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Thurs, 15 May 08 – Episode # 4639

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ This House – It’s Got A History Of Helping Kids In Trouble “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 15 May 08 – Episode # 4639]

Note – back to normal, i.e. no opening credits with this ep


Melody is way holding back tears as much as she can, as she really tells Geoff what she thinks of her mum, i.e. tat she’s a monster who never listens to anyone. Melody also has a go at herself, and her dad, for NEVER “standing up” to Christine.


Miles [with Jazz beside him] thanks Morag for everything she did here tonight, and then Bartlett say that he needs to talk to Jazz & miles before they go.

As Bartlett goes and begins to talk to Gavin, Colleen exits that room and catches up with Morag in the corridor. Colleen gives quite a moving spiel about how proud that she is to be Morag’s sister [who didn’t deserve the tongue lashing that Morag gave her in the diner on the date of Morag’s diner with Ross.

Back inside the classroom where the P&C meeting took place, Bartlett has a go about Jazz & miles for Jazz trying to blackmail him. Miles is shocked when he hears this, and since it’s clear to Bartlett that Miles wasn’t involved, he only gives Jazz her “marching orders” from the school [i.e. if Miles was involved, he would have been “fired” too].


Leah enters, and bell tells her about the boring play reading that occurred here tonight.

Christine enters, and Leah & belle tell her that they haven’t seen Melody tonight. Christine then asks if they know where Geoff lives – and the looks on Belle & Leah’s faces make it clear to Christine that they do.


Miles is on the couch. He looks very anguished.


Jazz, meanwhile, is in tears.


Irene & Geoff are talking to Melody when there’s a knock at the front door. Its’ Christine, and Melody can’t believe that Christine is still making her out to be the bad guy. Christine then insists that Melody must come home with her right now. Melody looks like she’s going to “stand up” to her mum, but she “tows the line” once more and bails with her mum.


Christine tells melody that she can’t believe that she is soooooo disrespectful, but then she suggest that melody DOES know what she is doing, and that she is being that way deliberately. When Melody tries to argue her case, Christine “: suggest” that melody should go to bed – without saying another word. Melody looks downtrodden as she makes her way to her room.


Geoff picks up the phone, and he wants to ring Melody, but Irene suggests that that will make things worse. Irene suggests taty they should just let Melody & her mum sort this out.


Next morn, Miles is very pleased when Morag tells him that here search for Jai Davis is now a success. She tells him that the teen, however, has been in & out of foster homes etc and that he is a very troubled kid by all reports. Miles thanks Morag for what she’s done.

Jazz enters and is keen to speak to Miles, so Miles suggest to Morag that they can talk more about Jai later.

When Morag is gone, Jazz tries to tell Miles her logic behind what she did, but he insists that if she thinks that he’d be into that sort of things [blackmail], then maybe they are TOO different to be together. Jazz is in tears when she tells Miles that she can’t help it if he’s perfect. Jazz bails.


Geoff is on his morning run – he looks still quite steamed up.


Geoff enters, with the morning paper, and he tells Iren that he is still very keen to know how Melody is felling, but she is cautious about any moves in that direction.

Belle enters the room, and looks at the font page of the paper. She can’t believe the headline – “Teens traumatised by sex play”. She tells Irene that she thinks that this is just Gavin trying to get back at her for their clashes when she worked at the paper.


Miles talk to Alf about Jai – who is a kid that he spent days with just after the tsunami. Alf wonders how Miles can have such a close connection with Jai after just a few days, but Miles insists that they both had just lost all of their family, so they totally bonded.

Alf looks at the info that Morag gave to Miles earlier, and coments that Jai seems to have gone “off the rails” since Miles last saw him. Miles insists that he made Jai a promise to look after him. Alf is clearly moved by what’s happened – and tells Miles that he wants to bring Jai to the bay, he has Alf’s TOTAL support.


Melody rings Geoff, and he is very pleased to hear his voice. She tells him that last night [when she got home[ went just the way that she thought it would. Melody insist tat this call better be quick, because of her mum catches her, there’ll be trouble. Melody is too wrapped up in the phone call to see her mum enter the house form behind her. Christine grabs that phone, and tells Geoff that he is to have no contact with Melody anymore, and that she is being enrolled in the catholic college nearby. Christine then hangs up the phone, leaving Geoff very worried.

Melody angrily tells her mum that she taken away the only good thing [Geoff] in Melody’s life, but Christine merely responds her telling melody to go to her room. Melody is annoyed, by she complies.


Morag, after she gets off the phone, tells Miles that she now knows the location of the refuge in which Jai is currently staying. As they walk from the kitchen into the main room, Miles thanks Morag for all her help, and she also tells Morag that it was Alf who convinced him to do this. Morag tells Miles that she hopes all goes well today. Miles then bails.


Morag the picks u the phone, and after Alf answers, she wonders if he can get all the family [JnM, Coleen, Ric, Maddie] here at roman’s tonight at 7pm. Alf wonders why, but Morag simply wonders again [more vehemently] if he can do it. Alf hangs up the phone, whilst Morag looks as though she is trying to hold back her tears.


With Leah looking at the newspaper, bell tells her that the report about the play reading is full of lies. Belle tells Leah that she thanks that this is all because of her clashes with Gavin. Belle suggests that confront him – its clear that Leah isn’t exactly a fan of the idea.


Gavin is about to get in his car when Belle approaches. Although Leah is urging Belle to be calm about this, Belle is keen to take him on. Gavin insists tat that story was newsworthy so that’s why they ran it. He also tells Belle that he certainly didn’t do this to get back at her – as she’s not a blip on his radar. Gavin then suggests that maybe the paper should be paying close attention to the Den. Leah insists that they take their responsibility to the kids there VERY seriously, but Gavin insists to Belle that she’s about to find out what a “B grade journalist” [one of the things Belle calls Gavin the day she quit her job at the paper] is capable of.



Someone is kidnapped – and with Noel in the VPH with Maddie, things don’t look good for my fave Bayside resident!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Jazz: royal blue [with yellow& silver on bust] tin strap top


Melody: mauve [pink butterfly motif] long sleeve top


Jazz: red strapless top/white scarf [in a large v shape round her neck]


Alf: light blue [dark blue & green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: purple & black horizontal stripes [Emily The Strange] dress/ white vest

Belle: black [gold floral] singlet/red jeans

Christine Jones: grey v neck top [with white top beneath]

Christine Jones: white [dark pin stripe] blouse/black skirt

Colleen: orange blouse/dark top/gold scarf [in a large v shape round her neck]

Gavin: dark suit/apple green button up shirt

Gavin: dark suit/blue button up shirt

Geoff: dark blue singlet/sky blue board shorts

Geoff: dark blue t/dark long pants

Irene: olive green blouse

Irene: grey blouse/dark long pants

Leah: dark blue v neck dress

Leah: yellow [green double ended tri] dress

Melody: tan thin strap top/peach cardigan

Miles: white [with red & yellow splotches] button up shirt/grey t/denim jeans

Miles: white t/denim jeans

Miles: grey [pin stripe] suit/dark button up shirt/emerald green tie

Morag: black v neck top/dark long pants

Morag: dark suit/black v neck top

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow dots] tie

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