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You'll Never Be Alone

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Chapter 111

Dear Henry

Well we’re back from the wonderful honeymoon! Too bad you couldn’t come and see us in London, you could have shown us the sights, although we managed alright without you. Buckingham Palace was magnificent. Seeing the snow in Iceland was great, a real highlight for me! But then I also enjoyed the fabulous Caribbean hotel. You must come over to Oz again soon, it was great to see you! I never realised how much I miss by twin until I see you and have to say goodbye to you again. Well I must be getting off to work now. Don’t leave it too long before you write back! Or I won’t be happy,

Love your twin, Mattie.

“Hey Becky,” called out Matilda when she arrived at work.

“I am so happy you are back working!” said Becky, hugging Matilda.

“So I am, which is surprising,” laughed Matilda.

In the middle of their shift they were visited by Hayley and Martha, who was pushing Katie in the pushchair.

For Matilda, she was just pleased to be back working, doing what her mother used to. She hadn’t worked at the Surf Club since before the accident with Cassie which was over 2 months ago. It gave her comfort that this place used to belong to someone who meant so much to her and now she was carrying on in their footsteps.

“So, where’s Noah?” asked Matilda, knowing that the schools hadn’t gone back yet, that wasn’t until next week.

“He’s round at the Caravan Park playing with Pippa,” explained Hayley.

“We actually came to talk to you about Lucas, as you probably know he’s leaving for Uni the day after tomorrow,” said Martha, and Matilda looked across at Becky who was serving a customer.

“Yeah I know,” said Matilda.

“Well we were wanting to get the gang together for a farewell party,” explained Hayley.

“Sounds good, how about a BBQ round at ours? We can do it tomorrow night, he leaves on Saturday so there won’t really be time,” said Matilda.

“Great, can you explain it to Becky? It should be a surprise so she can be in charge of getting him there.”

“Sure,” smiled Matilda and said goodbye to Hayley and Martha. Becky thought it was a really good idea although she was still really upset about him leaving.

The following afternoon Matilda, Ric, Hayley, Scott, Martha and Jack were all at the beachside house. The kids were with sitters and it was decided that they would all sleep over to make it more fun. They had just finished when Matilda received a text from Becky saying they were on their way and would be 5 minutes. Lucas opened the door and was taken aback from the shouts of


“Guys, you didn’t have to throw me a going away party,” he said, but his smile said that he appreciated it and was very pleased.

“Luc, it’s been so good you being here this summer,” said Matilda as she sat down next to him later on in the evening.

“It’s been great being here,” replied Lucas. “I just wish I didn’t have to go back.”

At that moment Becky came over and sat cuddled up to Lucas and Matilda was called away by Ric to be told that the pizzas were done.

“I feel so sorry for the two of them,” Matilda said to Ric as she looked down at her wedding ring. “I don’t think I could have handled it if we had been separated.”

“Yeah well that is never going to happen, I am always going to be here with you,” and Ric gave Matilda a hug and kissed her.

Later into the evening Scott and Jack were playing on the play station with Ric watching and yelling advice and the girls were all talking.

“Where’s Lucas?” asked Matilda, looking around and not seeing him.

“He said he wanted to go for a walk to clear his head or something,” said Becky. “I thought I’d leave him for a bit but he’s been a while. Maybe I should go and look for him.”

“I think I know where he might be,” said Matilda and she got up and put on her jacket. “I won’t be long.”

“Do you want me to come?” asked Becky.

“It’s a ... family thing,” said Matilda, indicating to Becky that she should stay.

Matilda left the house and walked along to the Surf Club. Then she went down to the beach. The light was beginning to fade and the sun was beginning to set on the distance way out to sea. Matilda knew where she was going but didn’t know how. She slowed down and saw him. He was sat on the sand and looked to be crying. She slowly walked up to him.

“Need some company?” she asked.

“How did you know I was here?” asked Lucas, but indicating that she should sit down, which she did.

“Lets just say it was a hunch,” said Matilda. “This was where I came when I needed to clear my head after mum and Tony ... passed away,” said Matilda hesitantly. “Remember?”

“Yeah I do. I found you that day and we sorted things out between us.”

“You made me feel better that day and now I’m here to do the same for you,” explained Matilda.

“I have so much going on in my head right now that I think it’s impossible.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me? Everyone has always told me not to keep things bottled up.”

“This place ... it’s ...”

“Magical?” suggested Matilda.

“Yeah. It makes me feel so close to dad and it’s like a haven from the rest of the world. When I’m here, nothing else matters. And it’s here that I found the possible love of my life. It’s here that I’ve had both the best and worst times of my life. I have such a connection and I don’t want to leave.”

“I know how you feel, it was like that for me and that’s why I came straight back here after Uni,” explained Matilda.

“And then there’s the fact that I really don’t want to leave Becky. For the last few weeks we have spent nearly all our time together and I don’t think I can bear to be apart from her.”

“But what about being a lawyer?”

“I still want that too. I’m not going to give up on my lifelong dream and I still want to be a successful lawyer. I just don’t know how I’m going to cope!”

“Luc, you’re stronger than you think and if what you say about you and Becky is true, which I can see it is, then you’ll get through it. It’ll be hard but it might make you even stronger.”

“Thanks Mattie,” said Lucas quietly.

“What for? I haven’t done anything.”

“For ... being here for me. For being my friend after everything that’s happened between us. For giving me a place to stay. For introducing me to Becky. Just for being an absolutely amazing friend and unofficial sister.”

With that Lucas reached over and embraced Matilda in a brother – sister hug.

Later that night they returned to the house and that night everyone slept over. The following day Becky and Lucas went for a walk and came back agreeing to make it work between them. After lunch Lucas said a very tearful goodbye to everyone. Once he had driven away, Becky said she was going home and ran down the pavement towards her apartment.

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Chapter 112

Two weeks after Lucas’ departure, Matilda could once again be found on the beach in the same spot. This time for a different reason. It was a year ago exactly that Belle had died. Alf had given her the day off work and Sally said not to worry about picking Pippa up from school. Ric had given himself and Drew the day off and had offered to come with Matilda when she said she was going for a walk but she declined his offer. As usual, she wanted to be alone with her grief, just like when her mum had died. A year on and Matilda still felt teary when Belle was mentioned. It was hard looking at the wedding photos and not seeing her, and her mum there.

“I wish you were still here,” mumbled Matilda, looking out to sea, the mild breeze blowing her hair. “I really miss you. I regret all the time we spent mad at each other and know that you weren’t a bad person. It was so unfair for you to be taken from us.”

Tears fell down her face and she wiped them always with her hand. Matilda pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket and unfolded it. It was the letter that she had been given from Rachel, from Belle, after she had died. Matilda read it for what felt like the thousandth time. Belle spoke about how she hoped Matilda and Ric would stay together forever.

“You and Ric make the most perfect couple. I know true love and that’s what you two have. You two have a great future, I can feel it,” read Matilda.

“Well you were right Belle, me and Ric are married and I just wish you could have been here for the wedding,” said Matilda.

Half an hour later, with Matilda letting the tears roll down her cheeks and not bothering to wipe them away, Drew walked along the beach and saw Matilda. He approached her and saw she was crying.

“Do you want to be alone?” asked Drew hesitantly.

“No, you can come and sit,” offered Matilda.

“I’ve been dreading this day for ages,” confessed Drew. “I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you since you came back from you’re honeymoon.”

“It’s okay, I feel like my whole week has been building up to this one day,” said Matilda.

“What’s that?” asked Drew, indicating the letter in Matilda’s hand.

“Oh it’s ... the letter that Belle left for me.”

Drew reached into his pocket and pulled out his. “I have read this so many times and can’t imagine how she must have felt when ... when she had to think about after she was ... gone.”

“She was so brave, never let anything get her down. It’s just a shame her mother wasn’t a bit more ... caring,” said Matilda.

“Belle ... she ... said in her letter, ‘I know that one day you will get over me. It may not be soon but it will happen’,” read Drew.

“You should listen to her. You will meet someone else and want to spend the rest of your life with them.”

“Really? But I still care so much about her,” replied Drew, looking doubtfully at Matilda.

“Yes. You may always have feelings for Belle but you can meet someone. Look at Hayley and Scott for example. Hayley was deeply in love with a guy called Noah and they got married but a couple of months later he was murdered by the original Summer Bay stalker. She stills loves him but I know that she also loves my brother. Maybe not as much or in the same way but she does. They are perfectly happy together.”

“Really? I never knew that.”

“Yeah, and Sally and Brad. Sally will always love Flynn but has made room in her heart for Brad. Drew you have such a caring nature and can make room for anyone in your heart. You just have to let them in, it’s what Belle would have wanted.”

“Yeah ... she said so in her letter.”

“She was a very wise girl,” smiled Matilda.

“I just wish I had known her longer,” said Drew.

“She didn’t deserve to die, not so prematurely.”

“Your wedding was beautiful by the way,” said Drew after a moment of silence between the two of them.

“Thanks,” smiled Matilda.

“And what you said ... in the speech at the reception about people not being there ... it was lovely.”

“I wanted them to be recognised in some way, not just forgotten,” explained Matilda.

“They never will be.” With that Matilda pulled Drew into a hug and then the both of them stood up.

“I have an idea, go get Irene and meet me at the Surf Club as soon as you can okay?” asked Matilda. With that Drew left and Matilda, still clutching her letter ran down to the Surf Club to talk to Alf.

“Mr Stewart,” she said when she found him taking her shift.

“Matilda? Is something wrong?” he asked, slightly worried.

“No I was just wondering, can I borrow your boat? Ric knows how to work it.”

“Sure. Listen Mattie, are you sure you’re going to be up to working tomorrow? You can take more time off if you need to,” said Alf, concerned about if granddaughter in law.

“I’ll be fine, but thanks Mr Stewart.”

Matilda then phoned Ric and told him to meet them. Matilda waited outside the surf club and was soon joined by Drew, Irene and Ric.

“What’s going on?” asked Irene.

“Well I was thinking we could take Mr Stewart’s boat out to ... to the place we scattered her ashes. I’ve got a bottle of champagne and some snacks and thought it might be nice to ... to remember her,” explained Matilda, looking round at them all.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Drew, and Ric nodded his approval.

“I’m all for it,” agreed Irene and the four of them set off.

A couple of hours later they arrived back and all walked onto the beach. They stood in a line and looked out to the sea where they had just been. Matilda thought back to the night of the day Belle died, when the four of them had found themselves on the beach.

“She would have been proud of you Drew,” Matilda said, her arms round both Ric and Drew.

“Thanks Mattie.”

The four of them said goodbye and Ric, with his arm round Matilda’s waist, led her along the beach towards their house.

“Sorry for not letting you come down to the beach with me earlier,” said Matilda.

“I understand, you don’t need to explain,” said Ric, kissing Matilda softly on the forehead. “The boat thing was a great idea.”

When they arrived back home Ric went to run Matilda a bath, it had been a long day. Matilda was downstairs and looking out of the window at the sea.

“Miss you Belle, I’m sorry for ... for not being your friend sooner.” Ric approached her from behind and wrapped his arms round her.

“You were there for her at the end, and that’s what meant the most to her,” he said. Matilda turned round so her was facing her husband. He held her as she sobbed into his chest.

“The umm ... the bath will be overflowing,” he said after a while.

“Want to join me?” asked Matilda, needing to be with him.

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Chapter 113

A week later, on the Friday afternoon, Matilda and Becky were sat on the beach chatting. Brad was going to pick Pippa up from school and so Matilda had a free afternoon.

“Are you feeling better now? After last week?” asked Becky, referring to the anniversary of Belle’s death.

“Yeah, Ric has been so great looking after me!” replied Matilda, lying down on her towel, they had just been for a swim and were now drying off.

“He’s a great guy,” replied Becky.

“So, how are you coping without Luc?” asked Matilda, it was now three weeks since Lucas had gone back to University in the city.

“It’s ... hard. I keep expecting him to walk into the Surf Club and wait for me to finish work, or come round to my apartment to spend the afternoon together.”

“That’s understandable,” said Matilda. “You two were really close.”

“We both knew from the beginning that we would be separated. I mean we didn’t get together properly until he came back for the summer. We both knew that at the end of summer he would go back to Uni but I didn’t expect it to be this hard. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with him this much.”

“But you can still talk to him, see him sometimes I suppose,” said Matilda, trying to look on the bright side.

“Yeah, he phones every night and we text and e-mail. I just wish he was here.”

Later that evening Matilda and Ric were round at the Caravan Park having dinner with Sally, Brad and Pippa.

“So Pip, how’s school?” asked Ric.

“It’s good. This year I’m in the top group for maths and English!” said Pippa proudly.

“Well done! Well I suppose with a mum who’s a principle, a dad who was a doctor and Brad who’s a deputy principle, it’s not surprising that you’re a very bright girl,” added Ric.

“Noah’s in my group too! We sit together which is fun. But he keeps trying to make me laugh during class,” smiled Pippa.

Once dinner was over Sally started clearing the plates.

“Why don’t you show Ric your new Barbie?” Sally said to Pippa.

“Sure! Come on Ric, it’s in my room. And Brad, come on you can play with us too!” Pippa took them both by the hand and led them upstairs.

“Those two really do have a soft spot when it comes to Pippa don’t they,” smiled Matilda.

“They sure do. She really does have Brad under her thumb,” laughed Sally. Matilda started helping Sally clear the table and wash up.

“You don’t have to do this, I can manage,” said Sally.

“I don’t mind, besides I can’t let you do all of it while I stand and watch.”

“Well then thank you, you’re very sweet.”

“Oh I brought round the wedding photos for you to have a look at. Robbie sent them a couple of weeks ago but I’ve only just got round to getting the right paper to print them off,” said Matilda once they had finished.

“Oo come on then, let me see,” said Sally, both of them sitting down at the table.

“I can print some more off for you if you want any of them, there’s some nice one’s of you, Brad and Pip.”

The two of them spent a long time going through the photos that Robbie had taken. There were one’s of the ceremony, the official ones outside the reception and then some action ones of people dancing, talking, laughing and having a good time.

“Ahh this one is lovely,” said Sally, pointing at a photo of Ric and Matilda. It was of them dancing their first dance as married couple. “You really did look beautiful.”

“Thanks,” smiled Matilda, blushing slightly.

“You know, I always knew there was something between you and Ric.”


“Yeah. When you first became friends and Ric moved in with me and Flynn, the way he talked about you ... he really did care about you. The way you two always stuck together while the world went on around you. I mean everyone else had the odd disagreement and falling out but not you two.”

“I suppose that’s right,” said Matilda, thinking back to her teenage years.

“We’d better be off,” said Ric a couple of hours later, getting up from where he was sat with Matilda on a chair and hugging Sally. Matilda did the same.

“I’ll print you out the photos you wanted and pop them round,” said Matilda before taking Ric’s hand and leaving.

“I was talking to Becky today,” said Matilda as they walked hand in hand back to their house.

“How is she?” asked Ric.

“She’s ... hiding how she’s really feeling,” sighed Matilda.

“Well it must be hard for her. I can’t imagine what I would have done in their situation,” said Ric.

“I think she needs cheering up,” said Matilda. “Maybe we could invite everyone round to our house for a BBQ tomorrow and play some soccer on the beach or something.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Why don’t we ask everyone in the morning,” said Ric.

When they got home Ric went to have a shower and so Matilda checked her e-mail. There was one from Lucas.

Hey Mattie,

Hope your well and feeling better than I am. Don’t worry, health wise I’m perfectly fine, I just have a missing piece in my heart. It’s so hard here without Becky, not seeing her everyday. I miss everything about the Bay, especially the beach and all the people. When I drove away that Saturday afternoon I think I got just past the Summer Bay sign before stopping and actually breaking down in tears, which isn’t like me. I thought I could be strong and handle it, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway that’s enough about me, I don’t want to depress you.

Thank you for sending over the wedding pictures, they are amazing. In fact the whole summer was amazing. I had a chat with Ric earlier on in the week (I phoned and you were out) and he told me about the Belle thing. How are you feeling? I wasn’t around for you last year and I haven’t been around for you much now, what kind of nearly step brother am I eh? Well I had better go, I have a meeting with my tutor about some things.

Hopefully see you soon, keep in touch

Love Lucas

Matilda read it and felt bad for Lucas. She had seen what Becky was like and she was surrounded by her friends. For Lucas it must be worse, she thought. He was in the city with only his Uni mates, none of whom he was very close to. Matilda closed the e-mail and promised herself she would phone him tomorrow. Then she went upstairs to see if Ric was done in the shower, she needed a hug from the man she loved.

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I am so sorry for not updating sooner but I have been SO busy. Really really am sorry and I will try to update sooner in the future.

Chapter 114

“Hi Mattie,” said Lucas as he answered his phone.

“Hey, how are you? I read your e-mail and I got kind of worried,” explained Matilda.

“I’m ... I’m not exactly sure how I am, but I have a feeling things are going to slowly get better.”

“Meaning?” asked Matilda.

“I can’t really talk right now, I have a meeting to go to with my tutor,” said Lucas.

“Didn’t you have one yesterday?” asked Matilda, thinking back to the e-mail.

“I’ve got to go. We’ll talk soon, real soon,” said Lucas hurriedly.

“Okay ... talk to you soon,” and Matilda ended the call and put her mobile in her bag. She was on her way round to Scott’s house.

“Hey sis!” said Scott when she arrived. They hugged each other and then went and sat on the sofa.

“Where’s Hayley and Noah?” asked Matilda, thinking the house was quite quiet.

“They’re at the shops,” said Scott.

“So, are you alright to come round to ours later for a BBQ and maybe a few games on the beach?” asked Matilda.

“Yep sure. We’ll even bring round a couple of bottles of wine,” said Scott.

“Great! Oh and I brought round the wedding pictures for you, I thought I might forget to give you them later,” said Matilda, pulling them out of her bag. After looking through the photos and Scott saying numerous times how beautiful Matilda was and how proud he was of her, Matilda left as Ric would be back from getting the food for that night.

“Ric!” called out Matilda as she let herself into the house.

“I’m upstairs, hang on, I’ll be right down,” replied Ric.

“What are you doing?” asked Matilda.

“Getting dressed, I just had a shower.”

“In that case I’m coming up,” smiled Matilda, putting her bag on the table and running up the stairs.

She walked over and kissed her husband who kissed her back. Ric was stood in shorts but hadn’t got a top on.

“Have I told you how sexy you are?” asked Matilda.

“Mm you might have mentioned it, but it’s always nice to hear,” smiled Ric.

“So, do you have to go to the garage today?” asked Matilda. Even though it was Saturday Ric usually spent time at the garage.

“No, I wasn’t going to. I thought we could spend the day together, doing whatever you wanted to do.”

“Aren’t I lucky,” said Matilda.

“So, what do you want to do?” asked Ric.

“Well maybe you could teach me how to surf?” asked Matilda.

“Really? I thought you hated surfing?”

“Mm but I thought that with a sexy, caring, hunk of a teacher like you that I could grow to love it. Plus it’s so hot outside I really need a cool down in the sea.”

“Sounds like a plan then. I’ll get changed into my swim shorts.”

“And I’ll put a bikini on.”

Matilda used Ric’s old surf board and Ric did his best to teach her.

“I just don’t think I was born to surf,” laughed Matilda as she tried for the hundredth time. In the end Matilda floated on her surfboard and gave up actually trying to surf.

“Have I mentioned how hot you are in that bikini?” asked Ric as he swam over to her.

“Maybe, but I could always hear it again,” smiled Matilda, easing herself off the surfboard and into the water next to Ric.

“I am so lucky to have a wife like you,” said Ric and her kissed her.

After a long time messing around in the sea and on the beach they both went back to the house to get ready for tonight.

“Don’t use up all the hot water,” Matilda said to Ric as he went to have another shower.

“Well there’s one way to avoid that. Come and join me,” said Ric and he picked Matilda up.

At 6 that evening Ric started to get the BBQ fired up everyone arrived.

“Thanks for getting me out of the apartment,” said Becky, hugging Matilda and heading outside to see everyone else.

“Hey Mattie do you have a Frisbee?” asked Scott, and minutes later Matilda returned with one.

“It’s nice to not have to worry about the kids,” said Hayley, as Noah and Katie were at Leah and Irene’s.

While Ric looked after the BBQ the others put down their wine glasses and played with the Frisbee.

“Hot dogs are done!” shouted out Ric and that signalled to the others who came running for the food.

“You’re such a pig,” Martha said to Jack as he grabbed two hotdogs.

“I need to keep up my strength,” replied Jack.

“I can’t believe how hot it is still. It’s the end of January, late at night, its not meant to be this hot,” commented Hayley.

“Well there’s one way to cool down,” said Scott, standing up. “Going for a dip in the sea!” and with that he picked her up and Hayley started squealing. At the same time Jack picked Martha up and Ric did the same with Matilda. The three guys then started walking down to the sea with the girls trying to escape. Becky could only watch as Lucas wasn’t there. She thought of all the future parties which would be similar. With the others as couples and then just her. Martha could be heard screaming as Jack held her just over the water.

“Ric don’t you dare!” said Matilda.

“What’s it worth?”

“Whatever you want,” laughed Matilda, looking over at Hayley who was also bargaining with Scott.

Scott, Ric and Jack all looked at each other and then nodded, at the same time the girls were thrown into the water. As soon as they came up, the girls made sure that their husbands also got just as wet.

After a while the six of them made their way back up to the house where Becky was clearing away plates.

“You don’t have to do that,” said Matilda.

“It’s fine. It takes my mind off ... not having Lucas here.”

As everyone was drying off in the garden there was a knock on the door. Looking at the clock Matilda wandered who on earth would be calling round at this hour. She walked through the house and opening it, mouth dropping when she saw who it was. Becky looked through at who it was and squealed.

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Nice to see I have another reader natkat! It must have taken a long time to read it all!

Chapter 115

“Luc!” squealed Becky and she got up from her chair outside and ran through the house. She wrapped her arms around her and he picked her up, spinning her around while hugging her.

“Oh my gosh,” said Matilda, who was extremely surprised, slowly everyone else was coming in and seeing what all the fuss was about. Everyone was surprised, it seemed that no one knew that Lucas was coming.

“What are you doing here?” asked Becky finally. Lucas moved into the room and closed the door behind him, Becky was still wrapped round him.

“Well, I’ve transferred from Sydney Uni to Yabbie Creek,” announced Lucas.

“What?” said several people, surprised.

“Well I wasn’t enjoying it in the City any more, not when you lot and especially Becky was here. I was miserable and so my work was suffering as a result. So I got on the web and had a look at Yabbie Creek. It was a quite good law school that specialises in post grad law. So I had several meetings with my tutor and she helped me sort everything out. Therefore I start at Yabbie Creek Uni on Monday,” finished Lucas.

“So you can live here,” said Becky, not daring to believe what she was hearing.

“Yes, I was thinking maybe that we get our own place, a bit bigger than your flat. I have money from dad’s will and other savings.”

“I can’t believe this,” said Becky, kissing him. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“Well bro, if this is what makes you happy then I’m happy for you,” said Jack, hugging his brother.

“Why didn’t you tell us before on the phone?” asked Matilda.

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Then Becky mentioned that you were all coming here tonight so I thought it would be a perfect surprise.”

“I am never letting you go ever again,” said Becky, who had not stopped hugging him.

The following day, the Sunday, Ric was out on the boat with Alf and so Matilda went for an early morning run along the beach. The events of last night went through her head, seeing Lucas and hearing he was coming back. She was extremely pleased that he had returned, she had missed having him to talk to. She ran past many locals who were on the beach with the family or on their way somewhere. But one person caught her eye. She stopped running and took a better look. She was not surprised to see Lucas sitting there looking out to sea. He saw her and called over to her, so she went to join him.

“How come we always end up in this spot?” asked Matilda jokingly as she approached. It was the same spot they went to after their parents death and when Lucas was about to leave.

“I dunno but it’s become quite a tradition,” replied Lucas and Matilda sat down beside him.

“I thought you’d be with Becky,” she said.

“Well she’s getting breakfast ready. I persuaded her that I needed to have a walk.”

“Do you want to be alone?” asked Matilda, starting to get up.

“No, don’t be silly. We haven’t had a chance to catch up properly.”

“Well I have to say I was a little surprised to open the door and see you standing there,” laughed Matilda.

“Yeah well it just wasn’t working for me in the city any more. It’s amazing how suddenly all your priorities change. I mean last year the only thing that was important was my future career. I seemed to leave a path of destruction behind me but I was completely focused on that one single goal. But then dad and Beth died, I met Becky and everything changed. Oh and you and me made up. After the plane accident it put everything in perspective. I mean Jack became more of a family man, I realised that there was more to life than a career and you have to live for the moment sometimes. I met Becky and fell in love. I still want my career but I also want other things. Like a wife and a family. My career isn’t as important to me anymore.”

“Well you certainly have changed. I remember last year when you stormed off the beach telling me I was crazy to put love first and that you couldn’t wait to put this town behind you,” smiled Matilda.

“Yeah well ... maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.”]

“It has a lot of memories,” sighed Matilda. “Both good and bad.”

“And I think it’s my favourite place in the world,” finished Lucas.

“Mine too,” said Matilda. “I’d better let you get back to Becky, how about we meet for lunch? Midday at the Diner?”

“Sure sounds good.”

“Ric!” called Matilda once she got back. Ric walked in from outside and went to hug her. “Let me shower first. It’s like 100 degrees outside, not the type of weather to go for a jog in!” said Matilda.

“How about a dip in the sea instead?” asked Ric.

“Mm sounds good. Last one in get to make dinner later and has to watch whatever the winner wants,” and with that Matilda pulled her top over her head to reveal a blue bikini and quickly took her shorts off revealing bikini bottoms. Ric was already out the door, pulling his t-shirt over his head while he ran. Matilda raced to catch up with him and managed it while he got his t-shirt stuck over his head. Matilda hit the waves seconds before her husband and declared victory.

“I win!” she cried, splashing water in Ric’s direction.

“Fine, that means I have to spoil you tonight,” said Ric, who picked Matilda up in the water and hugged her tightly.

“Yes it does,” she smiled and she kissed him gently on the lips.

“Well it’s my pleasure to spoil my beautiful wife.”

“For that, you get another kiss,” said Matilda.

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Chapter 116

At just gone midday Matilda and Ric walked hand in hand into the Diner and found Lucas, Becky, Martha, Jack, Hayley and Scott already there.

“Hey guys,” Matilda said as she pulled up a chair.

“Where have you been? It’s not like you to be late,” said Scott.

“You don’t wanna know big brother,” smiled Matilda.

“I wish I hadn’t asked now,” said Scott.

“Guys I was thinking that maybe in a couple of weeks we should all go away for the weekend,” suggested Scott, once everyone had their food.

“That’s a great idea,” said Lucas, while others nodded.

“Maybe get a couple of static caravans further along the coast, leave Noah and Katie with babysitters and just have a chill out,” said Scott.

“Sounds perfect,” said Becky.

“So shall I look into it?”

“Definitely!” said a few of the others.

“We’d have a great time as a group.”

“I’ll get my Uni timetable tomorrow and so it might be that I have no lectures on a couple of days that will tie in with a weekend,” said Lucas.

Matilda and Ric walked back home with their arms wrapped round each other.

“Young Matilda and Ric,” said Colleen, who was walking the other way.

“Oh hey Colleen, how are you?” asked Ric.

“I’m good thank you Ric. Just heading to the Diner to do a shift. We all have to earn a living somehow don’t we,” laughed Colleen.

“Well Colleen we’d love to stay and chat but we have to get home,” said Matilda.

“Oh right yes of course. A young couple like you must have a hundred and one things to do on a summer’s day like this. I’ll see you around,” and Colleen carried on walking towards the Diner.

“I do believe that you have to make me dinner and watch whatever I want on the TV,” said Matilda, hours later after Ric had come back from a surf and she had e-mailed both Robbie and Henry.

“Well how do you feel about take out?” asked Ric.

“No, that is not part of the deal. You must actually cook something,” smiled Matilda. “Something edible,” she finished, laughing.

“Fine, fine. I’ll get right on it. You sort out what we’re going to watch.”

“Mm well I thought I would introduce you to the wonders of The OC,” said Matilda.

“Is that the programme you watch when bored cos of your leg?” asked Ric, looking through the kitchen cupboards.

“Yeah. I’m going to be in the bath, can you be trusted with kitchen equipment?” Matilda asked.

“Yes, you go relax and I’ll take care of everything.”

Matilda settled into the bath and started reading her book, relaxing. Suddenly the smoke detector went off. She reached for a towel and got out of the bath, running downstairs.

“What’s going on?” she called to Ric.

“Umm I think I burned something,” he replied, wafting a newspaper at the detector.

“Maybe it was a bad idea telling you to cook, I love this house and want it to still be standing,” smiled Matilda. Ric inspected the food in the oven.

“I think I found the problem,” he said as he lifted the chicken out on the tray. It was black and smoke was coming out of the oven.

“Maybe we should just order in,” laughed Matilda. “I’ll get the menus, what are you in the mood for?”

“No it’s your dinner, what do you want?”

“We haven’t had Chinese in a while,” said Matilda.

“Great, you go get back in the bath and I will order.”

The food arrived as Matilda came back downstairs. Ric put it on plates and then they settled down on the sofa to watch The OC. They spent a while watching, Matilda curled up to Ric, until the DVD ended and they couldn’t be bothered to go put the next one in. They had long finished the food and the plates were on the table.

“I love you, you know,” Matilda said, looking up at Ric’s face.

“I love you too. And don’t you ever forget it.”

“Ric ... now that we’re married and are spending the rest of out lives together ...”

“Yeah,” said Ric.

“Well I remember a conversation we had on the beach last year ... about ... having children.”

“Mattie, are you trying to say that you would like us to start trying for a baby?” asked Ric, looking into her eyes.

“Well, it was just an idea, if you want to wait a while ...” started Matilda.

“Mattie, I would love to have a baby with you. And I see no reason why we shouldn’t start trying right away,” said Ric, kissing her on the top of the head.

“Really?” asked Matilda.

“Really,” confirmed Ric. Matilda sat up a bit so that she could kiss Ric properly. Ric pulled away from the kiss after a while and started to stand up.

“Where are you going?” asked Matilda.

“I was thinking that we could start now,” smiled Ric and he picked Matilda up and carried her upstairs.

A couple of hours later Matilda was asleep with her head on Ric’s chest who was also fast asleep. They both woke up suddenly when the phone began to ring. Ric got up and went down to answer it, wondering who would phone at gone midnight. Matilda stayed in bed and waited for him to return. He walked back into the room minutes later and Matilda knew that something was wrong.

“What is it?” she asked nervously.

“That was the police. They thought they’d better warn us. Cassie has escaped from the mental institution,” Ric said and watched as Matilda’s face fell.

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Hi guys! I have no idea what went on earlier in the week when this fic was appearing as closed but I am carrying on with it!

Chapter 117

“That was the police. They thought they’d better warn us. Cassie has escaped from the mental institution,” Ric said and watched as Matilda’s face fell.

“Ric ...” Matilda said, struggling to find words. This was the woman who made her life hell. First in Florida and then even worse back in Australia. Cassie was the one who had run Matilda off the road causing her leg to get damaged. “What ... what are ... what are we going to do?” she asked finally.

“The police said that to be on the safe side they’re sending some officers to patrol outside just in case she comes here,” explained Ric.

“How did this happen?” asked Matilda.

“They were transporting her apparently to a more secure unit the other side of the country but she managed to overpower the driver when he checked on her and then she ran.”

“Ric I’m scared,” admitted Matilda and Ric rushed over to her and embraced her in a massive hug.

“Mattie I will not let anything happen to you, she can’t ruin our lives, not again,” said Ric. Trying to reassure both Matilda and himself.

Not long after they heard the police officers turn up and saw them watching the house. Ric said that they should get some sleep and so Matilda lay cuddled up to Ric. However she could not sleep. Every time she closed her eyes all she could see was Cassie’s face in the car drawing up along Matilda and then knocking her off the road. At about 4 in the morning they both gave up sleep and so went and watched more of The OC. Eventually, in Ric’s arms, Matilda fell asleep. Ric however didn’t want to sleep. If he did then he couldn’t protect Matilda. The last time Cassie was here he nearly lost the best thing in his life and he didn’t want to do that again, he didn’t know how he could handle it.

In the morning Jack, along with a couple of other officers arrived to talk to Matilda and Ric.

“We think that there is a distinct possibility that she could come here,” explained Jack, hating seeing his friends go through this. “She seems to be very ... attached to Ric and so she may come looking for you. We have police stationed outside but we were wondering if you would like to go somewhere else for a couple of days. We have officers searching for her but she disappeared at the edge of the bush so it’s hard.”

“We could go to Sally’s, we would be safer there,” said Ric, looking at Matilda.

“I think that would be a good idea,” said Jack. “We could get officers watching there too if you want.”

“I’ll go pack some things,” said Matilda quietly and going upstairs.

“I can’t believe this has happened,” sighed Ric once Matilda was out of earshot. “I thought things were going good.”

“I know man, but stay strong. We’ll catch her and get her locked back up,” said Jack.

“Mattie, Ric come in. Let me take your bags,” said Sally when they arrived an hour later at the Caravan Park.

“Ric! Are you living here now?” asked Pippa, she hadn’t been told about Cassie.

“Just for a while,” said Ric. “If it’s okay I might go get a couple of hours sleep, we were up for most of the night.”

“Of course, you’ll be in your old room,” explained Sally and Ric kissed Matilda and went upstairs.

“Do you want a nap too?” Sally asked Matilda.

“No I’m okay. I got a couple of hours but Ric didn’t want to take his eyes off me. So Pip, got a film we could watch?” asked Matilda.

“I’ll go choose one,” and Pippa went up to her room.

“How are you?” asked Sally now that Pippa was gone.

“I’m ... scared,” admitted Matilda and Sally gave her a hug.

“This will all blow over soon. Jack and the police will catch her and it will all be over.”

“I hope you’re right. I just don’t think it’s going to be that easy.”

“You have to stay strong Mattie, both of you.”

“Everyone keeps saying that,” smiled Matilda.

“Do the others know what’s happened?” asked Sally.

“Yeah, Jack told them.”

“I have a film!” called out Pippa as she ran down the stairs.

“Come on then Pip, I’ll get some snacks,” said Sally.

Later in the evening Sally, Brad and Pippa went round to Leah’s for tea, leaving Matilda and Ric. Ric was still asleep and showed no signs of waking up. Sally had not wanted to go but Matilda assured her that she would be fine, there were police outside after all. She settled down in front of the TV and flicked through the channels, finally finding an old episode of Friends from the early years.

After the second episode finished Matilda made herself some dinner and ate alone. She cleaned up after and went to empty the kitchen bin into the bigger bin outside. It was still light out and hot for the time of year.

“Well well well, hello Matilda,” said a voice from behind her.

“Cassie,” said Matilda, fear written all over her face as she turned around to face her former best friend.

Please review.

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Well it's half term now and so I should be able to update more often.

Chapter 118

Last time –

“Well well well, hello Matilda,” said a voice behind her.

“Cassie,” said Matilda, fear written all over her face.


“What ... what are you ...” stuttered Matilda, trying to figure out what to do.

“What am I doing here? Well I’d have though that would have been obvious,” laughed Cassie. “Now I can have my revenge for you stealing Ric away from me.” With that Cassie rushed forward putting her hand over Matilda’s mouth just as she cried out. Cassie tied both Matilda’s hands behind her back and ordered her to walk. Scared for her life and not knowing how she was going to get out of this, Matilda had no choice but to follow the orders and so, with Cassie keeping a strong grip on her arm and a hand over her mouth she obliged. Cassie led her into the bush that was at the back of the Caravan Park and seemed to know where she was going. After about half an hour of walking, and now with Matilda gagged by a piece of material, they arrived at what appeared to be an abandoned shed, Matilda recognised it from when they were teenagers.

“Sit on the chair,” ordered Cassie and then she retied Matilda’s hands behind the chair. Then Cassie pulled off the material from round Matilda’s mouth so that Matilda could talk. Matilda coughed as she tried to get her voice back.

“Why are you doing this?” Matilda asked as she watched Cassie locking the door.

“Lets see, you stole the love of my life!” shouted Cassie, scaring Matilda even more.

“I didn’t,” cried Matilda, tears streaming down her face, not knowing what was going to happen to her.

“Don’t lie! You’ve brainwashed Ric into loving you and not me. That is shown by the stupid little wedding ring on your finger,” said Cassie and with that Cassie pulled both the wedding ring and the engagement ring off Matilda’s finger.

“The police will be looking for you,” said Matilda. “They will know that I’ve gone and they were just outside the house. They may have even seen us and will be coming.”

“Mattie, Mattie, Mattie, you have a lot to learn. Cops don’t earn as much as they would like and so are easily bribed. All it took was a little persuading and the nice cop parked outside your house agreed to plant a false trail and get them away from the house. All it took was a little bit of money.”

“Please, if you let me go then you won’t get into as much trouble,” begged Matilda.

“You think I’d let you go! After all you’ve done. If it wasn’t for you then Ric and I would be together! I tried to get him back in Florida but you got in the way! I tried again in December, figured you needed to be dealt with but oh no, you ruined my plan again by surviving.”

“And you think Ric would love you after you killed me?” asked Matilda.

“Once I unbrainwashed him. Matilda can’t you see that we’re meant to be together. I was the one who was with him through most of high school, I was the one who went to prom with him!” shouted Cassie.

“And you left him for Macca.”

“But I’m back now.”

Back at the Caravan Park Ric was in a deep panic. He had woken up and couldn’t find Matilda anywhere. She wasn’t in the house, wasn’t answering her phone and he knew she would have left a message for him if she had gone out. He rushed outside only to find the police car gone. Just as Ric ran back inside, his mobile rang and it was Jack.

“Ric, is Matilda with you?” asked Jack quickly.

“No, what’s happened? It’s Cassie isn’t it?” asked Ric.

“Ric I’m coming round with some other officers, we’ll explain everything once we’re there.”

“Jack, what’s happened? I need to know!” shouted Ric down the phone but Jack had already hung up. Ric collapsed against a wall, he couldn’t believe that he had fallen asleep, that he had taken his eyes off Matilda. What if something had happened? He would never forgive himself.

“Cassie please,” begged Matilda, over and over again. “Let me go!”

“Listen, with you there, Ric will never realise his true feelings for me. I just need to figure out my next move.”

Ric could hear the sirens within minutes of putting the phone down. He ran to the door and was greeted by Jack.

“What’s happened? Where’s Mattie?” Ric asked.

“Ric, sit down, we have something to tell you. One of the police officers that was meant to be look out, was working with Cassie. She was paying him to cause a distraction and get the rest away from here. So he planted a false trail that meant everyone but him went to follow up a reported sighting. We’re understaffed and so the others went. He agreed to stay here just in case but insisted that he would be alright on his own, he didn’t want any of the others to stay. That meant that Cassie could come here and we think that she’s taken Matilda. The police officer in question eventually got cold feet about what he was doing and raised the alarm. At the moment he’s at the station being questioned. He will be struck off and there will be a trial.”

“But Matilda is missing! You have to find her!” shouted Ric who could not believe what he was hearing.

“I know and we’re doing everything we can to find her. We’ve got police coming from other towns to try and help. We don’t think she’s got a car so she must be on foot. She can’t have gotten very far,” said Jack.

“Are you forgetting that the last time Cassie tried to kill Matilda?” shouted Ric.

“Please Ric, we’re doing all we can.”

“Well that isn’t good enough, I have to find my wife!”

“You can’t go anywhere. You need to stay here and let us find her. Lara is going to stay here with you so that you can stay informed.”

With that everyone apart from Lara left and Ric called Sally to tell her what had happened. Then he broke down in tears.

“Right, I don’t think I should hang round anymore,” said Cassie, more to herself than Matilda. “Ric will be cross with me at first but then he’ll see that what I did was for the best, so that we can be together.” Matilda was extremely worried about what Cassie was going to do but knew that she couldn’t prevent it, not while she was tied up.

“Right, this,” said Cassie, “is for stealing Ric,” and Cassie punched Matilda hard in the stomach so that the chair toppled over and Matilda was now on the floor. “This, is for brainwashing him against me,” and she kicked Matilda. “This is for marrying him,” and it went on and on.

“Now it’s time for me to go and get my man,” said Cassie and she left the shed, locking it behind her. But soon after she left, Matilda could smell burning. She was only just conscious, but used all her effort to stay awake.

“Help!” she screamed when she realised that Cassie had set fire to the shed from the outside.

As the flame got worse on the one side of the shed Matilda remembered Jack and Martha’s wedding. But that time there had been people to save her. This time she was on her own, and couldn’t stand up due to the immense pain in her stomach.

Back at the Caravan Park Ric was pacing up and down waiting for news. He tried to think of where Cassie might have taken Matilda. He thought back to when they were all teenagers, and then suddenly realised. Jack had said that Cassie was probably on foot. That meant that they were near here. In the bush not too far away there was a shed that Cassie had gone to as a child. It became her place for when she wanted to get away from everything. Maybe she had taken Matilda there?

“Lara I think I know where they are,” he said quickly and with that he raced out of the back door.

“Ric!” shouted Lara, but knew it was no good telling him to stop. So she followed, using her radio to tell the others what was happening. Sally, who was back and trying to comfort Ric stayed at the house in case there was any news via the phone.

Ric raced through the bush trying to remember where it was. It was a long shot but he had to do something. Then he saw it, in the corner of his eye. He could see the flames and knew in his heart that Matilda was in there.

“Matilda!” he shouted.

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Chapter 119

“Matilda!” shouted Ric as he ran towards the burning shed. He didn’t know how but he knew she was in there, and in trouble.

“Ric you have to stay here, I’ll get back up and then they can put the fire out. We don’t even know she’s in there,” said Lara. She had already radioed the station to tell them what they had found so help was on the way.

“Lara she’s in there, I know she is. I can’t just stay here and watch as ...” Ric cried, tears starting to roll down his cheeks again.

“Fine but be careful and don’t risk your own life. I’ll wait for the back up, explain what’s going on.”

Ric ran to the shed and round the other side where the flames hadn’t reached yet. There was a window that Ric could see through. His heart sank as he saw a figure lying on the floor. It was a woman with long blonde / brown hair and Ric knew it was Matilda, she wasn’t moving and the flames were getting ever closer to her.

“Matilda!” he yelled. “Lara she’s in here, I can see her!”

Ric tried to open the window to get to her

“Ric I’ve got a screwdriver, here,” said Lara who carried one on her belt for such emergencies. “Jack we need that back up now. We need police, fire and ambulance asap,” yelled Lara into her radio. Ric started trying to try and get in. He managed to loosen the wood around the window and with all his might pulled the window out and leapt into the shed. The temperature soared and smoke was everywhere. Coughing, he rushed over to Matilda.

“Lara I have to get her out, get by the window so I can pass her out. I think she’s unconscious,” yelled Ric, hoping that she wasn’t ... dare he think it, dead.

Together they managed to get Matilda out. They both knew that they weren’t supposed to move someone in this condition but they had to get her out of the building. As they moved away from the shed, they turned and watched as the ceiling fell in and the whole thing went up in flames. Momentarily frozen at what could have happened, Ric stood with Matilda in his arms, she still hadn’t moved.

“Ric we have to see if Mattie has a pulse,” said Lara, her first aid training coming into action.

Ric lay his wife gently on the ground and then moved away for Lara to check her over. He held Matilda’s hand, willing her to be okay.

“Help’s coming Mattie, please don’t leave me,” he sobbed.

“She has a pulse, it’s weak but it’s there,” said Lara after what seemed like forever.

Lara told Ric to keep Matilda warm so he took his own jacket off and wrapped it round her and Lara shouted direction into her radio.

Suddenly Matilda’s eye lids fluttered and she tried to speak.

“Matilda,” said Ric, “you have to stay strong, please be okay.”

“Ric ...” she whispered quietly. “My ... my ... stomach ... it ... hurts,” whispered Matilda extremely faintly until she closed her eyes again and fell unconscious once more. Just then though they heard the off road ambulance and police and Lara jumped up to wave them over.

“What happened?” asked the ambulance worker.

“I don’t know,” cried Ric. “We found her in the burning shed and I managed to get her out. She woke, just a minute ago and said that her stomach hurts,” at that point Ric started coughing, the effects of the smoke catching up with him.

“Right lets get her to hospital, you need to get checked out when we get there too,” said the doctor.

“I’m fine. Just look after Matilda,” said Ric.

“It’s a good job you get her when you did,” said Jack who came over from another Jeep.

“Jack, you have to find Cassie. She’s tried to kill Mattie twice now. Please promise me you’ll find her,” said Ric.

“I promise we’ll try our best,” said Jack, knowing he couldn’t promise to find her. “Meanwhile Lara, you need to go get checked out too, smoke inhalation,” said Jack.

“No I’m fine,” insisted Lara.

“Go to the hospital, we’ll keep you informed,” said Jack who went to join the others.

The ambulance workers had loaded Matilda into the vehicle and so Ric and Lara jumped in too. Ric rushed to Matilda’s side and held her hand. She had an oxygen mask on and was being check over. The man lifted Matilda’s top up to check her stomach and Ric yelled out. Matilda was severely bruised and that was clearly why she was in so much pain.

“Mattie what has she done to you?” asked Ric, hoping with all his might that Cassie was found and locked up for life.

“Ric what’s going on?” asked Sally as she arrived at the hospital and found Ric’s bed. Matilda had been taken through for an examination and Ric wasn’t allowed to go with her. Instead he and Lara had been ordered to stay on their beds with an oxygen mask as both were now coughing quite a bit.

“Sally, it was horrible,” said Ric. “We found the shed and it was burning ... and she was in there ... Cassie had gone ... we got Matilda out ... she was hardly breathing ... you should have seen her stomach, it was all bruised ...” said Ric, as he broke down in Sally’s arms and cried.

“Right Ric and Lara, I know you won’t like this but you need to stay for the night just to make sure you’re both okay,” explained Rachel when she came into the room they shared.

“Rachel I need to get back out there and help Jack and the others,” said Lara at once.

“No. You need to stay here. You both inhaled a lot of smoke and both have cuts from the glass in the window. Lara I know you want to help but you can’t risk your own health,” said Rachel.

“Rachel what’s happening with Matilda?” asked Ric. He didn’t mind having to stay at the hospital, he just wanted Matilda to be okay and no one was telling him anything.

“I’ll find out for you Ric, now in the mean time you both need to stay here.”

“How am I meant to stay here and calm when my wife is seriously injured!” shouted Ric.

At that point Lucas and Becky burst into the room.

“We’ve been looking all over for your room,” said Lucas. “What’s going on? Is Mattie okay?”

“I don’t know. No one’s telling me anything, just to stay in bed,” said Ric angrily.

Suddenly through the open door Ric could see a nurse bursting through the doors where they had taken Matilda.

“Rachel we need you,” the nurse shouted. “She’s arrested, bring the crash trolley.”

Ric heard what the nurse said and knew it was about Matilda. Sally was with him and Lara was in her bed. Lucas and Becky had gone to find a drinks machine. Sally sat on the bed with Ric and pulled him into a hug.

“I can’t lose her, I need her,” said Ric to Sally. He looked at the wedding ring on his finger and thought of how much she meant to him.

Lara watched from her bed, feeling that she was intruding and mentally telling herself off for ever suggesting that they should wait for the back up to arrive.

“She strong,” said Sally. “And she loves you, that will get her through this I’m sure.”

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Hey guys. I know I said I would update more often but with driving lessons, school work and university applications I have been very busy! Hope to update again soon, definately by Saturday.

Chapter 120

Half an hour later Ric was still without knowledge about Matilda. Rachel still hadn’t come back through the doors.

“I’m going to lose her,” said Ric, to no one in particular. Sally was still trying to comfort him, Lucas and Becky were sat in silence on chairs at the end of Ric’s bed, having called the others and Lara was feeling like she was intruding.

Finally Rachel returned to the room and Ric looked up, fearing the worst.

“What’s happened?” he asked, part of him not wanting to know the answer.

“Matilda is a real fighter,” said Rachel. “Her heart stopped but we managed to get it started again. A scan we did showed that she had internal bleeding in her abdomen and so she was taken straight into theatre. We managed to stop the bleed and at the moment my colleague is finishing up. She will then be taken into intensive care and carefully monitored.”

“But she’s going to be okay?” asked Sally.

“The signs are that she is going to make a complete recovery,” smiled Rachel. Ric immediately relaxed and could hear himself breathe a sigh of relief.

“There’s just one thing,” said Rachel, slowly and not knowing how to say it. “Maybe I should speak to you in private,” she addressed Ric.

“Whatever it is you can say it in front of them,” said Ric, wanting them there for support.

“I’ll go outside” spoke Lara, pointing to the door. “There are some chairs I can sit on.”

Once she had left Rachel sat on the empty bed across from Ric and breathed in heavily.

“There was extensive damage to Matilda’s abdomen as seen from the bruising. In order to stop the bleeding, we had to remove the uterus, meaning ...”

“We can’t have children,” said Ric, stunned.

“I’m so sorry Ric but it was the only way to save Matilda’s life, if there was any other way then we would have done it but ...”

“When can I see her?” asked Ric.

“Not for a while, we need to get her settled. I’ll come and get you when you can. If you have any questions then I’ll be outside,” and Rachel left. Lucas and Becky looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. So they made their excuses and left the room.

“Poor Ric,” said Becky.

“Poor Matilda,” said Lucas. “She’s dreamed her whole life of having a baby.”

Back in the hospital room Ric was sat in silence. Sally was sat on his bed but was also in silence. She thought back to the time when she was told she couldn’t have children, she wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.

“We talked about it ...” started Ric. “we said we were going to start trying for a baby,” he said. He thought back to the conversation they had just the previous night. It seemed like a lifetime ago but it had in fact only been yesterday.

“I’m so sorry Ric,” said Sally.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, it’s Cassie that caused this,” said Ric. “To think I ever went out with her, that I looked at her as a sister.”

“I feel like it’s my fault,” said Sally. “I didn’t do anything when she went off with Macca. If she hadn’t have gone then things might have been different.”

“You can’t blame yourself,” said Ric. “She’s not right in the head.”

“Jack will find her Ric, and she’ll get what she deserves,” said Sally.

“How am I going to tell Mattie?” asked Ric. Thinking of Matilda’s face when they decided to try for a baby, when she thought of them having a family.

At that point Scott burst into the room, closely followed by Hayley.

“Where’s Mattie? Is she alright? Luc said on the phone that she was seriously hurt?” said Scott. Ric didn’t respond, he didn’t want to say it. He just wanted to forget about everything. If he hadn’t have had a nap then this wouldn’t have happened, he thought over and over again.

“Where is she!” shouted Scott.

“Why don’t I tell you everything outside,” said Sally, knowing that Ric wanted space to accept what had happened.

“Just someone tell me. Is she okay?” asked Scott. Sally led him outside and shut the door, leaving Ric in peace.

After about ten minutes there was a knock on the door and Scott came slowly into the room. He showed signs of having been crying.

“Ric,” he said tentatively. “I’m so sorry man. I didn’t mean to come in here shouting but I was just so worried about my sister.”

“It’s okay,” said Ric, turning to face him.

“Sally told me about ... what happened,” said Scott.

“We can’t have children,” said Ric.

“I know.” After a while of sat in silence, Scott left to go and find Hayley and get something to eat in the café. There they found Lucas and Becky and before long they were joined by Martha, Jack was still out looking for Cassie. They all sat in relative silence, not knowing what to say.

Meanwhile there was another knock on the door and Lara came in.

“Sorry,” she said. “But Rachel said I had to get back into bed,” she explained and climbed into the bed next to her. “I heard Sally telling Scott what had happened, I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Thanks,” said Ric. “I’m just glad we found her when we did.”

“I’m sorry for suggesting we should wait for the emergency services,” said Lara.

“It’s okay. We got her out and that’s the main thing.”

Rachel came back in to check Ric and Lara.

“You both have high blood pressure and you’re both still coughing a lot. We’ll see how you are in the morning.”

“Can I see Mattie?” asked Ric.

“I’ll just get a wheelchair for you and I’ll take you up,” said Rachel.

“I can walk,” said Ric, getting out of bed.

“Hospital policy, just let me get a wheelchair.”

Ric was wheeled in to Matilda’s intensive care room and had a flashback to the last time, only a couple of months ago. But then there wasn’t any permanent damage. This time was different.

“I’ll leave you two alone, just call a nurse when you’re done,” said Rachel. She walked out of the room, turning back at the door and seeing Ric break down in tears for the first time since being told about Matilda.

“I thought I’d lost you,” Ric said to Matilda who was still unconscious. He held her hand and kissed it softly. “We will get through this,” he said. “I’ll be there for you and we’ll get through it together. We’ve been through so much and I thought things were going good ... Jack says that he will catch Cassie and then she’ll be locked up for what she did to you.”

Ric was silent for a while, sat in the wheelchair next to the bed, holding Matilda’s hand. After a while he felt her grip his hand and then her eyes fluttered.

“Cassie,” she said faintly.

“Don’t worry, she can’t hurt you here,” replied Ric, squeezing her hand and then calling for a nurse. The nurse came in and checked her over saying that a doctor would be along soon.

“Mattie, there’s something you need to know,” said Ric once the nurse left.

“My stomach hurts,” said Matilda.

“That’s because they had to operate,” explained Ric.

“She kept kicking me, Cassie, I fell on the floor and she kicked me over and over,” cried Matilda, remembering what had happened.

“And she’s going to be locked up for it,” said Ric. He hated hearing what had happened. “But when they operated ... there were some ... complications.”

“What do you mean? Am I going to be okay?”

“In order to stop the bleeding, they had to remove your uterus Mattie, and that means that we ... we can’t have children,” finished Ric. He wanted her to hear it from him, and not some strange doctor. He watched as she took in the information. “I’m so sorry Mattie, but we’re going to get through this.”

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