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Colleen APPRECIATION thread

Guest Dazz

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If this thread already exists, I'm sorry.

I know that Colleen can be annoying, but in her own way she is charming. She may put her foot in it, but she is only trying to help. She really cares for everyone else in the bay, (even Morag in her own way).

Also others may say that it is lazy writing that she never learns, but her character may have a learning difaculty and if they change it too dramatically, it would look fake. In reality someone like her wouldn't change. It would be 'too soapy' to change her.

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I love Colleen, i think she's one of those characters that really makes the bay what it is! She's kind of like the town clown especially when she talks about 'not being one to gossip' it cracks me up everytime i hear her say something like that, and also how she changes her opinion based on what everyone else is thinking, like with Miles when he first came into it. She's awesome!

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