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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings

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Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: a bit of everyone and new character's made up

BTTB rating: A,S, V...not sure what else

Genre: Mystery, Violence, Crime, Romance, strong course language

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence, sexual references, not sure what else, anything to explicit will let you know at the beginning of the chapter

Chapter 1

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

(This is the most craziest s**t ever)

Ok, this is the most craziest s**t ever

Top of the charts, I wish it did feel better

So I take it to the scene

Before I knew what to do, what do do

(what’s that)

kinda moody and I’m trippin

And my head is a block

Collecting all of the symptoms

I’m about to call the doc

Get a hold of yourself

You’re acting odd girl

What’s goin on and on and on

What’s the matter with me

I’m acting really odd

And I think I can’t breathe

There must be something wrong

What’s goin on and on and on and on and on

Uh oh, uh oh

What’s the matter with me

I’m acting really odd

And I think I can’t breathe

There must be something wrong

What’s goin on and on and on and on and on

Uh oh, uh oh

Her hips moved to the sound of the music, her seductive body tempting him to push in to her. As she swayed and lifted her hair with her hands you could see that she was letting loose, enjoying herself which by the look's of it she wasn't aloud to do often. She ran her hands down each side of his body, pulling him closer to her, wrapping both arm's around his neck and one leg around his waist before doing the head roll and leaning back, letting her chest engulf his face. Her silver bonzee tight and wet on her petite body, letting her curves, not that she had many show and her black skirt and (as they called them) hooker heel's making her look like a knowable slut to other girls.

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Uh oh, whoa

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Here we go, whoa

Tick tock I guess I’m late again

What are you suggesting madam Gwen

Don’t you know better

What are you talking about

You know it’s gonna come at any point

Nighttime, flip-flop

This time, push my luck

He was really lookin hot

Anticipation building up

Space simulator

Internal complicator

Need a translator

(can you go and get a test)

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Uh oh, whoa

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Here we go, whoa

She could feel herself letting go with this guy, she wasn't aloud out very often, only when her parent's went away on business trips to the city, five year she had lived here but she went to a private school back in London, she refused to go to BumHead High School which in this small town was SummerBay High. She had lost her English accent after two years of living in Summer Bay but the day she started rebelling against her wealthy, famous parents was the day they tried to enrol in at that retched High School. As she swung her hips in motion to the music she could tell that everyone was looking at her wondering who she was, for she was not known around this small seaside town for she was never home.

Move it, move, move it

Move it, move, move it

Lip lock

Making out again, no big deal

You always say that

But I’m not a mathematician

28 days, a normal cycle

If I’m not mistaken

I think he might have made a goal

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh

What’s the matter with me

I’m acting really odd

And I think I can’t breathe

There must be something wrong

What’s goin on and on and on and on and on

Uh oh, uh oh

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Uh oh, whoa

Don't get it twisted

Don't get clever

This is the most craziest s**t ever

Here we go, whoa

Here we go, whoa

She watched this girl sexy, slutty dancing with her potentional boyfriend and felt jealous, some what furious with this girl, firstly she had gate crashed the party and knocked out the guard that was outside and now she was being a slut with her boyfriend.

She could feel the anger rise through her body like steam ready to burst from her ear drums and then the music finished.


As she stepped away from the guy, she looked him in the eyes and pulled him in for that lingering, passionate, sexy fulfilled kiss that he had been waiting for that whole dance. She slipped her tounge in for a second, just a second before she pulled back and smiled.

“You're a great kisser Jack Holden!” she said as she backed away through the crowd and disappeared out the front door leaving Jack pondering over what had just happened in those few minutes that the song had played and she first started dancing with him.

“Who is that girl?” he asked, longing to know her name, to feel her touch once again, waiting for that moment when they would meet again but little be known to him she her family was his families enemy, a feud that had lasted a decade between every family member before him.

Little did they know that they would meet, a lot sooner than expected

Song: Dont get it twisted: Gwen Stefani

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Chapter 2

She climbed up the Jasmine Ladder connected to the house wall, trying to stay quiet as not to alarm her parents that she had gone out partying. Her parents weren't expected home for another hour but there car was parked in the drive in front of the double front door's of the house as she climbed over what felt like prison wall's of the house. She had already given the two Bull Terra's mindless amount of meat to keep them busy for a couple of hours while she stirred up trouble down the huge hill that her prison consisted to sit upon overlooking SummerBay. As she finally reached the rooftop that her window sat one she crawled over the almost black roof tiles and through her window. One leg through, grabbing the window top and then sliding her other leg through. Landing both feet on the floor she took off her hooker boot's and threw them in the corner with the other mountain of high heels and tip toed over to her walk-in wardrobe. Grabbing each side of the handle's she swung it open and took of her silver top and skirt and threw them on the ground where there were more clothes strewn over the floor. She walked over to the back of the wardrobe and got a long nightgown off a coat hanger, lifted her arms and let the gown fall over her curves and cling to her body. She walked out of the wardrobe and didn't even bother shutting the wardrobe door's. Walking back over past the window she had only just crawled through a couple of minutes ago she pulled back the bright purple butterfly double bed doona cover and slid between the sheet's. The only light illuminating the master bedroom that she made her parents give her was a lamp coming from the bedside table beside her. Underneath the lamp was her alarm clock which read 10:59 and as she reached over to the lamp and switched the light off she heard footsteps coming from the stairs just outside her door. Looking at the clock one last time she watched as one by one the clocked flicked over to 11:00 and just as she closed her eyes the door handle turned and a creak was heard and she could feel a slight light on her for she knew that her parents told her that they would be home at a certain time but would come home early to check on her at precisely 11:00 Pm every night for when they were living in London she was more than a rebel and her parents knew that. She heard the door creep shut again and finally relaxed, drifting off to sleep after her wild night with Jack Holden.


The next morning Martha woke up to the sun blaring through her window which was situated next to her bed and another window opposite her wardrobe. Her crimson red curtains were open and the sun had already heated up the room to maximum point where her hair was now sticking to the back of her neck. Martha crawled out of bed and walked over to her bedroom door and took the little remote from it's pocket on the wall and pointed it to the air conditioner on the wall.

“Stupid African peacock of a maid, could have left my stupid curtain closed!” Martha retorted to herself as she walked over to the big window and reefed her crimson red curtains closed, instantly darkening the room. She stomped over to the window which she had crawled through last night and saw her window had been left open, shutting the window she also grabbed the crimson curtains and also reefed them shut, instantly making the room black. She felt her way over to the bedside lamp and turned it on which lit up the room. She looked around and saw that the maid must have cleaned her closet as well because the door's were shut again and all her high heels were neatly paired in the corner of her room. Swearing to herself she crawled back into bed, the room much colder now that her hair was now firm and dry. She laid her head back on the pillow and was just about to close her eyes when her phone beeped, letting her know she had just received a text message. She grabbed her phone and flipped it open to reveal 'One new message from DeadSexy' Martha laughed and opened the message.

Hey Wondergirl,

When are we finally going to meet, I met you two years ago in that chat room you joined and you know everything about me and where I live and I know you live somewhere in SummerBay. Please meet me tonight I am having another party, althought the chick I danced with last night was rather mysterious and I have never seen her around before. I will be standing in the middle of my floor at precisely 10 Pm.

Hope to see you soon... DeadSexy

Martha smiled but that smile soon faded when she knew that they could never be, for if Jack Holden ever found out it was his arch enemies princess who had fallen for him, this war would end in disaster.

She pressed the reply button on her phone and started typing and once she had done moving her thumb in every direction imaginable she looked at the message and read it to herself.


For you do know me, the true me. Maybe one day we can meet...I will be at your party tonight, seek what you shall find and conquer all desires as one. For I know you are having a ball at your high school in two weeks time. Maybe you shall consider asking me.


She smiled at the words on her screen and finally pressed send, flipped her phone shut and closed her eye's, letting her dreams overcome her and immobilize her body to succumb to the imperial stillness that she wept. For she had a party to go to tonight so she needed to look her best

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Chapter 3

She slid the red knee high boots over her feet and pulled the zip up her leg, stopping at her knee. Doing the same with the other she finally got to her feet and studied herself in the full body mirror. Her curled hair sat neatly over her shoulder's, her red dress finishing just below about 3 inches above her knee's and her slight curves fulfilling the dress in such proper manner. She smiled to herself and made her way over to the window of her room. She had already locked her bedroom door because tonight her parent's were staying at home. She pressed play on the C.D player sound system next to her window and climbed out, on leg out and holding the window pane not to fall, the other leg out and she was right to let go out the window. She slowly slid down the tiles of her roof and as she got to the edge she first looked at the ground to see if her dogs were around anywhere but seeing no sign of them she put on leg over the edge and found the Jasmine ladder she had climbed up the night before. Grabbing the edge of the gutter she let her other leg find the ladder before holding on tightly to the gutter as she grabbed the top of the ladder with one hand. Once she knew she had hold of it she let herself relax and make her way down the ladder.


The party was in full swing as Jack moved his way through the mass crowd that had once again, shown up. He had always been told that he held the best parties ever. He walked over to the window and looked out it. The dark gloomy streets of Summer Bay haunted over the tree tops, the houses and the dimly lit street lamp outside his house made the street look even more gloomy. Jack new that ever since The king and queen of London and daughter...The MacKenzie's moved up onto the large hill, people were afraid to walk the streets after a certain time because of the rumours coming with there name. Ever since there first encounter, Jack's Family Prince Tony Holden and Princess Kate with Princes Jack and Lucas, there families spoke i'll of each other, because for a decade there families had been at war because King John MacKenzie and Jack's mother were somehow related but not by blood, oh no by something much worse, by marriage and the war had been started by family member's on the MacKenzie side to far back for Jack to even know and ever since then a war had raged between the two families.

Jack watched as a figure walked gloomly past the lamp outside his house and start up his drive way. Her curled hair and red boots and dress showed that it was the same girl he had danced with the night before. He had wondered when he would be seeing her again but what he really wanted, was to meet, dance and even if he could...kiss the person that he had been messaging for a long while now. A girl he knew nothing about except that every message she wrote was like poetry, or a riddle of some sort. He turned just as she walked through the door and straight away her eye's shot a glance at him, at first it was a very cold, bitter and angry dance like she was telling him that he had no right to look at her but then her glance softened and she smiled slightly before walking over to the music and picking up the case to the music that was playing. She smiled and sat it back down and made her way over to Jack, his heart skipped a beat when she reached him and then it happened, just like the night before she pulled him in to the crowd just as the song that was playing finished and a couple of seconds later another started and instantly she pulled him closer to her and started dancing, at first she was slow and sexy, the she became faster with the music just as the words started.

I go ooh ooh, you go ah ah



I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want

Don't stop

Give me give me give me what you got got

Cause I can't wait wait wait any more more more more

Don't even talk about the consequence

Cause right now you're the only thing that's making any sense to me

And I don't give a damn what they say, what they think think

Cause you're the only one who's on my mind

I'll never ever let you leave me

I'll try to stop time for ever, never wanna hear you say goodbye (bye bye bye)

She pulled him in closer to her and moved to the music, just like she had done last night but this time there was a small difference, this time she was groping Jack every chance she got. She then turned around and with her back to him kept dancing, putting her hands in the air she was definitely letting go of herself, but she never seemed to do it with anyone else, just Jack.

I feel so untouched

And I want you so much

That I just can't resist you

It's not enough to say that I miss you

I feel so untouched right now

Need you so much somehow

I can't forget you

I've gone crazy from the moment I met you


And I need you so much

See you, breathe you, I want to be you

Alalalala alalalala

You can take take take take take time time

To live live the way you gotta gotta live your life

Give me give me give me all of you you

Don't be scared

I'll see you through the loneliness of one more more more

Don't even think about what's right or wrong, wrong or right

'Cause in the end it's only you and me and no one else is gonna be around

To answer all the questions left behind

And you and I are meant to be so even if the world falls down today

You've still got me to hold you up up

And I will never let you down (down)

As she turned around she looked him in the eye's and kept his gaze at that moment. She could feel that he wanted to know who she was. At the last part of that song 'And I will never let you down (down)' she mimed it to him which made him even more curious as to who she was but she kept dancing, finally breaking his gaze.

I feel so untouched

And I want you so much

That I just can't resist you

It's not enough to say that I miss you

I feel so untouched right now

Need you so much somehow

I can't forget you

I've gone crazy from the moment I met you

Untouched, untouched, untouched, untouched, untouched

Alalalala alalalala


Alalalala alalalala

I feel so untouched

And I want you so much

That I just can't resist you

It's not enough to say that I miss you

I feel so untouched right now

Need you so much somehow

I can't forget you

I've gone crazy from the moment I met you

She came so close to his face that he could feel her persistant heavy breathing and then she leant a little closer. Jack closed his eye's thinking she was going to fully close that gap by kissing him but was disappointed when he realized that she wasn't. Re-opening his eye's she leant closer to him and then side ways to his ear.

“So you want to know who I am!” she said as she pulled back, but she wasn't asking him. It was like she had seen right through him, reading his thoughts or something.

I feel so untouched

And I want you so much

That I just can't resist you

It's not enough to say that I miss you

I feel so untouched right now

Need you so much somehow

I can't forget you

I've gone crazy from the moment I met you

Untouched, untouched, untouched

As the song finished she smiled at him and finally she spoke.

“seek what you shall find and conquer all desire's as one.”

Jack had heard those words before and as he looked at her she left the room leaving him in deep thought and that's when it hit him. He ran after her and caught her just as she was about to exit the house.

“It's you, but who are you?” he asked as she took one final look at him and smiled.

“The name's Martha!” she finally said before exiting the house and running off back the way she had come earlier.


The next morning Jack awake and looked around the room, there were empty beer bottles, vodka bottles, cougar cans and more strewn across the room. As Jack sat up from the couch where he most likely had passed out he saw a couple more people passed out on the floor. Matilda and Lucas, Tasha, Aden and even some people he had never seen before. He got to his feet and walked up the stairs and into the bathroom just as his phone started beeping, letting him know he had a message. He looked at the time and it read 7:00 Am, ho would be texting him at that time in the morning and then he opened it and saw that it said 'One new message from WonderGirl!'.

He quickly opened it and it read.

For now you know my name, speak not of it, for it is a name that must not be spoken, for if you know my real identity you would not accept me and my blood would disown me!

For with your family I would be an outcast.



Martha was sitting on her bed, waiting for a reply back and when she didn't get one she thought that he would still be asleep. She got to her feet and walked over to her bedroom door, ready to make her way downstairs. Just as she thrust the door open there stood her two best friends in the whole world.

“Hermione! Draco!” she screamed, astonished before pulling them both into tight hugs.

Song: Untouched by The Veronica's

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WARNING...May contain violence...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Chapter 4

Midday has soon arrived and Martha was sitting out on the patio with Draco and Hermione. The sun was blaring and Martha could feel herself starting to burn but she just say there, Martha's mother had bought out some iced tea for the to drink and they had almost finished all that.

“So got anyone special Martha?” Hermione asked as Martha finished off yet another glass of icey cold iced tea.

“The only person I want is the person I cant have!” Martha replied as she looked at Draco who stroking a piece of hair out of Hermione's face.

“How did you two do it? I mean you two were forbidden to even look at each other! How'd you manage it?” she asked as Hermione looked up, for she was sitting on Draco's lap, Her usually bushy brown hair now very straight from the sweat building up.

“It wasn't easy Mac, you know how we both had to move away from home just to go to college, and then we had to insult each other every time our parents came to visit. In the end we just followed our hearts, mum and dad still dont like it but I told them that if they interfere they would never see me again!” Hermione explained as Draco placed his arms around her stomach.

“Yeah and let's not forget My mother and father, they wanted to kill Mione, almost did the day my father ran over her in the supermarket car park. I had to threaten my father before he'd back off, and even now they're still trying to set me up with friends of the family!” Draco said as Martha looked at the both of them. They had had it tough what with there parents and then they almost lost each other and even now they still have trouble but they just take it one day at a time.

“So who stole your heart?” Hermione asked looking at Martha who was smiling happily.

“Jack Holden!” Martha replied as Hermione and Draco looked at her confusingly and then they remembered what Martha had told them that day.

“Well I say go for it, but be prepared to hit a lot of snag's along the way!” Draco said as Martha nodded and looked at Hermione who was also smiling.


Jack was walking along the beach, he kept reading the message over and over again, trying to figure out what it meant but nothing, absolutely nothing had come to mind. He sighed heavily and was just about to put his phone back in his pocket when it started beeping again. Looking at it he saw the name 'WonderGirl' straight away and opening the message he quickly looked around and looked back at the phone to make sure he had read it properly.

'I can see you...Jack!'

He pressed reply and typed in 'Where are you?' and pressed send and a couple of seconds later he heard a phone start beeping behind him. Stopping in his tracks he wondered for a second that maybe he was hearing things but knew he wasn't when a voice spoke.

“Arn't you going to turn around?”

Jack spun around on his heels and dropped his phone when he saw that she was standing just inches away from him.

“Martha!” he said as Martha bent down and picked up his phone from the sand and handed it back to him.

“In the flesh!” she joked as he just kept staring at her.

“So do you know who I really am yet?” she asked as Jack pocketed his phone while still looking at her.

“I dont care, god Martha you dont know how long I've waited. I... you're everything to me...I fall more and more in love with you every day!” he said as she gave a soft smile and looked to the ground.

“You shouldn't love me, I shouldn't love you. For we would be forbidden to see each other!” she replied as Jack lifted her head and looked at her.

“What have you done so badly that we could not be together...'

“MARTHA JANE MACKENZIE!” A voice screamed from up on the beach. Martha turned on her heels as did Jack to both see a strong, tall, Caucasian, dark haired man standing at the top of the beach.

Martha gulped as he made his way down to the both of the and when he got near enough he spoke.

“Who is this?” he asked looking at her, waiting for an answer.

“Daddy this is...this...'

“Jack Holden sir!” Jack said holding out a hand to shake the mans but as soon as he had said his name he saw the anger and disappointment rise in his eyes.

“What...MY DAUGHTER TALKING TO A HOLDEN. I WARNED YOU GIRL OF THE PUNISHMENT OF TALKING TO FILTH LIKE THE HOLDEN'S DIDN'T...DIDN'T?” He was now screaming and spit was flying out of his mouth after every forth sentence and his face reddened. He scruffed Martha by the hair and started pulling her away from Jack. Martha was screaming in pain and telling her father to 'stop, please stop' but he kept dragging her. Martha tripped on her own feet and landed on the sand with a thud but her father kept pulling, dragging her up to the Surf Club car park. Jack started running after them trying to free Martha but at that moment Mr MacKenzie let go of his daughter's hair and turned around and with one swift lunge, his fist collided with Jack's face, instantly knocking him unconscious.

“NO...JACK!” Martha screamed starting to crawl her way over to Jack, tears now screaming down her face. She had almost reached Jack when she felt her father grab the top of her hair and pull. From being on all four's she was instantly flung over onto her bag and was being dragged away from Jack, she tried to escape her father's grasp but he was to strong for her but what scared her the most...was the punishment to come.

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Chapter 5

Once, twice, three times she winced in pain as he hit her more fiercly with the weapon in his left hand. Martha had lost count at how many times he had hit her with that thing but she could feel her back oozing and dripping with blood. She could feel the lashes on her back cut more deeply with new ones and finally it happened. He hit her again and she screamed so hard, a deafening scream that was deadly enough to burst your ear drums if you were to close to the high pitched scream.

He smiled grimly as she screamed out in pain, they both could her Martha's mother screaming for him 'To stop, please stop. My darling girl' but he grimaced at the sound of Martha's scream.

“DO YOU LOVE HIM?” He yelled again as the room became quiet once more, only the sound of his heavy breathing and Martha's sob's echoed around the room.

“Yes!” She whimpered as he again lashed the object at her back, again illuminating the room in screams as she winced in pain, feeling the vastness of blacking out approaching her but staying very much alert.

Again he screamed the same question to her again she whimpered and sobbed with the same answer again leading to more pain and screams echoing around the room, although it wasn't a room but was the basement underneath the house so no amount of screaming would lead to someone saving her because...no one could hear her.

3 hours later

She bashed on his door, she could feel the blood dripping, soaking her top, trickling down her back wanting to escape her fragile state. She bashed even harder but being midnight she knew that everyone was asleep but she saw the light switch on through the door and sudden;y a flicker of hope reached her. Just as he opened the door what what looked like his parents behind him, the taller, older male holding a shotgun in his hands she collapsed, almost instantly blacking out, the last thing she could feel before she completely blacked out was falling into Jack's arms.

1 hour later

She slowly started trying to flicker her eyes open but she was weak, she slightly opened them and then they forced themselves closed again but again she opened them a little further only for them to close back up, her whole body was aching and her neck down was tight, so tight that she had trouble breathing. This time she flicked her eyes open and they stayed open to see Jack sitting beside her. As soon as he saw that she was awake he called out to his parents.

“Mum, Dad, come quick she's awake!” he yelled as he lent down next to her and took her hand. Martha winced because every muscle she moved hurt and as she heard Jack's 'sorry' she heard footsteps coming down a herd of stairs and walking around the couch came out a beautiful light fluffy brown haired, Caucasian woman who was wearing a night gown and her night robe was flowing behind her. The tall, older looking male looked like a spitting image of Jack and then behind them came out two teenagers, one tall, blonde boy who looked no more than 15 years old and a girl, long light brown/blonde hair and blue eyes who also looked no more than 15.

“You must be Martha MacKenzie!” The woman said as she picked up a cup next to her and handed it to Martha, who after wincing in pain, took the cup and drank a couple of sips out of it.

“Yes...who..who are you?” Martha asked looking back at the woman who slightly smiled and took the cup back from Martha.

“My name is Kate Holden and this is my husband Tony, our son Lucas and his girlfriend Matilda and of course you already know Jack!” Kate said pointing to each of the people who smiled briefly at her.

Martha was just about to talk when jack took her hand again. “Martha...who did this to you?” he asked as Martha looked at him before tears started trickling down her cheeks.

“My dad!” she whispered. Martha started feeling light headed again and instantly looked at Kate who smiled.

“It's ok dear, it's just to help you sleep through the night. Just close your eyes!”

Martha looked hesitant before looking at Jack who smiled at her, leant in and kissed her forehead. Martha closed her eyes and felt herself drifting off, starting to dream about a place where no one could harm her, where no one could tell her what to do.

“I wonder what he used to do such damage to her back like that, she's lost a hell of a lot of blood!” Martha heard coming from a female voice who didn't sound at all like Kate who had just spoken to her. Without hesitating she said her last words before falling deep, into the dark midst of dreaming.

“Cat of nine tails”

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Here it finally is guys and im sooooo sorry it took so long but i hope you like it....

It's a rather boring chappy but crucial to the story okies...

This Chappy is dedicated soley to 'Caitie'...........just coz she likes Mattie and Luc :D

Chapter 6

She slowly fluttered her eyes open and gave a slight moan. She sun was shining through the room and blinded her from seeing where she was. Martha rested her hand on her forehead and looked up at the ceiling. The room was different, more colourful; more loving…this couldn’t be Martha’s house…could it?

Martha moved her head to the side and studied the room, she had no idea where she was but she sure wasn’t in her house. Martha went to sit up but winced in pain, her head falling back onto the pillow that had rested beneath her head. Martha could feel tears dwelling up in her eyes and blinked a couple of times to push them back into her tear ducks. Martha lay there, feeling completely paralysed, she couldn’t remember anything from the previous night and she didn’t know how she got here, where ever here was. She sighed heavily and then stiffened her body as she heard a soft grumble come from the other side of where she lay. Martha just lay there, she wasn’t taking any breaths and she didn’t move a muscle. Finally after just lying there she finally rolled her eyes up and tilted her head and sure as she was, there in the armchair next to the couch was Jack, sleeping peacefully with a blanket covering him for warmth. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful, and so cute just lying there, sleeping, his chest rising and falling in motion. Martha stifled a small giggle and looked back up at the ceiling. Finally Martha decided to give herself another go at sitting up, placing her elbows just below her she pushed herself up, giving small moans and grunts as she did so but finally after about three minutes of pain, anguish and almost wanting to scream, she had sat herself up and had now swung her legs over from the couch so that they were now resting on the floor. Martha rested her head in her hands and gave another loud sigh, loud enough to awaken Jack from his peaceful sleeping.

“Martha!” He whispered pushing the blanket away from him. He got to his feet and rubbed his face up and down with his hands twice before bending down next to her.

“You shouldn’t be sitting up, your weak!” he whispered as her head shot up.

“I’m not weak…I’m sore and I have to go!” Martha replied stubbornly slowly pushing herself to her feet. Martha’s head suddenly went light headed and she stumbled backward falling straight into Jack’s arms just as he stood up.

“Martha it’s ok to let someone else help you!” He said keeping hold of her as he held one hand up to her forehead and groaned for a moment before pushing herself up from his chest and taking a step toward the door.

“I have to go!” she mumbled again as she took another step. She could hear Jack’s voice but couldn’t make out what he was saying as he hearing went all fuzzy and her eye’s started to blur.

“Martha please stop, just stay here until your better please!” Jack said as Martha kept making small footsteps toward the front door.

“Ugh!” Martha mumbled before her legs started to feel like jelly, the weight of her body becoming to much for her to stay up.

“Jack!” she whispered before her legs gave way. Martha tumbled to the floor in a heap and heard Jack run toward her. Martha could feel her body being scooped up; pair of soft, strong, muscly arms scoop her up below her bottom and just above her bra. Martha winced as she felt Jack’s arm rest on a part of her back that was screaming out in pain.

Jack slowly placed her back on the couch and watched as her eyes closed and her bottom lip quivered, he some what felt sorry for her because this had happened to her because of him but who in there right mind would punish someone with a ‘cat of nine tail’s’ of all things, and let alone being your own daughter.

“Martha!” Jack whispered as he leant down on the floor beside the couch where her fragile and weak body lye, stretched out but yet so cramped.

“Martha!” he whispered again this time rubbing her cheek with his fingers.

Martha moaned as tears fell from her closed eyes and her body loosened up. She gave a couple of loud sobs before resting her hand on Jack’s which was still caressing her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes as a couple more tears ran down and slowly turned to look at him. He looked so loving, so caring, his handsome features held in place by his big brown eyes and his mouth setting in motion the two dimples that had made themselves appear, as if he was going to cry.

“I’m sorry!’ he whispered as they kept that gaze on each other for a moment, forgetting where they were and forgetting the moments just before and just staring, gazing into a part of each others soul. Jack inched toward Martha, each time stopping to see if she would signal for him to stop but after a moment’s waiting moved another inch. Soon enough there faces were just inches away from each other. They could feel each others warm breath, Martha’s more calm then Jack’s. Both there hearts were racing and Jack’s colour start to fade from his face as his nerves intensified. They kept there intense gaze on each other and just as Jack tilted his head a fraction and was just about to meet his lips with hers they both heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Martha quickly pulled away and looked up just in time to see a boy and girl of no more than fifteen walking down the stairs, clutching each others hands tightly.

“Morning Jack, how you feeling Martha?” the blonde boy asked as he got to the bottom of the stairs with the girl next to him.

“Mornin Luc!” Jack replied as Martha looked on wondering who he was and then last night came flooding back to her.

“I’m…I’m ok thanks!” Martha replied, she could feel herself blushing in embarrassment because she couldn’t remember who he was for a moment.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed Martha, its ok if you can’t remember me or Mattie!” Lucas replied as the brown/blonde girl waved to Martha who smiled back.

“I’m sorry, I do remember you, only vaguely though!” Martha replied as she kept her gaze on Lucas and Matilda, all the while feeling a pair of eyes sternly on her. She gave them a small smile before turning back to Jack who instantly looked down at the ground.

Martha smiled at Jack who looked up and smiled back at her. He took her hand and the both of them started what was like a staring contest. First one to blink loses and first one to turn away loses. Martha slowly started to blush and a smile crept across Jack’s face. Suddenly they were both startled to the not so distant screaming coming from outside.


Chapter 7:

Will Martha's dad find her?


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Well here it is...i hope you like it...again its not that action packed but crucial to the story itself

Chapter 7

Martha’s whole body tensed up and her eyes darted toward the front door as did Jack’s, Mattie and Lucas’s. All eyes had fright in them. The room had fallen silent and all of a sudden Martha gulped and it was like a frog as it echoed around the room. Mattie let go of Lucas’s hand and raced back up the stairs, soon Lucas full in tow yelling out Matilda’s name to ‘stop’

Martha darted her eye’s back to Jack, full of tears threatening to run down her face once again. Jack looked at her and all of a sudden it was like his whole body went into overdrive. Wrapping his arms around her he scooped her up, ignoring the groans she made and the sob’s that escaped her mouth and headed toward the stairs. Just as he got to the stairs he saw a shadow walk past the window just before the door and quickly darted up a couple of the stairs and out of sight. Just as Jack got to the top of the stairs with a sobbing Martha in his arms he heard bashing on the front door and screaming.

“OPEN UP YOU FILTHY BLOOD TRAITOR’S. IF YOU HAVE SO MUCH AS LET MY DAUGHTER INTO THIS HOUSE SO HELP ME GOD I’LL BURN THIS GOD FORSAKEN HOUSE DOWN NOW OPEN UP” Both jack and Martha heard as he kept bashing on the front door. All of a sudden Jack felt someone brush past him and when he looked up he saw his father marching down the stairs with the shot gun in his hands, Jack looked behind him and saw that his mother, Mattie and Lucas had also come back out and were standing behind them. Jack kept hold of Martha as she sobbed, resting her head in the crook of his neck and wrapped her arms around his neck to try and calm herself down. All of a sudden everyone jumped when they heard another male voice, so angry, so violent that his lingering voice shook the whole house.


Everyone stayed silent as they waited for what would be a gunshot or more yelling but all let out a sigh of relief when all they heard was the slamming of the front door. As son as the front door had shut they all let out a hasty ‘sigh’ and made there way down the stairs, Jack taking his time not to hurt Martha anymore than he already had. As he laid her back on the couch Tony turned to Kate and sat the gun down on the table near by.

“Can I have a word dear?” he asked as his wife nodded and they both made there way into the kitchen, shutting the French doors behind them.

Jack looked at Martha who had her eyes closed and had wrapped her arms around herself to try and stop the pain.

“Mattie, Lucas do you mind for a minute?” Jack asked as Mattie and Lucas both nodded and made there way up the stairs.

“Martha!” Jack whispered as he heard small sobs escape from Martha’s mouth. Martha had started shaking and kept her head bowed down, eye’s tightly shut and her mouth was quivering as tears escaped from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Jack wiped the tears away as she turned her head and looked at him, she smiled slightly before closing her eyes again.

“I feel weak…Jack!” Martha whispered as her back begun to ache. Jack called out to his mother and watched as she ran into the room and sat next to him.

“Ok, Martha were going to roll you over onto your stomach so I can check your back!” she said as she got Jack to roll her over, Martha screamed out in pain as more tears escaped her eyes and she sobbed loudly into the pillow as Kate removed the bandaged tape from across her back. What Jack saw made him retreat in sickness. Her whole back was covered in whipped lashes from where her father had hit her with the ‘cat o nine tails’ and they were weeping so much with blood that it was impossible for them to heal without stitches of some sort. Kate replaced the taped bandages before signalling Jack into the kitchen where Tony stood, watching.

“I’ll be back in a minute!” Jack whispered to Martha as he followed his mother into the kitchen and shutting the French doors once more.

“Jack this is worse than what I thought!” Kate explained as Jack stood leaning up against the table. “If those wounds don’t stop bleeding, Martha will be dead in the week. I’m afraid that I will have to douse the wounds in alcohol or they are going to get infected within two days. Jack if those wounds do not stop bleeding, Martha will die!”

Chapter 8:

Can the Holden's stop the bleeding on Martha's back?

Jack makes a deadly decision and goes to the MacKenzie house!

dont all shoot me yet! :)

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Chapter 8

The rest of the day had past without anymore interruptions and by interruptions that meant Martha’s father or anything near the sort.

Martha had fallen asleep, still lying on her stomach and Jack hadn’t moved from her side since he had heard what his mother had told him. He had suggested that they call the police but Kate had replied that even if they did, there would be nothing the police would be able to do. Jack had stroked Martha’s hair until she had stopped crying and now he just watched her sleep.


Matilda and Lucas were walking along the beach, as there hands joined and the water wet there feet every couple of minutes, they were both taking in the fresh air and trying to come up with ways of keep Martha away from her father, if she survived that long, for they had overheard what Lucas’s parents had said to Jack.

“So what is this feud that is going on between your families?” Matilda asked as she pushed a piece of loose hair behind her shoulders.

Lucas shrugged and looked up at the beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed girl staring back at him.

“I don’t know actually. Mum and Dad have never told me, except to stay away from the Mackenzie family but then again they’re helping Martha. I’ve been told that the Mackenzie’s had a son but no one has ever seen him, and that was the first time I’ve ever met Martha!” Lucas replied as both he and Matilda walked up the beach a bit and both sat down on the soft sand.

“So Martha’s Dad, James or what ever his name is started this feud?” Martha asked in confusion.

“No, no Martha’s family line started the feud a while ago and don’t ask me what over coz I don’t have a clue but it must have been something for the feud to be still in full tact!” Lucas replied as Matilda looked astounded at all this information.

“Luc, you know I love you don’t you!” Mattie asked as Lucas looked at her a little shocked but smiled.

“Of course I know, what makes you say all this?” he asked running his thumb over the left side of her cheek.

“Its just seeing Jack with Martha, you can see how much he cares, even loves her but because of this feud her father punishes her and for what, for being in love with the enemy. It’s not fair and its not right!” Mattie exclaimed as Lucas smiled at her sincerity and pure knack of honesty she seemed to display all of the time.

“Mattie no matter how forbidden or out of bounds things are, we always find a way to make it happen and whether my parents or Martha’s parents don’t want things to happen between Jack and Martha, they can’t stop it because its going to happen no matter what and I have a feeling that when it does happen, things will blow up between our families big time!” Lucas said as Matilda looked a little wary, like she didn’t want to be around when things blew up between the two families.

“Mattie!” Lucas said as she looked at him worriedly. “I promise if anything happens you wont get in the middle, I wont let it!” he said as she slightly smiled at her boyfriend.

“I love you!” Lucas said as Matilda’s smile grew.

“I love you too!” she replied softly leaning over and kissing him softly on the lips.


Jack sat on the arm chair watching Martha’s chest rise and fall in motion. She had rolled herself over whilst she was asleep, all the while crying in pain as she moved. Jack had stayed with her but felt somehow compelled to do something. Jack watched as a piece of hair that was bugging him finally fell onto Martha’s face and stopped at her nose. Jack brushed the piece of hair aside from Martha’s face and sighed. Jack got to his feet and made his way to the front door just as Kate walked into the room holding what looked like a whiskey bottle.

“Jack!” Kate said as Jack’s hand had reached the front door handle.

“I cant sit around and wait mum, I have to do something. I’m going to the Mackenzie’s. I can’t let her die!” Jack said as he turned the door handle and looked at his mother once more before leaving.

“Jack!” He heard as he walked away form the house. “Jack!” he heard his mother scream again.


Twenty minutes later Jack arrived out the front of the Mackenzie ‘Mansion’ as everyone in Summer Bay called it and no one dared go near the house but Jack couldn’t sit around and do nothing, climbing over the wall he looked around the yard before jumping over the other side. He could see an open bedroom window on the second story of the house and he could see a Jasmine ladder leading up the side of the wall just below the window so climbing the ladder he just hoped that it wasn’t her parent’s bedroom that he was going to climb through to get into the house. As he climbed over the gutter he slowly climbed up to the window and crept through it. Looking around the room he knew instantly that it was Martha’s bedroom. There were teddy bears, porcelain dolls, photo’s and in the corner next to him was high heels and as he looked over at the door he also so Martha’s dad standing in the doorway.

Jack backed, back against the window as the man made his way towards Jack.

“Oh god!” Jack thought to himself. “There’s no way out of this one!”

As the man edged closer, all Jack could do was stand still, silent and hope to god that something would happen for Jack to escape but as the man was no less then five feet away Jack started sweating and fearing the worst, but the one thing that kept running through his mind was…Martha.

Chapter 9

Oh NO!!!

What's going to happen???

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ok here is the next chapter ...finally...I am so sorry it took so long for me to update but work has been flat out and I have spent so much time on my website trying to get it looking more professional but here it is and the next chapter i promise will be longer...just for all you guys :D

Chapter 9

Jack backed up against the window, hoping to god that Martha’s dad would throw a punch and miss or something, hoping that he would re-open his eyes and her father would be gone but when Jack opened his eyes again he realized that it wasn’t a dream and that infact her father was nearing him every second. Suddenly Jack heard another male voice yelling and then heard a female voice yelling after him. Martha’s father spun around and Jack turned and bolted out the window as fast as he could. As he slid down the roof tiles he could see the ground nearing him and just as he got to the edge of the gutter he grabbed onto the gutter to stop himself from going over but nothing worked. Jack went straight over the top of the roof and hit the ground so hard that his eyes shot open instantly and he gasped for air. Jack lye there for a couple of minutes trying to catch his breath until he heard what sounded like the front door open. Jack tried to move but still struggled to catch his breath and then he felt someone standing over him.

‘That’s it’ Jack thought to himself…’I’m a goner’

“Come one mate, I need to get you out of here!” a man said helping Jack to his feet and looking at him. A man with dark brown hair and brown eyes looked over Jack.

“Who are you?” Jack asked through deep breaths.

“Macca Mackenzie and you’re keeping my sister away from this house so I’m going to save you in hopes to see her!” Macca replied pulling Jack towards the red two door Subaru that was only about two feet away. Just as they reached the car they heard a female and male yelling and screaming at each other.

“Ok we have to go!” Macca said as he opened the door and almost threw Jack in. Making sure that every body part of Jack’s was inside Macca’s car he slammed the door and ran around to driver’s side and jumping in. Slamming the door Macca turned the ignition and put the car into gear and sped off down the road, leaving behind just a pile of dirt, filtering itself around in the air.


Martha slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room. She felt some what light headed for some reason; like she was floating and then she realized her back wasn’t hurting as much as before. Martha took another look around the room and noticed she was no longer in the lounge room but in some ones bedroom. Martha looked at the bedside table and noticed a framed photograph of Jack, Lucas, Matilda and another blonde girl all sitting together on the beach. Jack was sitting next to the blonde girl with his arms around her and her skinny body showing through the nice pink bikini she wore. Matilda was sitting in between Lucas’s legs and was resting her head in Lucas’s bare chest as he had wrapped his arms around her waist and his fingers were playing with her belly button. Martha smiled and slowly sat herself up.

Martha then realized that she was lying in a male’s bed and on the wall opposite the bed was another photo of Jack and his dad on the beach holding surf boards. Martha pulled the covers back and swung her feet around onto the floor. Her back still hurt but not as much as before. As she climbed to her feet she walked over to a window and looked out it just as a car pulled up outside. Martha watched as a male climbed out of the driver’s side and raced around to the passenger side and pulled it open and that’s when she saw him, crumbled in a ball, dirty and brown hair being pulled out of the car.

“Jack!” Martha said to herself before the man that had leant Jack on him turned around to reveal Martha’s brother Macca helping Jack up to the house. Martha made her way back the stairs at the fastest pace she could go, wincing slightly as she fastened her pace.

Martha had just reached the bottom of the stairs when Macca laid Jack down on the couch.

“Macca!” Martha exclaimed as he looked up and saw her. He raced around the couch and stopped dead in front of her.

“What did he do to you?” Macca asked as Martha smiled weakly.

“Used the whip on me, on my back!” Martha replied as Macca nodded and bought his sister into a hug, being careful not to hurt her as he did so.

“Is Jack alright?” Martha asked as she dug her face into the crook of her brother’s neck.

“Badly winded from coming up face to face with dad in your room, went off the second story roof and straight onto the ground trying to get away from him. I thought I’d better come back when Draco and Hermione rang me. See if my bub is alright!” Macca replied as tears started trickling down Martha’s cheeks.

“I love you Macca!” she replied as she hugged her brother even more tightly.

“Oh bub I love you too!” he replied as he felt Martha’s body shaking.

“Martha!” Jack whispered as he held onto his rib cage.

“Jack!” Martha said a little loudly as Kate and Tony entered in from the kitchen holding a hot cup of contents that smelled to Martha like herbal tea.

Martha released herself from Macca’s grasp and made her way over to Jack who was still having trouble breathing.

“I’m sorry…Mar…tha!” Jack exclaimed as Martha shook her head and took his hand.

“Don’t be sorry, you bought my brother here, your alive and your safe now that’s all that matters!” Martha replied as Jack smiled and closed his eyes.

“I love you Martha!” Jack replied as he re-opened his eyes and looked up at the beautiful face who was looking down at him. He saw a tear roll down her cheek and saw her smile and for once nothing else in his mind mattered.

“I love you too Jack and one way or another, we will be together!” Martha replied as she leant down and finally connected her lips with his.

oh and you can all blame Rach for the italics...she got me hooked lol

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PLEASE DONT SHOOT *hands in the air* I give up :unsure:

here it is...:)

Chapter 10

Martha and Jack were both lying on the couch in each other’s arms grateful that they were finally together. Jack kept kissing Martha’s head of hair and Martha kept snuggling further into his chest, making herself warm and safe at the same time.

“Isn’t it strange?” Martha asked in a soft voice that only Jack could hear.

“Isn’t what strange?” he asked keeping hold of her, afraid that if he let go she would be ripped away from him.

“Isn’t it strange that after all this time of message’s, poems and everything we end up here, at this point, in this moment blissfully happy. Forget the complicated desire, the forbidden meetings surrounding us and our secrecy we had to endure, but look upon at now and what is in front of us for the one thing in this world stronger than family and friendship is love.”

Martha said as Jack smiled at the amount of ‘intellect’ that she had used in the few moments that she had spoken, sounding so calm, so at ease, so immobile.

“I remember a girl once said to me, seek what you shall find and conquer all desire's as one. What happened to that girl?” he asked as he felt her smile in his chest before she looked up at him.

“That girl sought what she found and well let’s just say in time, will conquer all her desires as one.” She said as Jack smiled.

“And what does that mean?” Jack asked as Martha pulled herself up so she was looking down at him and smiling.

“It means-‘ Martha said as she leant in and kissed his nose before looking him in the eyes. “She-‘ Martha this time kissed his lips lightly before again looking him in the eyes and running one finger down hie bare chest, hard torso and baby skin. “Fell in…love!” Martha said before she leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips. At first the kiss was soft and gentle but after a couple of moments both Jack and Martha hardened the kiss, Jack slipping his tongue into her mouth and massaging the inside of her mouth as she let out a little moan and slid her tongue into his mouth ready to finally play tonsil hockey.

Jack pulled Martha down on him so she was now lying on his chest as they kissed Jack ran his hands up her bandaged back and back down it again, resting his hands on the cheeks of her bottom and squeezing them tightly as Martha let out yet another small moan.

All of a sudden Martha felt someone grab onto her hair and reef her head upwards. She let out a stiff yelp as she felt herself being pulled to her feet and pushed across the room. She tripped over the Fire place mantle and her back hit the corner of the fire place as she screamed out in pain.

Jack flew to his feet instantly regretting doing so as his chest started pounding. His vision became blurred and he fell back onto the couch. Jack looked over to where Martha was now crumpled on the floor, he could hear her sobbing and wincing on the ground. Jack started yelling random insults at whoever had just hurt Martha and then he heard footsteps coming from the stairs behind him and as he yelled out one final insult he heard a voice.

“Who the hell is she Jack?”

“Valli?” Jack asked feeling some what annoyed at the female, but also feeling a little shocked as well.


Matilda and Lucas were walking back along the beach when Lucas saw him heading toward them. A strong, tall, caucasion, dark haired man heading toward them.

“Luc who is that?” Matilda asked looking a little worried and gripping his hand tightly.

“Oh no!” Lucas said as he looked at the man once more. “That’s Martha’s dad, quick up this way!” Lucas said as they both ran as fast as they could up the closest path heading toward the Diner and Surf Club. Once they got to the top of the path they took a right and headed for the Diner.




Martha sat inside with Kate looking over her wounds on her back as he back was throbbing from being almost thrown away from Jack.

“Ohhhhhh dear!” Kate said as she signalled to Tony to pass her the whiskey. “A couple of the lashes are bleeding heavily again, here take a big mouthful of this and grit your teeth!” Kate said as she handed Martha the whiskey and watched as Martha took a huge mouthful before Kate quickly tipped some of the contents onto Martha’s back.

Jack heard Martha screaming in pain and went to run back inside but Vanessa grabbed his wrist and slapped him again.

“Don’t you dare go back in there to that…that slut!” Vanessa cursed as Jack spun back around, rubbing his cheek where she had hit him, not once but twice in five minutes.

“Were not together anymore so let the hell go of me!” Jack also cursed as he reefed his arm out of her grasp. Jack turned around and went to walk back inside when she spoke some words that almost pierced Jack’s heart and shattered it into a billion pieces.

“Don’t you want to meet your son?”

*grins* dont all shoot me at once:D

oh and HM...I had to use you ahhhh *name* :P

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