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Mon, 28 Apr 08 - Episode # 4626

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ How Cooooooooooooool !!! Nurse Julie’s In MAUVE At Work !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 28 Apr 08 - Episode # 4626]


With the start of the fight fast approaching, Jazz & Matilda are really concerned about Ric. Jazz even goes to Noel, and tells Noel how ill Ric is – but Noel is adamant that Ric fights.

The bout begins – and Logan easily defeats Ric.

In an office, Noel is waaaaaay annoyed – he tells Matilda & Jazz that the punters thinks that Ric took a “dive” but all Matilda is worried about, naturally, is getting Ric to a hospital.

Btw, Matilda & Jazz try to tell Noel that the will go to Jack about all of this – but Noel tells them that he KNOWS that Jack has quit the force.

Ric, with his weight supported by both Matilda & Jazz, makes a hasty exit through the angry fight club crowd. The crowd throw things paper at the trio.


Rachel & Nurse Julie are quite surprised to see how knocked about Ric is – after Mad & jazz bring him in. they insist that he’s had a fall.


Logan is angered with Noel – and insists that he thinks that Ric took a”dive”. An associate of Noel’s insist that Ric was ill but Logan demands a rematch. Noel insist that he will make sure there is one.


Rachel approach Matilda & Jazz, and she urges them to tell the truth bout what happened to Ric – as there’s no way a fall could have caused all the bruises etc on his upper body. Rachel says that she knows that there is illegal fighting going on, and Matilda & jazz do tell Rachel that that is how Ric got his injuries, but they urge her not to tell the police. Rachel says that she won’t say anything to the police – this time.

Soon after, Matilda is in Ric’s room and she insists to him that they’ll be no more fights.

In the corridor, Rachel WAAAAAAAAAAAY has a go at Jazz – she insists that Jazz should have known better [as she is an adult]. Rachel wonders what Tony will have to say about this.

Matilda approaches Rachel – and Rachel insists that if Ric comes into the hospital with fight injuries again, Rachel WILL report it to the police.


Matilda enters – and she is looking way worried about everything that is going on.


Rachel enters Ric’s room, and Ric says that he is feeling better. Rachel tells his that that’s because of the fluids etc that they are getting back into his system. Rachel tells Ric that she won’t report this to the police – as he was admitted because of the infection that he had [before the fight]. Rachel though urges Ric not to fight again =- as these fights are brutal, criminal and the pp who ruin them don’t care about Ric. Ric tells her [like Matilda did] that he won’t be fighting again.

[note – especially withy that whole “criminal, brutal” speech, Amy Matthews was partic wonderful in this scene]


A shirtless Tony [siting at the table] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY has a go at Jazz because of what’s happened. He is however pleased that she didn’t try to hide this from him.


Matilda is asleep on the couch when a knock on the door wakes her. It’s Viv, looking for Ric. Maddie says that he is in hospital – and initially kinda hospital to Viv, but Matilda senses that Viv isn’t exactly at full strength and says that she can stay here tonight, but Viv bails.


Next day, in the car park, Viv awakes. She slept in her car. Nurse Julie approaches the car – and she takes Viv inside. Nurse Julie comments to Rachel that Viv is Noel’s wife. Rachel is intrigued but she also has Ric to tend to so she goes into his room. She says tat he can be discharged form the hospital at lunchtime today. Rachel also wonders if Ric wants to see Viv, who has Rachel if she {Viv} could speak to Ric. Ric is ambivalent about it, but agrees to see her – so Rachel goes into the corridor asn tells Viv what Ric said.

After Viv heads for Ric’s room, Nurse Julie shows Rachel [on a computer screen that we can’t see] some tests results form Viv’s pregnancy. The look on Rachel’s face is one of shock & horror.

Soon after, Viv tells Ric that Noel got very angry last night after the fight – as the one thing that he IS scared off is those punters. Viv thought that Noel might hot her, so she grabbed her car keys and came looking for Ric. Ric can’t believe that Matilda knows that Viv is looking for him, but Viv says that Matilda was very kind to her. Viv then tell Ric that there are MASSIVE complications with their unborn child. She tells him that Noel wants her to terminate the pregnancy – but she has come to Ric as she REALLY has no idea what she wants to do [terminate or not???]



Jazz well & truly sets her sights on a ‘ship with Miles???

Geoff is way keen on Melody, but will it be Nicole that he kisses 1st [after she offers to help him with his technique]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: mauve low cut spaghetti strap top/brown velvety jacket/old denim jeans


Ric: maroon (gold crest) t/grey track pants


Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse/dark jacket/dark long pants


Jazz: white long sleeve scoop top/dark long pants

Logan: dark long pants

Noel: dark button up shirt

Noel’s fight club assistant: dark [with a single white horizontal stripe on both upper arms] jacket

Rachel: black scoop like top

Rachel: royal blue v neck top/black knee length skirt

Viv: grey jacket/white singlet top/bone long pants

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