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Mon, 12 May 08 – Episode # 4636

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ No Wonder I LOVE Matilda SOOOOOO Much “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 12 May 08 – Episode # 4636]

Note - Nicole is now on the opening credits


As Rach bails form the house, Maddie is keen to go with her, but Rachel & partic Martha convince Maddie to stay.


The assembled crowd wants a fight but Ric has other plans. Alf subtly gets close to Viv and whispers something to her. Moments later, Viv not quite doubles over in pain, but Noel certainly thinks that she is ill, and he isn’t keen for the fight to start till she is out of the way.


Maddie is standing in the kitchen when Martha approaches. Although Maddie comments about how silly Ric is for getting involved with all of this, Martha responds by saying that Maddie is only sooooooo worried about Ric because she cares about him sooooo much.


The leader of the guys who REALLY wants this fight to go ahead wonders why Noel is staling, but the guy takes some pleasure when Noel tell him that Viv is preggers [as that’s something to use against noel]. Noel is way keen for the fight to begin, and is does. Logan seems to be giving Ric a hammering [blood is coming from a cut near his left eye], but then everyone hears a siren approaching. Many of the crowd bail, assuming it’s a police car, but when the vehicle with the siren arrives outside, we sees that it’s an ambulance – with Rachel & a couple of ambulance officers aboard. Rachel urges the other 2 to keep to siren on for a little while.

Back inside, the leader of guys who BADLY want this fight to happen insist that Noel will “pay” for this, before he & his mob bail.

After they are gone, Noel still isn’t letting this fight go. He grabs Viv firmly and insists that it will take place, but then Rachel enters, and says that she got a call about a pregnant woman in pain. Viv insists that she didn’t call anyone. Noel is taken aback by all of this, and Rachel is able to get Viv out of the building.

Back inside, Noel [who had gone upstairs after the Viv debacle] reveals that he has a gun, and isn’t afraid of using it – on Alf.

Outside in the ambulance, Viv is way stressed and Rach tries to calm her down, but then they hear a gunshot, and Rachel urges the ambulance officers to take Viv to the hospital whilst she investigates what’s happened inside.

Inside the building, Noel insists that there are enough witnesses [Tony, Alf, a hand full of others] left to make this fight count. “Shock:” that Logan didn’t bail, btw, when they heard the siren earlier. Noel rings that bell and Logan & Ric are about to fight once more. However, as they do, Lara [in uniform] & jack sneak into the building, just like Rach had done so not that long before them. Lara unholsters her pistol and vehemently insists that Noel should give her his gun, but he tries to make a run for it. Jack stoops him, and after jack gets Noel’s hands behind his back, Lara hands Jack the handcuffs to finish the job.


Ric & Alf enters, and Maddie is immediately worried about Ric’s injured face, or more to the pit that he had to fight. Alf tell Martha that tony & jack are at the police station = with tiny giving a statement as to what happened at the fight club.


Viv is lying in a bed and she wonders if anything Noel did his affected the baby. Rach insists that they won’t know until they do some tests, but what she does know is that Viv needs to try to relax. Rachel also suggests that she thinks that Viv will be safe her tonight, and she doesn’t expect the police to let Noel out on bail.


After Maddie & Ric bails, Alf & Martha talk about what’s happening. Martha comments that its soooo surreal a situation that young Maddie is in, with Viv preggers with Ric’s baby. Alf responds by saying that it wouldn’t matter what age Maddie is – it’s a difficult situation no matter what age you are.


Rachel is talking to Viv when Viv tells Rach that she feels pain at the moment. Viv says that whatever it is feels like contractions. Naturally Rachel is way concerned, as it’s far too early in the pregnancy for that.


Maddie & Ric are arm in arm on the couch. Maddie is pleased that all of this seem to be over, and she kinda mocks Ric when he suggest that she is the only good thing in his life.

The phone rings, and Ric answers. It’s Rachel – and it’s clear that she is telling Ric [form his reactions] about Viv’s latest problem.


Rachel encounters Maddie &Ric in a corridor. Rach insists that Viv wants to speak to Ric about what's going on. Maddie wonders if she should go into the room too, and Ric says that he definitely wants her in there.

Ric & Maddie enter Viv’s room, and she is kinda teary when s tells them that Noel has always made the decisions for her, and that the one decision she made without him [deciding to have this bub] has gone badly so far, so she isn’t keen on making another bad decision like that. She urges Ric to help her with this decision [to give the doctors go ahead and save the unborn child, or to let thing run natural course = which will mean the child will die]. Ric tells Viv that he can’t make this decision for her, but then Maddie “steps up to the plate”. She says that it’s obvious from Viv’s actions that she DOES want this baby, so why are they even talking about a decision having to be made. From the looks on Ric & Viv’s face, they realise that what Maddie has said is TOTALLY true.


Alf tells Jack that, esp. after tonight, jack should seriously think about being a policeman again. As Alf is leaving, jack thanks him for looking after Martha whilst he was at the station with tony.

After Alf is gone, Martha tells jack that she thinks that Alf is right [about the cop thing], but jack insists that he doesn’t want to talk about it – as it’s been waaaaaaaaaay to long a night to think about such things.


In the corridor, Rachel is pleased to see Tony, who tells her that he & jack were a bit longer at the police station than expected. Maddie & Ric emerge from Viv’s room and tell Rach that Viv want s to go ahead with the treatment to save the child. Rachel then asks tony if the police who that it was Rach that made the call to the ambulance. Tony says that they don’t and it’s kinda a coincidence that Viv was unwell when the ambulance arrived.

Soon after, Rach enters the corridor and approaches Ric & Maddie. He tells them that the treatment that Viv is receiving is going very well. Rach reminds them that this pregnancy still isn’t going to be easy [even after this treatment] and they’ll have to come up with a way to keep her safe – from Noel and [form the sounds of what happened tonight] others as well,


It’s late at night, and Martha is in te kitchen when jack enters the main room. He says that he can’t sleep. Martha says that she can’t either. Marta insist that jack is in 2 minds about being a cop again because he thinks that it will be like last time [when their marriage feel apart because of his job]. Martha tells jack that she’s not the same selfish, immature person that she was back then. Jack suggest tat he should have quit the force back then [time of 1st marriage], but Martha insists that if jack like being a cop, then his decision to deny that [in favour on a new ‘ship with n Martha] will effectively kill the new “ship before it even starts.

Next morn, Jack enters the main room. Martha is already up & about, and Jack wonders if Martha making him breakfast is a kinda bribe to bring him around to her way of thinking. Martha insist that she has no issues with him being a cop again [if he chooses to do so] and to prove it, Martha asks jack to marry her!!!!!! Jack doesn’t actually SAY the word yes, but they do joyously kiss twice.

[Note – if these two DO get married again, please let them live a relatively uneventful life, so they’re not on screen every “5 seconds”!!!!!]



Morag voices her opposition to JnM’s engagement – will it be enough to make Martha have cold feet???

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/dark long pants


Viv: white [latticed v neck] top – with black top beneath\dark long pants


Martha: off white blouse/white shorts/black & white rope belt


Alf: blue (yellow check) button up shirt/bone long pants

Jack: dark PJ long pants

Jack: maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt /grey jacket

Jack: white [small grey dots] button up shirt

Lara: light blue police uniform shirt

Martha: grey cami top/white [red floral] PJ long pants

Noel: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Noel’s fight club associate: dark blue [with a white horiz band on each upper arm] jacket

Noel’s fight club enemy: beige jacket/white shirt

Rachel: black v neck t/black long pants

Ric : white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t/denim jeans

Ric: grey track pants

Tony: blue t/dark long pants

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