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No takers for Isabel Lucas's fashion in the field

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No takers for Isabel Lucas's fashion in the field

May 7 2008

SHE may be the envy of starlets the world over after nabbing small screen playboy Adrian Grenier, but Isabel Lucas's quirky dress sense is hardly winning her fans in the US. While she has always been more boho babe than uptown girl, the '60s-inspired ensemble Lucas wore to accompany the Entourage star to the Kentucky Derby at the weekend had the fashion critics cracking the whip on several US gossip sites.

"PETA is investigating the effect that Isabel Lucas's dress may have had on the outcome of the Derby," one snide scribe remarked.

Having been seen together several times in the past month, the two are clearly an item - but ex-flame Jason Dundas seems to be in denial.

When asked about the romance recently, Dundas said: "There is not much truth to that rumour - she told me (they weren't together)."

We think it's called letting you down gently, Jase.

From news.com.au

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