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Mon, 05 May 08 – Episode # 4631

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jack - Just Oh So Ordinary “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 05 May 08 – Episode # 4631]


Despite Noels’ warnings that something “might” happen to Ric’s unborn child, Ric insists that he’s NOT going to fight. Noel however insists that he better have the right answer [that Ric will fight] by morrow.

When Noel is gone, Maddie is worried when Ric says that he IS going to fight, but Ric clarifies this when he tells her that he is going fight Noel [and these illegal fights].


As jack & marth carry some boxes [containing his things] in the house, jack comments that 2 SBH students just ignored him when he was “suggesting” that they shouldn’t be harassing colleen at the diner.

Talk turns to how kinda weird it could be that jack is moving back into THIS house, but he thinks that it will be ok. Martha even suggest that they should go looking for a place of their own, but jack suggest that it’s better to the ppl of the bay to get used to them being together before they move in together.

After Martha bails, Jack removes some of things from the boxes, incl a framed pic of him in uniform.


Ric insists to Maddie that he has to go and see Viv about all of this, but Maddie says that she is definitely going with him.

They are about to bail when Miles enters the room – Ric insists that he will talk to miles bout what’s happening when they get back.


As Ric pulls up Alf’s ute close to Viv’s place, Maddie is surprised that he is going to tell Alf ^& co all about what’s going on. Ric tells her that he thinks that they will need the support of family.

As Ric exits the car, he asks maddie to txt him if she sees Noel come home - maddie agrees to.

When Ric gets to door of the seaside mansion, Viv is rather surprise to see him. After they quickly go inside, Ric tells Viv of noel’s threats, but she thinks that’s just a bit of hot air. Viv also is waaaaaaaaaaay against Ric’s suggestion that she should get way from Noel – she insists that there's no way that she can spt the baby alone, and when Ric tries to assure her that he will be there for her, she reminds him of his current lack of employment AND of how all this would affect Maddie/Ric.

Ric then gets a txt form Maddie – Noel is home.

Whilst Viv distracts Noel, Ric seems to get away cleanly, but after Noel sees the ute drive away, Viv tells him that she said everything that he told her to.

Noel insists to Viv hat all he needs is for Ric to fight just this omen more time – as the ppl that noel is involved with aren’t ever joking when they “suggests” that they will kneecap someone.


With Maddie, Alf, Ric, Miles & Martha all at the dining table, Ric & Maddie tells the others all about what’s happening [the baby, the fights etc]. Alf comets that he thinks that Maddie is a saint for the way that she is putting up with all this hardship that Ric is putting the couple thorough, whilst Martha or Miles suggest that they should speak to the police about this.


Ric talks to Jack about the situation. Jack suggest that they should go to police in the city about tis, as, perhaps, there’s a corrupt cop at yabby creek who has been warning Noel of raids on the fights. Jack, however, suggest that they should 1st speak to Lara Fitzgerald about what’ going on.


Maddie is on te back patio trying to study when Martha approaches her. Maddie insists that, although she is trying to study, she isn’t going very well. Maddie tells Martha that she can’t muck up this school years, since she’s [of course] repeating.

Martha is keen to know about how maddie is feeling about what’s going on. Maddie tells Martha that she won’t be able to live the carefree life that she imagined when she got back together with Ric. Maddie tells Martha that she is worried about losing Ric to Viv.

Soon after, Miles & Alf are in the main room of the house and they comment on how ppl complicate things unnecessarily.

Colleen enters and wonders why the seemed to stop talking about whatever they were when she enters. Mile sells her that they are talking about how close Miles & jazz are to each other, but colleen suggests that isn’t exactly a secret [after their recent picnic].

Before she goes, colleen gives Miles a letter that she wants him to give Mr Bartlett – about those 2 students who ignored jack when they were harassing her.


Ric tells Jack & Lara about what’s going on and he assures them that noel does seem VERY scared of the powerful ppl who are involved in this fights.

Ric then gets a bit of a shock when Lara tells him that he has to tell Noel that he will agree to fight again, as that way the police will know when a fight night is taking place. Ric is worried that if the info gets out that he warned the police Ric [and Viv & Maddie] could be in danger. Lara insists that Ric has to trust in that not happening.


Ric tells Maddie about the plan, and she is naturally worried about something going worin. Maddie is also worried that if the plan works and noel goes to jail, then she might lose Ric [to Viv] if he is her only mean of support.


Jack thinks Lara for helping him with what’s happening with Ric. She suggests that he shouldn’t have quit the force, and when she asks if he has any clear plans for another line of work, Jack says that he doesn’t at this stage.


Next day, Ric & Noel are talking on the phone. Ric is sitting at eh bottom of the stars at the vph, whilst Noel is on the balcony love his place. Ric tells neo that he will fight, and because of that decision, he wants a say in everything that happens with the baby for now on. Noel dismisses that suggestions, and tells Ric that he will be in touch with the time & place of the fight soon.

When off the phone, Ric looks waaaaaaaaaaaay stressed.



Looks like there’s some trouble tween Tony & Rachel – they haven’t set a date yet, and it appears that Tony is the one who is having trouble moving on form his past

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Martha: black blouse/denim shirts [with rope belt]


Matilda: white [green & purple vertical stripes] dress


Jack: 2 tone green horizontal stripes [lime green “gold diggers cup” motif] t


Alf: faded orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: white [black & red floral] blouse

Jack: apple green polo shirt

Lara: black & white horizontal stripes thin strap dress

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/brown long pants

Noel: black [white pin stripes] button up shirt

Noel: plum button up shirt

Ric: black [white typewriter text motifs] t/denim jeans

Ric: black t

Viv: black v neck dress [with red t beneath]/black leggings

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