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Missed You

Guest *caitie*

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Type Of Story- undecided

Rating- T

Main charcters- Mattie, Lucas, Jack, Tony, Henry, and others

Genre- mixture

Is story being proof read- no


The Holden family move back to Summer Bay sfter moving seven years before when kate died

Chapter 1-Please Don't Go

Two boys and a girl played in a front lawn happily, they were probably about 8, and they were ignoring the fact that one of them would be leaving soon. A man walked out of the house they were playing infront of with bags and chucked them in a car outside the house

'Lucas,' he said to one of the little boys 'have you packed?'

The boys called Lucas looked to the ground and nodded. The boy and the girl behind him glanced at each other then went into the house next-door.

The man bent down to the boys height and looked him in the eye

'I know you don't want to go, Lucas,' he said quietly and gently

'Then why are we going? I want to stay!' Lucas said, pouting

'I know you want to stay, but there are too many memories of your Mum here, and too many people that will trigger them'

The man stood up and the boy looked up at him with pleading eyes, begging silently not to go, but the man had already turned and was walking to the house. Another boy of about 14 walked out with a few bags and chucked them into the car.

'Not still sulking, are you?' The boy asked Lucas scornfully

'if anything, Jack, you're sulking' Lucas retorted.

Jack stuck his tongue out childishly and returned to the house as Lucas plopped to the ground. It was true, Jack was sulking more than Lucas. His mother had died about a week ago, and he had been sulking ever since. When their Father had announced yesterday that they'd be moving, Jack had jumped up and yelled for about 15 minutes before stomping to his room and slamming the door. But this morning he'd barely said a word as he packed his bags and helped their Dad pack boxes and move furniture, but displaying his emotions perfectly with a sulky expression as he did so.

Lucas heard the door open and close and turned around to see his Dad

'You'd better say good-bye to Henry and Matilda, we'll be leaving in about five minutes'

As if on cue, the boy and girl from next door came across to their lawn.

'Did you manage to persuade him?' The girl called Matilda asked eagerly

Lucas shook his head sadly

'Told ya'!' the boy called Henry said

'I'm gonna miss you guys' said Lucas, tilting up his chin, as if it would stop the tears in his eyes from spilling down his cheeks, but in vain. But only a single tear slid down his cheek, as it was all his dignity and pride would allow. He quickly hugged the boy and the girl.

'I'm really going to miss you' said Henry 'Now all I have to play with is Matilda'

'I'm not that bad!' Matilda retorted, then sobered as she turned to Lucas

'Please come back, otherwise I'll have to play with Henry all my life'

Henry looked at her angrily to retort, but at that moment Tony and Jack came out of the house with the last of boxes and bags.

'Lucas, car, now!' demanded his Dad, stuffing the things in the car

Lucas gave Henry and Matilda one last hug before going to the car, opening the door and slamming it behind him, now letting his tears fall down his cheeks and into his lap. And as the car started and went down the street, Lucas didn't look back.

If I get enough comments I will continue so please comment!!!!And don't worry, they're not always going to be that sad lol :P

Caitlyn XxXxX

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okay, here's chapter 2 :)

Chapter 2-Coming Back

Lucas P.O.V

‘But why do we have to go, I don’t want to go!’ I complained

Dads sighed

‘You know why we have to go. Someone told me that the local gym was having trouble and needed trainers, so since I knew people there I decided to apply for the job. And I can’t back out of it now so you’ll have to go, and no, you can’t stay with one of your friends because I’m your legal guardian’

I glared at Dad and he looked at me sympathetically.

‘Look Lucas, I know this is hard on you, and I understand how much you will miss your friends, but-‘

‘Miss them? Do you know how much they’ll miss me in return? When I told Chloe and Amber Chloe started crying and Amber was very close to tears, and it is very hard to get Amber to cry, not to mention Matthew and Liam who went skits! So don’t you dare say you understand’ and with that, I jumped into the car, slamming the door behind me, not even looking back when we finally got out of the city.

Two hours later we went past a sign

“Welcome to Summer Bay”

The beach, some shops and houses brought back many memories of people, places and things that went whirling around in my head so heard that I couldn’t really recognize anything. I saw a boy and a girl running along the beach with me, and walking into a kind of restaurant, and my first time surfing. I shook my head in an attempt to shake away the lingering memories, but in vain, they stayed there. We pulled outside the drive of a house that looked very familiar and I jumped out quickly.

‘Have we been here before?’ I asked Dad

He smiled ‘You remember it? We used to live here before your Mum died’


I got my suitcase of clothes out of my bag and headed for the door. Dad unlocked it and I walked inside. The rooms and walls were bare but that could not stop the torrent of memories that went whirling through my head, smells, people, feelings, conversations and actions all at once. I acted on instinct and went through the lounge room and hallway and entered a bedroom that looked suddenly so much smaller than the memories that were cascading through my head. I suddenly decided I needed to get out of this house, but Dad would never let me go, he’d want me to help unpack things. I suddenly spotted a window at the other side of the room. I could make it back in time before they came to check on me. I closed the door, went to the other side of the room, and opened the window. It took a fair amount of budging and pulling but I finally got it. With one last furtive look behind me, I jumped out the window.

Matties P.O.V

Cassie was holding on to my shoulders way to tight, but I didn’t care, we were both screaming and laughing too much to care. We were on the side of the road riding a bike, Henrys bike actually, and he would kill me if he found out that we took his bike that was $1000 and he saved up a year to get. Cassie was standing on bars that stuck out from the back wheel and holding onto my shoulders for balance, occasionally cautiously standing up straight and sticking her arms out in a “Titanic” pose and screaming out ‘Jack, I’m flying!’ then wobbling a bit as I went faster and leaning on my shoulders again

‘So,’ Cassie said as she leaned on my shoulders once more ‘What’s the deal with you and Ric?’

‘Nothing, we broke up ages ago, remember?’

‘Oh yes, I remember, but are you sure there’s not anymore chemistry?’

I turned my head around to look at her

‘And why would you say-‘

‘LOOK OUT!’ she screamed

I looked around just in time to see us hit someone and fall hard on the ground. I braked hard so I didn’t run over them and jumped off the bike, Cassie following me, but the person had already jumped up. It was a boy, about my age; he had a big rip in the knee of his jeans from falling over and was staring at us angrily

‘I’m so sorry!’ I said sympathetically

‘Why don’t you watch where you’re going?’ he snapped

‘Yes, but Cassie was telling me something, I’m really sorry! I should’ve been more careful, I’m sorry

‘Yeah, you could watch the road!’

Cassie narrowed her eyebrows

‘Hey, she said she was sorry, what more can she do?’

The boy shrugged


Then he walked off

‘Someone was angry’ Cassie muttered

‘Yeah, as I was saying, why do you say that?’

I said as Cassie and I hopped back on the bike

She shrugged

‘Just asking’

I smirked ‘Do you like him?’

She smiled mysteriously ‘That’s for me to know and you to find out’

‘You do! You do like him! I knew it!’

‘Yeah,’ she nodded, and then looked at me ‘Are you annoyed?’

I shook my head ‘Not one bit, you go for him girl!’

And I meant it. I was over the stage where I felt jealous if anyone flirted or went out with Ric.

‘So who do you like?’

‘No-one at the moment’ I sighed

‘Well, Aden Jefferies is alright looking, don’t cha’ think?’ Cassie said, taking a hand momentarily off my shoulder to nudge me with her elbow

‘Yeah, but a complete idiot’

‘Yeah, well, what about Geoff Campbell?’

‘Hot and nice, but not my type sorry’

‘Well I have no idea, but when you do see a guy, let me know!’ She said, jumping off the bike as we got to her house. I waved to her and rode the rest of the way to my house. I sneakily stuck Henrys bike in the garage and ran inside

‘Mum, I’m home!’

No answer

‘Mum?’ I walked to the bench and saw a note

“Dear Mattie,” I read “Gone next door to meet new neighbors with Henry, I’m sure you would remember them so come over as soon as you get back! Mum”

I sighed, wondering who the neighbors were and hoping they weren’t some old people that Mum knew from when she was little, there seemed to be a lot of those.

I opened the door of the house and walked inside. I saw Mum and Henry sitting at a table and talking to a man about Mums age with curly brown hair, a nice smile and a rich, deep voice, I vaguely recognized him

‘And this must be Matilda!’ he stood up ‘the last time I saw you, you were only this big!’ he out his hand at his hip to indicate her height

I smiled, I liked this man

‘Call me Mattie’

The man smiled

‘Well Mattie and Henry, you may as well see my sons again’

I heard a faint bumping as something solid hit the floor in one of the rooms in the hallway.

‘I wonder what that was?’ The man muttered to himself

‘Jack? Where are you? Come out here, and did you drop something?’ he asked Jack entered the room

‘No, I heard something hit the floor though’

Jack looked a lot like his Dad, except for his eyes that were darker and his hair was straight.

‘Lucas? Come here, please, did you drop something?’

‘Ah, no’ the person called Lucas sounded flustered as he walked through the hallway.

My eyes widened at the first attribute of Lucas I saw;

He had a huge rip in the knee of his jeans

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‘Ah, no’ the person called Lucas sounded flustered as he walked through the hallway.

My eyes widened at the first attribute of Lucas I saw;

He had a huge rip in the knee of his jeans

that was great I absoloutely loved it :)

Update soon . . . :D

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