that you’re shutting him out.” When Matilda didn’t reply, she carried on. “He says that you will talk to all the others but not to him. He’s your husband Mattie, he’s meant to be the person you can rely on more than anyone else.”

“Lara, have you been told that you can never have kids?” asked Matilda.

“No but ...”

“Then you don’t know how I feel, the situation that I’m in.”

“Yes but Ric wants to. He wants to know how you feel but you’re not letting him.”

“This is none of your business. You share a hospital room with my husband for a week and suddenly you think you have the right to lecture me? I am very grateful for what you did in rescuing me but I don’t need you’re advice.”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to help,” said Lara.

“Well you’ve done enough. Why don’t you just try and focus on other things and not my relationship with Ric.”

Later that night, whilst trying to get to sleep, Matilda thought about what had happened. She knew that what Lara had said was true, but she had known that anyway. She had purposely been trying to block Ric out. It was true that she was talking to all the others, all of whom had visited a lot, but she didn’t want to tell Ric what she was feeling. She knew that she should but thought that he deserved better. Then she thought about why Ric had spilled his heart out to someone he hardly knew. Why Lara? He too had seen a psychiatrist, it was hospital policy after what had happened. Why couldn’t he have just told the professional? Why go telling stories about their marriage to Lara?

She thought back to when she was lying in the shed and hoping with all her might that someone would come and rescue her. How she had felt when she opened her eyes in the Bush, a little away from the shed, with her stomach in immense pain and seeing Ric’s eyes staring back at her. She had been comforted by the fact that he had found her. But things had changed, the situation was now different and now Matilda needed to find a way to cope with that.

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Chapter 124

“Right I think Mattie that it’s time for you to be discharged. Obviously you will have to take things very easy, you will be sore for a while but we’ll give you some painkillers to take home. You will need lots of rest and you can’t lift any heavy things. I’ll book you an appointment for a week’s time for a check up. You also have appointments every other day with Katie. Do you have any questions?” asked the doctor.

“Umm no I don’t think so,” said Matilda, sat on the bed in her own clothes ready to go home.

“Well then see you next week.”

“Thank you so much doctor, I will make sure she gets plenty of rest,” added Ric. “Come on, you can lean on me for support,” said Ric as Matilda stood up to move to the wheelchair.

“I’m fine,” said Matilda.

When they got home Ric fussed over Matilda and prevented her from doing anything.

“Ric I am fine, I can lift the remote control!” said Matilda loudly after a while, after Ric took it from her hands.

“I’m just trying to look after you,” said Ric.

“I’m going to go for a walk,” said Matilda.

“I don’t think that a good ...”

“Ric I’m fine. I’ve taken my medication, yes my stitches are sore but I can cope. Gentle exercise is recommended,” said Matilda.

“I’ll come with you then,” offered Ric.

“No, I want to be on my own. Just leave it Ric,” said Matilda, when Ric showed signs of wanting to say something.

Matilda left the house, wincing slightly in pain, but she carried on. She didn’t want him fussing over her, she felt like she had to get out.

After five minutes walking along the beach Matilda was exhausted and in pain, so she sat down on the sand and found herself once again in the same place, the place she always seemed to end up when something was wrong. She looked out to sea.

“I wish you were here Belle,” she said. “And mum.”

She wasn’t really surprised, although a little annoyed, when Ric turned up half an hour later.

“Mattie, I just want to help,” said Ric and he sat down next to her.

“Ric, I think we need to talk ... about ... everything that’s happened.”

“I’ve been wanting you to talk to me about it ever since it happened,” said Ric.

“Look, coming to terms with not being able to have children is really hard for me. But you don’t have to live with it. If you want to get a divorce then I’ll understand,” Matilda said.

“What? Divorce? Why would I want to leave you?” asked a very confused Ric.

“Because you deserve someone better. Someone that can give you everything and who isn’t messed up.”

“Mattie, you are all I ever want. I wouldn’t dream of leaving you, ever. Not being able to have children is something we will get through together and I really want to help,” said Ric.

“Don’t you want to be with someone like Lara?” asked Matilda.

“Lara? What’s she got to do with anything?” asked Ric.

“Well you seem to be telling her everything. She came to visit me yesterday and started having a go at me.”

“What? Mattie ... Lara was just there when I needed someone to talk to, like Katie for you. I was worried about you not talking to me and I opened up to her. She had no right saying what she did to you but I don’t fancy her or anything like that. It’s you I want to be with and I need you to understand that. It’s you that I married not so far from here, it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Are you sure?” asked Matilda.

“I have never been more sure about anything,” smiled Ric.

Matilda leaned over and kissed Ric, this time on the lips.

“Is this why you’ve been blanking me? Because you thought I wanted to leave you?”

“... it sounds stupid now,” smiled Matilda. “I didn’t want you to feel obliged to stay with me, not if it wasn’t what you really wanted.”

“It is what I really want.”

“In that case can we go home because my stitches really hurt,” said Matilda.

“Of course, give me your hands and I’ll help you up,” said Ric. He helped her to stand and then she leaned on him whilst they slowly made their way back to the house. When they got home Matilda slowly sat back onto the sofa and closed her eyes in pain.

“Is there anything I can do?” asked Ric, worried about his wife.

“You can sit with me,” offered Matilda and so Ric sat next to her and she moved so that her head was in his lap and she was lay on the sofa. Ric slowly stoked her hair and then leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“You know, when you weren’t talking to me I though it was because you blamed me,” admitted Ric.

“Why would I blame you?” asked Matilda.

“Because ... I wasn’t there to protect you, I was asleep and Cassie turned up. I should have stayed with you.”

“Ric, she would have found some way of getting to us. It wasn’t your fault. It’s the copper who was bribed and Cassie who are to blame. I could never blame you for this,” replied Matilda.

“I love you Mattie,” said Ric.

“I love you too, and I can’t believe I ever thought about you leaving,” smiled Matilda.

“Are you still in pain?” asked Ric.

“A bit but I can handle it. With you here I can handle anything.”

“You know it’s valentines day tomorrow,” said Ric.

“Yeah meaning that it’s a year since we got engaged. Got any plans?”

“How about a film and takeaway? We can go to a fancy restaurant once you’re up and about again.”

“Sounds perfect.”

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Bit of a filler chapter, more will be happening soon though! Thanks for all the comments, they are really appreciated

Chapter 125

Matilda woke up on Valentine’s Day, the day after her discharge from hospital, at 5 in the morning. She was in pain from her stitches but knew she couldn’t take more painkillers for a couple of hours. She lay in the bed next to Ric thinking about the previous day and how she and Ric were perfect again. After only a little while Ric woke up and looked over at his wife.

“Sorry did I wake you?” asked Matilda. “I was trying to get more comfortable.”

“That’s okay. Can I get you anything?” asked Ric.

“No you can just lie with me. I can’t have any more pain killers for another couple of hours,” moaned Matilda.

“Happy valentine’s day,” said Ric, running his hand through Matilda’s hair and kissing her gently on the lips.

“Mm I’ve missed lying next to you while I was in hospital.”

“Well we have lots of time to make up for it,” smiled Ric.

“I’m sorry our Valentine’s day won’t be exactly ... romantic,” said Matilda.

“Hey you don’t need to apologise. We’ll have a night in today and then celebrate it again when your feeling better. Oh I forgot to tell you, after you went to bed last night Scott phoned and said he’ll visit today.”

“That’s good. It’ll be nice to see him.”

“And I think Sally said Pippa wants to see you. But Sal didn’t want to bring her into the hospital.”

“I can understand that.”

A couple of hours later, when it was actually a decent time, Ric helped Matilda downstairs and got her set up on the sofa with her duvet and pillows.

“Now what do you want to watch?” asked Ric.

“Umm I don’t know.”

“Well how about I give you your Valentine’s present?” asked Ric.

“You got me a present? Ric I’m sorry but I haven’t,” said Matilda, feeling really bad.

“Hey don’t worry babe. You’ve been in hospital, I didn’t expect anything. Besides yours isn’t a really big present, just something I thought you’d like whilst you’re recovering.”

Ric pulled out a wrapped present from a drawer and handed it to Matilda then he sat down on the sofa next to her. Matilda took it from him and opened it.

“Ric you know me so well!” said Matilda smiling when she saw what it was. It was season 3 and 4 of The OC.

“Want me to put the first disc into the DVD player?” asked Ric.

“Thank you,” smiled Matida, and she slowly leaned over and kissed him, then handed him the box.

“Now what so you want for brekkie? I’ll do you anything you like.”

“Umm I’m not really hungry,” said Matilda, she still hadn’t fully gotten her appetite back yet.

“Not even my famous sausage, eggs and bacon?”

“With baked beans?” asked Matilda.

“Whatever you want.”

“Okay then, thank you.”

“Mattie!” cried Pippa when Ric opened the door to find Sally, Brad and of course Pippa.

“Careful Pip, Mattie’s really sore,” said Ric.

“But you’re going to be okay aren’t you?” asked Pippa worriedly.

“Of course. I’m going to be fine. I just need to spend a week or two on the sofa relaxing,” explained Matilda.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” asked Pippa, very concerned.

“Yes, you’ll see. I’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“Okay,” smiled Pippa, reassured.

“Hey Pip why don’t you, Brad and I go and build a big sandcastle on the beach?” suggested Ric. “Let Mattie and your mummy catch up.”

“Okay, come on Brad,” and she went over to take Brad’s hand, leading him out the back door onto the beach.

“Can I get you a drink?” asked Sally before she sat down, once it was just her and Matilda.

“No I’m fine thanks. Ric’s been looking after me.”

“Everything’s fine between you now then?” asked Sally.

“Yes, we had a good talk yesterday and it’s all sorted.

“I have to confess, Ric rang me last night to tell me. He told me the reason behind your thinking and Mattie, it’s completely normal. In fact I went through the same thing when it happened to me.”

“Really?” asked Matilda.

“Yeah. I thought that no man could ever love me and that I’ll just be a reject. But now look. I had a wonderful marriage to Flynn, had children through other methods and now I’ve got Brad.”

“When I think about it now I just feel silly for ever thinking Ric wouldn’t love me just because I can’t have children.”

“Well just remember that I’m always here for you if you need to talk,” offered Sally.

“Thank, between you, Ric, the psychiatrist and everyone else I think I’ve got all the support I could wish for.”

“Do Henry, Robbie and Kit know everything?”

“Yeah Scott was keeping them informed while I was in hospital. Robbie wanted to get on the next flight over but I said not to because they’ve only just been here for the wedding and Ella’s at school again so it’s not practical. Henry also wanted to come but got told he’d be axed from the show he’s currently working on. I told him that I’m fine and there was no need to get fired. Kit is busy with the boys.”

“Pip, Brad we have to get going, Leah’s not going to be happy if we’re late for lunch,” called Sally, standing at the backdoor.

“Mummy can you see our sandcastle?” asked Pippa as she ran up to the house.

“It’s brilliant baby, now go and wash your hands then say goodbye to Mattie.”

“Babe what do you want for lunch?” asked Ric as he washed his own hands and started rummaging through the cupboards. “Actually, I think I need to go shopping, we haven’t got much food. How about I go get us some takeaway from the Diner and then I’ll go shopping later?”

“Sounds good, can I have a cheeseburger?” replied Matilda.

“Whatever you want.”

“Thanks sweetie. Now Pip, come here and give me a hug,” said Matilda.

“What if I hurt you?” asked Pippa.

“You won’t.”

Pippa walked slowly over to Matilda and gently hugged her.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No Pip, don’t worry.”

“Good. I hope you feel better soon.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay while I pop out to the shops?” asked Ric.

“Ric I’ll be fine. I’ll see you when you get back.”

“The phone is right next to you, call me if you have any problems.”

“I will.”

Ric kissed Matilda and then left. Matilda settled on the sofa but it wasn’t long before the door bell rang. She slowly sat up and then stood up, wincing in pain. Then she slowly made her way across to the door, leaning on things for support.

“Scott,” she said when she opened it.

“Mattie, where’s Ric? Isn’t he here with you? Lets get you sat back down, you look in pain.”

“It’s not too bad until I move,” smiled Matilda. “Ric had to go shopping because we didn’t have any food.”

“Well in that case I’ll stay until he comes back. Here, lean on me for support.”

Scott got Matilda lay back down on the sofa and then sat on a chair.

“So ... how are you?” asked Scott.

“Oh I’m brilliant,” laughed Matilda.

“Okay that was a stupid question.”

“I’m fed up of talking about me, what’s been going on with you?”

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Hey guys. Sorry once again for the long wait. I've noticed it's running a bit low on comments and so I'm wondering if I should bring this story to a close. I'll have to wait and see.

Chapter 126

A week later Matilda was feeling much better and able to walk without being in too much pain as long as it wasn’t very far. Her and Ric were at the hospital as Matilda had an appointment with the psychiatrist. Ric was waiting in the café in the reception.

“Ric?” he heard someone say.

“Lara, what are you doing here?” asked Ric, not too happy about seeing her.

“I had a check up,” she explained.

“Oh right.”

“How come you didn’t come and see me? You promised you would.”

“To put it simply, because of what you said to my wife,” said Ric plainly.

“What are you talking about?”

“When you went into her room after I went. You had no right to do that!”

“I thought I was being helpful,” said Lara.

“Yeah well you’re ‘helpfulness’ made Matilda convinced I was going to leave her. As if she didn’t have enough going through her head.”

“Ric I care about you, I was trying to help.”

“Well don’t.” With that Ric stood up and walked away up to the ward to meet Matilda.

“I thought I was going to meet you at the café?” said Matilda when she saw Ric.

“Yeah well I thought I’d come and meet you.” He kissed her on the cheek and put his arm round her as they walked towards the exit.

“Can we have lunch at the Diner?” asked Matilda.

“Sure. I think we can manage that.”

“And remember that everyone is coming round later to discuss the holiday we’re planning.”

“How could I forget? I think we have enough food in the cupboard to feed a small army,” laughed Ric.

“Yeah well there’s you, Scott, Jack and Luc and between you, you get through a lot of food!”

“Mattie how are you?” asked Lucas when he and Becky arrived at their house that night.

“Much better thank you,” she replied as she hugged each of them, just as she went to shut the door Scott and Hayley turned up followed by Martha and Jack.

“What good timing,” laughed Becky.

“I’ll get the barbeque going, Mattie you need to rest.”

“Yes Ric I know. Lets all go sit outside.”

“So Scott, have you been looking at placed to go for our group trip?” asked Matilda from where she was sat on a swing bench, head resting on Ric’s head. She was tired because of the medication but didn’t want to go to bed.

“Well ... because of everything that’s happened ... I haven’t actually looked into it,” admitted Scott.

“Well you should.”

“Are you sure Mattie? If you don’t feel up to it then we could wait.”

“Scotty I’m fine.”

“Are we making it adults only?” asked Martha.

“Umm what do you think?” asked Hayley.

“I think it might be nice to have a break,” admitted Martha.

“Well I’m sure that Leah could have Noah,” said Hayley.

“And I’m sure Grandad could manage Katie, with a little help from Sally,” laughed Martha.

“Right well I’ll look into it.”

“Good,” smiled Matilda, she was looking forward to going on holiday with her friends.

“Oh and now I’ve got my timetable for Uni I can tell you that the Uni is having a week’s break soon. They stop classes so that they can focus on interviewing prospective people for the courses next year,” explained Lucas.

“Well that sounds perfect then.”

“Come on, you look exhausted,” Ric said to Matilda after everyone had left.

“I do feel a little tired,” said Matilda, yawning and struggling to her feet.

“Let me help,” offered Ric and he scooped her into his arms and carried her upstairs.

“What would I do without you?” asked Matilda.

“Well your life would be pretty dull I think,” laughed Ric.

“I can’t wait til our group holiday.”

“Just as long as you take it easy.”

Ric lay down next to Matilda on the bed and she moved so that her head was on his chest.

“I love you Ric,” she said.

“I love you too, and don’t you ever forget it.”

“I’ve been thinking, about what’s happened,” said Matilda carefully.

“Me too,” said Ric.

“And I was wondering what you thought about adoption. I don’t mean now but ... in the future.”

“I think that we could give someone a great home and a family. I mean Sally and Flynn adopted me and I couldn’t have had a better family.”

“So, you think we can do it?”

“Of course.”

“Good,” smiled Matilda. “Just because I can’t have children of my own doesn’t mean I don’t want a family.”

Coming soon:

What happens on the holiday?

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Chapter 127

Dear Mattie,

Scotty’s told me about the cruise you’re all going on, sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll have a wicked time! My work is booming at the moment, spring weddings definitely seem to be popular and so lots of photos to take.

Anyway, better go. I know it’s only a quick e-mail but I’m sure I’ll speak to you soon ;-)

Love your lovely, wonderful bro, Robbie.

It was a month after they had all agreed to go on a holiday together. Scott had gone home and started looking at places the very next day. He had managed to find a luxury cruise, adults only and they all agreed it was perfect for them.

“Ric?” asked Matilda.

“Yeah babe?” replied Ric from where he was packing clothes into a suitcase, they were leaving the following day.

“I’ve got an e-mail from Robbie but it’s weird.”


“Well it’s got one of those funny wink smiley things at the end.”

“Darling lots of people use them.”

“So Mattie you all ready?” asked Becky that evening. Matilda had met Becky in the surf club after Becky’s shift. Matilda hadn’t gone back to work yet, Alf said she couldn’t start until at least after the holiday.

“Yeah and I am so looking forward to it!” replied Matilda.

“I’ve been looking up the cruise on the internet and it looks fantastic.”

“So Scott’s rented a minibus to get us all to the port, I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early!” smiled Matilda as she got up to leave.

“Right girls, why don’t you go and look at the cruise ship over there whilst we unpack the car,” suggested Jack.

“See how thoughtful my husband is,” smiled Martha, kissing him on the lips. “But we don’t mind helping do we?” she asked the others.

“No, we can’t leave it all to you. I mean we’re the one’s with the most luggage!” said Hayley.

“Mattie you still need to keep it easy so you definitely can’t help,” said Ric.

“Fine,” she answered.

“Oh my god Scott, this is fantastic!” cried the girls when they set foot on the boat.

“So I did good?” asked Scott.

“Amazing!” said Hayley.

“There’s one more surprise,” said Scott.

“Really? What?” asked Hayley.

“Well how about we go through to the bar and find out?” suggested Scott. Ric put his arm round Matilda and the two of them led the rest, following the signs to the bar.

“Okay so where’s the surprise?” asked Matilda.

“Why don’t you look over there,” said Scott, pointing to the corner where, sat on the sofas, sat two people, a woman with long blonde hair and a man with brown shortish hair. Both looked over at the group and smiled.

“I don’t believe it!” cried Matilda as she ran over to the couple.

“Surprise!” said Robbie and Tasha.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well I’d have thought that was obvious, we came for the cruise!”

“Scott I can’t believe you knew and didn’t tell me,” said Matilda.

“Well I wanted to see the look on your face,” laughed Scott, happy to see his sister having a good time. It had been a tough couple of months.

“Where’s Ella?” asked Matilda.

“Summer Bay, with Irene who is delighted to have her,” explained Tasha. “You came to the Bay?”

“No, Irene met us at the airport, we didn’t want to risk seeing you and ruining the surprise.”

Once everyone got a drink from the bar, the cruise was all inclusive so they didn’t have to pay, they sat on the sofas and chatted.

“So how are you feeling Mattie?” asked Robbie.

“Much better. I’m even off the medication now meaning I can have a drink.”

“I really wanted to come and see you.”

“I know but there was no need. I had everyone looking out for me.”

Robbie pulled his sister into a hug.

“I was so worried when I heard.”

“I’m fine, honestly. We got through it and can now have some fun.”

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Okay so this is the next update. On Friday I will be going to Florida for 2 weeks and so will be unable to update! Sorry guys but I'll try and get another up as soon as possible when I get back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

The song at the end is Everday from High School Musical.

Chapter 128

“Right so we’ll meet up guys in the reception area in about half an hour and then go to the restaurant,” said Jack.

“You think Mattie will be ready in half an hour?” asked Ric.

“Hey!” said Matilda, playfully hitting him on the arm.

“What? It usually takes you ages just trying to decide how to do your hair, then there’s what to wear and then shoes,” said Ric.

“Jack, I know women and therefore I know they need at least an hour,” said Robbie, thinking of growing up with Matilda.

“Fine, we’ll meet in an hour,” laughed Jack, who had little experience in waiting for women to get ready.

“I can’t believe Robbie’s here,” said Matilda as she walked hand in hand back to their room.

“It’s good to see you so happy,” replied Ric, pulling her into a kiss.

“You know what else is making me happy?” asked Matilda, smiling.

“No, what?” asked Ric, as he opened the door to their cabin.

“Well when I went to the doctor a couple of days ago, she said that as it’s now been two months since the ... operation, we can ... be together again,” Matilda said.

“Really? Well in that case, we may be a little longer than an hour,” and Ric picked Matilda up, placed her gently on the bed and started kissing her.

An hour and a half later everyone apart from Ric and Matilda was in the reception sat on sofas, waiting for the late comers.

“Shall I go to their room?” asked Scott.

“I’ll ring them,” said Hayley.

Meanwhile Matilda was quickly trying to fix her hair whilst Ric was getting dressed after having a shower.

“We are so late!” said Matilda.

“I know, I’ll be a couple of minutes.” Matilda’s phone started ringing.


“Mattie where are you?” asked Hayley.

“I’m so sorry, we’re on our way. See you in a couple of minutes.”

“About time,” said Scott as he saw Matilda and Ric, hand in hand, walking towards them.

“Guys we’re sorry. We got a little ... distracted,” smiled Ric.

“Dude, that’s my sister, too much info!” said Robbie. “Now lets go eat.”

“Mattie do you want another drink?” asked Scott as he got up to go to the bar.

“Yes please! I’m loving that I can now drink again,” she said. They were all sat on the sofas in the bar. Matilda was sat in between Ric and Becky.

“So Becks, I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in ages!” said Matilda. “How are things with you and Luc?”

“Really good. I can’t tell you how happy I am now he’s back in the Bay.”

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please. In just a moment the karaoke will begin so pick your songs, sign up at the front and have fun!” announced a barman.

“What?” asked Hayley who had no idea about the karaoke, neither did the rest of them.

“Well it could be fun,” suggested Martha. “Shall I sign us up?” she asked Jack.

“Ummm,” then he saw the look on her face. “Okay sure.”

“Oh and one more thing. As a celebration to the hit movie of the year, all songs must be chosen from High School Musical. Lyrics can be selected from over here,” added the barman.

“How about we all do it?” suggested Martha. “In couples.”

“Okay, good idea,” said Hayley.

“I’m not sure,” said Matilda.

“Hey babe, I’ll be up there with you. It’ll be fine,” said Ric, holding her hand.

“Okay, sign us up,” agreed Matilda. The five guys went to sign them up and get some lyrics.

“I’m really not so sure about this,” said Matilda.”

“Well I’m not so good in front of big crowds but it’ll be a laugh,” said Becky.

“Okay how much wine have you had?” asked Matilda.

“Only a couple of glasses.”

“Okay first act of the evening, Martha and Jack Holden. Please come up to the stage!” came the announcement.

“Come on babe!” smiled Martha and they made their way up to the stage where there was a screen for the words.

They sang the song ‘Breaking Free’.

Hayley and Scott went after and they sang ‘Bop to the Top’.

Robbie and Tasha went to sing 'What time is it?' with Robbie going crazy and running round the stage as if he were actually in high school musical.

“Becky are you sure about doing this?” asked Lucas who was nervous about singing.

“Yeah totally, come on,” and she grabbed his hand and pulled him up to the stage. They sang ‘The Start of Something New’.

“And now, Ric and Matilda Hunter!” came the announcement.

“You can do this,” said Ric. He held her hand as they walked up to the stage. “I know this has been a difficult year but we’ve come through it.”

Ric started singing once the music came on:

Once in a lifetime

means there’s no second chance

so I believe than you and me

should grab it while we can

Then it was Matilda’s turn. She took a deep breath and started singing:

Make it last forever

and never give it back


It’s our turn, and I’m loving’ where we’re at


Because this moment’s really all we have



of our lives,


wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight


Gonna run


While we’re young

and keep the faith




From right now,

gonna use our voices and scream out loud


Take my hand;


together we

will celebrate,




Oh, ev’ryday.


They say that you should follow


and chase down what you dream,


but if you get lost and lose yourself


what does is really mean?


No matter where we’re going,


it starts from where we are.


There’s more to life when we listen to our hearts

and because of you, I’ve got the strength to start

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

Gonna run

while we’re young

and keep the faith.



from right now,

gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;

together we

will celebrate,


Oh, ev’ryday


We’re taking it back,

we’re doing it here



It’s better like that,

and stronger now

than ever!


We’re not gonna lose.

‘Cause we get to choose.

That’s how it’s gonna be!



of our lives,


wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.


Gonna run

while we’re young


And keep the faith

Keep the faith!



of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.

Gonna run

while we’re young

and keep the faith


from right now,

gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;

together we

will celebrate

“Give them a round of applause ladies and gentlemen!” shouted the barman and the whole place cheered, especially the group over at the sofas that Ric and Matilda quickly made their way over to.

“Guys that was brilliant,” said Becky.

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The next chapter as promised!

Chapter 129

“Mattie we’re meant to be meeting everyone downstairs for breakfast in half an hour,” said Ric from where he was lay in bed with his wife.

“We have loads of time,” smiled Matilda as she leaned over to kiss him softly on the lips. “Besides, we have a lot of catching up to do!”

An hour later they finally made it down to the restaurant where a buffet breakfast was being served. The others had given up waiting and had gone ahead to get food.

“Sorry guys,” apologised Matilda as they approached the table. Both Ric and Matilda were smiling.

“Please, whatever the reason is, I don’t want to know!” cried out Robbie. “People are eating,” he added.

“Okay we get your point,” laughed Matilda as she sat down in between him and Ric.

“So we were just discussing the plan for today,” said Scott.

“Yeah we thought we’d relax round by the pool, do some swimming then work on our tans,” said Hayley.

“Sounds good,” agreed Ric.

“Umm yeah ... ok,” said Matilda hesitantly.

Once everyone had finished they arranged to meet at the pool whenever they were ready.

“Now just so we’re clear,” said Robbie. “Mattie, that means soonish. Try and get there within the next couple of hours.”

“Oh haha brother of mine. You’re more annoying than I remembered,” she laughed.

“No he’s the same, you just blanked those parts out,” added Scott.

“Hey! Can we not all gang up on me?” said Robbie.

Matilda smiled, it was good to have both Scott and Robbie around. If only Henry and Kit were there.

“Just like old times,” grinned Scott, putting his arms round both Robbie and Matilda.

“So I think that we should try and get up to the pool sharpish so we don’t get a reputation,” said Ric as they entered their room.

“Umm ok, I’ll just brush my teeth and get changed,” said Matilda, searching around her suitcase for her one piece bathing costume.

“Are you actually gonna unpack?” asked Ric, watching her search.

“It’s easier this way,” said Matilda. “Okay, I’ll be quick,” she said after finding her costume.

“Aren’t you going to wear the bikini you took on our honeymoon?” asked Ric.

“Umm no, I thought I’d just wear this one,” said Matilda, quietly and not looking at Ric. He had never known her to wear a one piece suit, always a bikini.

“Mattie, what’s wrong?” asked Ric, noticing she seemed distant.

“... Nothing’s wrong,” Matilda replied.

“Mattie I know you better than that. Please tell me.”

“Ric it’s nothing. I’ll go get changed and then we can go.”

She disappeared into the bathroom and Ric heard her begin to brush her teeth. He got up and looked in her case, thinking that he could unpack for her, he was already changed into swim shorts. He started putting t-shirts into the draw when he came across a pocket in the suitcase. He opened it and found the bikini that Matilda had packed. He put it on the bed before finishing the unpacking.

“Hey what are you doing?” asked Matilda, coming out of the bathroom changed.

“I unpacked for you, it’ll be so much easier not having to rummage through the suitcase,” explained Ric.

“Thanks that’s so nice of you,” said Matilda, walking over and kissing him.

“I found your bikini, is there any reason you don’t want to wear it?” asked Ric, knowing that she was hiding something.

“I shouldn’t have packed it,” Matilda whispered.

“Why not? Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Ric things have changed since our honeymoon. I look different,” said Matilda, referring to the scar left by the operation.

“Mattie it’s hardly visible anymore. Besides most of it will be hidden.”

“People will think it’s disgusting,” said Matilda.

“Well then they aren’t worth bothering with. That scar shows what we went through to be together, it shows that nothing can beat us, nothing,” said Ric.

“You really think I’ll look okay?” asked Matilda.

“You look beautiful in anything you wear.”

“I’ll change, besides this one piece is really uncomfortable.”

“That’s my girl,” said Ric, pulling her close to him and kissing her on the forehead.

“Only half an hour after everyone else,” called out Robbie as he saw his sister and Ric.

“Shut up Rob,” Matilda called back jokingly. She was holding her towel so that the little bit of her scar was hidden. Most of it was hidden by the bikini bottoms anyway. They got to the sun beds where the others were and sat down.

“Lets hit the pool!” said Jack, not one to just sit around. Matilda put her towel on a spare bed and stood up. She could feel her friends looking at her scar. She looked over at Scott who looked back at her and smiled. Robbie looked a little worried. The others momentarily looked but were soon racing into the pool.

“Mattie you look great,” whispered Ric into her ear so only she could hear. She smiled and watched as her husband then did a running jump into the pool splashing water everywhere. Scott soon joined them in the pool.

“Umm Mattie I just wanted to say that ... I think you’re amazing,” said Robbie, he and Matilda were the only two not in the pool yet. “What you’ve been through ...” he looked quickly down at the scar “and you’re so strong and happy. You and Ric really are great together. I know I tease you a lot but ... it’s because I care.”

“I know you do Rob. I got through it because I had to and I had family and friends who care about me. Now, can we get back to you teasing me, its more normal like that,” smiled Matilda.

“Right, so, last one in is a rotten egg!” shouted Robbie. But Matilda was too quick for him. She rushed to the side of the pool and leaped in, leaving Robbie behind.

“I guess you’re the rotten egg,” she called back to him.

Robbie leapt into the pool after her.

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Yay lots of updates! That's what I like! Sorry for the delay but I had to spend the weekend revising for an exam I had yesterday and I had the flu at the end of last week.

Chapter 130

“Are you okay?” asked Ric as everyone lay sunbathing on the top deck of the ship.

“I’m fine, thank you for earlier,” said Matilda. She was lay in her bikini and wasn’t bothered by the top of her scar showing.

“So, what’s the plan for tonight?” asked Lucas.

“Well actually me and Mattie won’t be joining you guys tonight,” said Ric, to Matilda’s surprise.

“We won’t?” she asked.

“I don’t want to know what you’ll be doing all evening,” said Robbie.

“It’s not like that. We missed Valentine’s day and so I booked us a table at that posh restaurant on the 5th deck.”

“Really?” said Matilda.

“Is that okay?” asked Ric, wondering if he did the right thing.

“Of course!” said Matilda, leaning over and kissing him.

Later that afternoon Lucas offered to go get everyone drinks and Matilda volunteered to help. The others were either sleeping, reading or in the pool.

“We haven’t really talked much since ... everything happened,” said Matilda, feeling bad.

“I know, I meant to come round more but I’ve been busy with Uni,” said Lucas.

“I know. So how’s it going at Yabbie Creek Uni?”

“Good. I’m keeping up with the work, managing to do the reading and getting good marks. I’ve gone out with a couple of the guys a few nights as well so everything looks good.”

“I’m pleased for you Luc, you deserve it,” smiled Matilda.

“Mattie, the table for you and Ric is booked for 4 hours time, I think you need to go get ready now as you take so long,” laughed Robbie, looking over at his sister.

“Haha Rob, for that you get to go in the pool,” said Matilda getting up and walking over to where Robbie was.

“I think I can defend myself against a girl,” said Robbie.

“What about 5 girls,” smiled Tasha, and she, Martha, Hayley and Becky all joined Matilda.

“Umm ... err ... guys, a little help,” said Robbie looking at the others.

“No way man, you got yourself into this,” laughed Scott.

“One two three!” called Matilda and with that the girls all dragged Robbie from the sunbed and chucked him into the pool. The other guys all fall about laughing as Robbie emerged from underwater spluttering.

“What are you guys laughing at?” smiled Martha as she made her way over to Jack.

Soon after all of the guys were in the pool.

“Nice work girls,” smiled Hayley.

“Good teamwork,” added Martha.

“Lets show them who can demonstrate teamwork,” said Jack, looking at the girls.

“Good idea,” said Scott.

Within minutes all the girls were in the pool moaning about how they wanted to work on their tans and now their hair was all wet again. The guys jumped in the pool and started splashing.

“I’m going to go get ready for tonight,” Matilda told the group about an hour or so later. “I don’t suppose I’ll see the rest of you later so I’ll see you in the morning,” she addresses everyone apart from Ric.

“Right, morning. That’s before 12,” said Robbie.

“Haha but I learned to tell the time when I was four. How old were you Robbie?” asked Matilda.

“Umm I was three,” said Robbie.

“Liar,” smiled Scott. “You were seven.”

“You know, I’m regretting agreeing to this holiday. Tash we should have stayed in America.”

“Yeah with you saying ‘I wonder what they’re doing now?’” smiled Tasha.

Matilda showered, put on a dress and did her hair. She was just about to put some make up on when Ric came into the cabin.

“You look beautiful,” he said when he saw her.

“I haven’t even got make up on yet!” she said.

He leaned over to kiss her but she backed away. “You’re wet,” she said, his hair was dripping. “Go have a shower, get dry and then you can kiss me.”

“Fine,” and Ric went to shower.

Later that evening a waiter showed Ric and Matilda to their seats next to the window with a fantastic view of the sun setting in the distance.

“So, happy late Valentine’s day,” said Ric once they had ordered drinks.

“Same to you too!”

“Do you ever think back to when we first got together?” asked Ric.

“Yeah, all the time,” admitted Matilda. “I was so nervous when I went to your house to tell you how I felt.”

“Yeah well probably not as nervous as I was after I kissed you that night you got back from Uni. I thought I’d lost you.”

“But everything worked out. I was ... messed up when I got back from Uni. Bu you helped me and I am so grateful for that.”

“Yeah well it seems like we’ve gone through our lives helping and supporting each other,” said Ric.

“Yeah I know what you mean,” smiled Matilda, taking a sip of her wine that had just been brought over.

“You helped me settle into the Bay. Without you I don’t think I would have stayed.”

“I was just happy to have a friend who wasn’t my brother.”

“Well I’m glad I could help,” laughed Ric.

“I’ll never forget how you helped me get through that retreat after the burns,” said Matilda. “Without our late night chats I couldn’t have coped.”

“Yeah you would have, you’re a strong person, stronger than you think,” said Ric, reaching over and taking her hand.

“I used to look forward to that part of the day the most. I would get through the therapy sessions because I knew that I would be talking to you later that day. I think my phone bill was very high that month!”

“Mine too! Sally used to wonder why I kept looking at the clock waiting,” laughed Ric.

“And I’d have to hide under the duvet so people wouldn’t hear me,” added Matilda.

“Who knew that years later we’d be married,” said Ric.

After they had finished the meal, each having chosen a massive dessert, they made their way hand in hand back to their cabin.

“Well what do you want to do now?” asked Ric. “Go to sleep?”

“It’s our Valentine’s day,” replied Matilda. “I have another idea,” and she pushed him onto the bed before leaning on him and kissing him.

“Well, that does sound like a better idea,” said Ric between kisses.

“Well you have a very clever wife,” smiled Matilda kissing Ric whilst he kissed her back. For both of them it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

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