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Instead of having more than just a few threads for each individual contest, here's a thread where you can find the link to the information pages about the contest.

The avatar contest

The calendar contest

Last Icon Maker Standing

1on1 contest

Archived Contests

Avatar Contest Archive

1on1 Contest Archive

LIMS Archive

Closed Contest Archives

The Cartoon Contest

The Lyric Contest

The Animal Contest

The T-Shirt Contest

Important Topic

Suggestions Thread!

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We have made a number of changes to this Artwork and Creations forum.

We have closed irrelevant contests such as The Cartoon Contest, The Animal Contest, The Lyric Contest, The T-Shirt Contest, Icon Inspirations and Avatar Challenges.

The most popular contests have been archived into their own threads, so they are now easier to find:

Avatar Contest Archive

LIMS Archive

One on One Archive

When the next round is finished, it will be moved to one of the above Archives.

Now, this is how the contests will run from now on:

A suggestion was made by Jess(sevenpuddings) which was very favourably received by the members, so we have decided to go ahead with that.

We need a single post with suggestions for all Avatar Competitions, and when someone has used a suggested theme, it will get crossed off the list, until all have been used up. This way all the different themes which people want can have an equal shot, and there will be a mixture of things. Once the listed themes have all been used we can either resume with the same themes, or new ones can be added. This can be found HERE

Voting schedule for Avatar Contest:

Monday: Contest goes up

Thursday/Friday: Entries must be in

Voting: Saturday through to Sunday

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Here is a list of topics for each contest. The host of each contest will pick a topic from the following list.

Avatar Contest Topics:


Home & Away actresses
(used more than once)
Red Carpet Ready
Tessa James photos
Your favourite H&A Actor/Actress

Best of ....

Romantic dreams for 2011
2008 Arrivals
The Best of 2006 & 2007
The Best of 2010
Wishes for 2007

Season Finale


Favourite Character
Female Characters
Guest Characters
Male Characters

Characters - Family/Friendships/Siblings etc
AU [Alternate Universe] Couples
Best Friends
Characters who are "never" in a scene together
Character with food
Couple that you like the most
Father & Child
Friendship / Your favourite friendship / Friends
Mismatched Couples
Mother/Daughter Contest
Parent/Child combo
(used more than once)
Summer Bay Kids
Teenage Dream
The Girls of the Bay
The Men of the Bay
Your Fave Teen Character
Your One True Pairing

Villains (used more than once)

Characters - Past
-Former Characters/Past Characters
Angelo Rosetta
Beth Hunter
Charlie Buckton
"Charlie and..."
"Geoff and..."
Hugo Austin based
Jules Munro
Kirsty Phillips
Martha Holden
Matilda base Challenge
Miles Copeland
Nicole Base Challenge
Oliver Phillips
Penn Graham
Ric Dalby
The old teens
The Original Holdens
The Sutherlands
Tony Holden (Hotdad)

Characters - Present
Dexter Walker
Irene and....
Marilyn Chambers
(used more than once)
Present characters
Sasha and ....?
The Austins
The Braxtons
The Golden Oldies
The Police / Police Force / Cops and Robbers
The Scott Sisters
The Walkers

Emotions etc

Emotional moments
Happiness (used more than once)
Love (used more than once)
Most Embarrassing Moment/Embarrassment
Sadness (used more than once)


Christmas / "Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All"
Marriage Challenge
Past Weddings


Caravan Park
Favourite house or building in the bay but there must be two words of text, they can say anything
Hanging Out
House interiors
The Beach (used more than once)
The Pier Diner / The Diner (used more than once)


All time favourite TV couple
Anastacia singer
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart specific pictures
Favourite actor/actress or favourite band/singer
Favourite Movie Duo
Favourite Sports player
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Multi TV Shows Supernatural, The O.C., Home and Away
Something that reminds you of home or that defines home for you, it can be a person, an object, a place or anything really.
Your childhood hero
Your choice

Miscellaneous - Actions
On the phone

Miscellaneous - Alphabet
The Letter A

Miscellaneous - Colours
Black and White
Black and white with a twist
Pretty in Pink

Miscellaneous - Home and Away themed
A New Beginning
All Things Home and Away
Away from the Bay - Home and Away actor in a role away from the Bay.
Bring me back / I Miss You
Favourite Scene
Favourite Storylines
School Uniform
Summer Bay High


Adelle - Aden/Belle (used more than once)
Gaden - Geoff/Aden
Chax - Charlie/Brax
Jannie - Jai/Annie
Nicole & Angelo
Nicole & Geoff/Aden
Noah and Hayley
Tachel - Tony/Rachel

Icon Techniques

An Iconic Challenge
Cropping / Colouring & Cropping
Icons out of screencaps posted - Screencaps
Icon using brushes and textures as chosen by the host
Lyrically Speaking.... / Song Lyrics
Picture Jason Smith (aka Robbie Hunter) / Personal choice of pictures / Pictures chosen by host
Quotes / Selected quotes
Unique Cropping

If there is a topic that you would like to see on the list, please PM a Moderator or a Librarian.

Can the host of each contest please PM a Moderator or a Librarian and tell them which contest they are hosting and which topic they have chosen, Thank You.

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Avatar Contest Rules/Guidelines

- All avatars entered into the contest must be 120 x 120 pixels in size.

- Only one entry is permitted for every member to each new contest.

- The winner of the previous contest gets to host the next contest, including choosing the theme/topic for the next one as well as selecting a closing date for the entries to be received by. Once they select a closing date & time the host must stick to it. They must only post the new contest up for voting after this point in time, once the deadline has been reached.

- All avatars submitted as entries in the Avatar Contest should remain anonymous until voting for the contest has ended. Entrants must not use or publish their avatar contest entry anywhere else prior to the results being announced. This includes their own artwork thread, the random artwork thread, in any other thread on BttB, as well as on other sites/forums on the Internet. Any icons/avatars that are found used or posted somewhere else prior to the results of the contest being announced will be disqualified.

- After receiving all entries, hosts must re-upload all the icons/avatars to your own image hosting site (Photobucket, Imageshack etc), before posting the contest up for voting. Copying the links people send to you still counts as hotlinking. Therefore don’t do it. It also leads to loss of the anonymity of the entries as a lot of members that enter will have uploaded their entries to their own Photobucket account where they also post all their other artwork.

- Members that have entered the contest are still able to vote for other entries, but obviously they cannot vote for their own entry. If an entrant does so then the host must discount that vote.

- Only votes that have been clearly stated, with reasoning, in the individual thread opened for each new contest will be counted. Members must vote for the entry they think is best artistically/creatively and not for the character(s) that feature on the icon/avatar. Votes via PM’s, emails, MSN etc. are not permitted. This ensures that no doubt can be cast on the fairness of the voting within each contest.

Lately there has been some confusion over the duties involved when hosting the Avatar Contest, as well as entrants in to the contest not being aware of the rules. Therefore we have decided to post a set of clearly defined rules/guidelines to be followed for all Avatar Contest. Therefore could everyone please read them carefully and use them as a guideline when hosting/entering. Should everyone follow them correctly then we will not encounter any problems with the Avatar Contest in the future.

Your co-operation on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

On behalf of the BttB staff,

Anaya (Librarian)

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  • 1 year later...

Please note that there is an addition to the Avatar Contest Rules/Guidelines below:

- No posts of any kind that may identify the creators of avatars should be posted in the Avatar Discussion thread before the judging.

Would the host of each new Avatar Contest please make sure that they include this rule when posting the next contest, thanks.

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