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I Want You Boy

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Story title:I want you boy

Type of story: Long Fic

Rating: G

Main characters: Aden and new girl Sheila

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Sexual content

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary-A beatiful new girl arrives in Summer Bay and instantly falls for Aden but Aden tries is hardest to aviod being in love for the first time , how hard can he resist this feeling?

Chapter 1

It was another day in Summer Bay where the sun is shing with the sea flowing with a rush of speed and its also a another day where the gorgous but moody Aden who is wearing his white pants and a surf baord in his arm is prancing around looking bored and sits down looking at the other couples wondering why he cant be like them ,with Roman who is shirtless with his blue speedos comes along to sit down by him.

Roman -Whats wrong mate?

Aden-Nothing much just looking at the lovebirds who are busy slobbering each others faces out my life is fine, well its not i just think i need to find the right person(Roman Laughs with Aden smiling) why are you laughing?

Roman-I swear you and romance dont work together as look what happened with your previuous relationships and they ended in the deep end of the end , im not sure you can stay with a girl that long

Aden-I can(gets up) just because im a moody pain on the butt doesnt mean i cant fall for anyone, its that i havent found her yet but when i do then i'll prove you all wrong

Roman-(gets up smiling in a cheeky way)-im not the one who does bets but seriously look what happened with Nichole and that was a diaster so i still think that romance is not really your genre, but good luck(Roman slaps Aden softly with Aden looking thoughtful thinking that Roman might be right in his words)

Later that evening , Aden is in his room wearing a white vest thinking about what Roman might have said was true , as he never had a relationship with the right girl because Aden is not the type to ever get into those but hears a knock on the door with Aden saying "Come in" and Nichole comes in wearing her pink pyjamas sits down and gives him a comforting arm.

Nichole-I heard what Dad said and that kinda stung you didn't it?

Aden-No he is riht im Aden Jefferies the tough guy who ......

Nichole- Also has a great hear look even though you may a jerk somtimes but your a brother to me and despite your flaws your the only person who has done alot for me as much as our fling was a big comedy show

Aden-More like a freak show(they both laugh)yeah but i dont now when she might arrive and what she might be like because i think so many girls like me but i scare them away with my big ego and thats not good because i dont really wanna be like that

Nichole(sighs) lets just say that girl might come sooner then you think , no far away for like a year

Preview- The girl arrives and sets her sight on Aden with a blink of the eye, will he give her a warm welcome?

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Chapter 2

It was a nice morning with the sun shing and a silver BMW is parked near the "Welcome to the Summer Bay" sign and a goodlooking middle aged man with a white shirt comes with curly hair and blue eyes with blue ripped jeans come out of the car and says "Looks like this is the right place my dear" and a girl who is wearing black sunglasses with a black strap top with dark blue jeans comes out wearing long white heels takes off her glasses reavealing her beatiful face with dark black hair and bright blue eyes saying "what a beatiful place."

Geoff , Annie and Nichole who are all wearing their usual beach wear go up to her as she is helping her dad take the lugagge out of the boot and are mesmerized by her beuty and are intruiged to know about the new arrival.

Geoff-Hey(looks up to them while getting the lugagge) are you new to Summer Bay?

New Arrival-Yeah and i seem to like it as it has a nice clear beach as i love swimming and by the way my name is Sheila porter and you 3 must be?

Geoff- Well im Geoff and Cambell and this is my sister Annie(Annie waves and Sheila smiles) and this is Nichole Harris and our resident beuty Queen (Nichole slaps him in the arm and Sheila laughs)

Nichole- I hope you really like it here even if it is a small town you'll find some drama around the corner with Geoff flirting with the ladies and having some tiffs with his girlfreind Melody

Geoff-Shut Up Nichole as if you havent slept with the whole entire Summer Bay already(Nichole pinches him and he grins mischeviously)

Annie-Cut it out you two why dont we help you get the stuff out because i think you two need a hand?

Sheila-This is my dad by the way

Nichole-Your dad is hot!

Nichole and Geoff-Nichole

Sheilas Dad- Its allright i used to get it alot from Sheilas freinds and it embarrassed her alot but dont worry your not the oonly ones

As they all laugh at Nicholes comment with Sheila beaming she notices Aden coming out of the water wet and her eyes are totally transfixed to him and the guys notice her expression as she looks at the gorgous guy with the musculer body

Annie-Thats Aden , he is our mate and usually gets moody easily if he doesnt like somthing and likes to show off a bit as he is really arragont

Sheila-Really? but so far to me he is one hell of a hunk

(Aden comes in the scene) hi my 3 mukuteers and who is is this girl?

Annie-Her name is Sheila Porter and she is new to the bay

Sheila(beams looking at Aden)- Hi

Aden(looking disinterested)- Hi welcome to Summer Bay and nice to meet you and by the way dont even think im gonna be your freind because it takes alot of hardwork to be my mate(Aden walks off looking at her with an evil grin and Sheila and the rest of the guys looking gobsmacked)

Sheila- Is he always this rude your Aden?

Nichole-Lets just say somthing has been bothering him

Geoff-I wouldnt worry about it because this is his trademark being moody most of the time unless someone specail comes along

Sheila watches Aden walk away with a huge grin knowing that she might be the girl to win him over with Sheila watching him looking love struck

Preview- The Bay are impressed with Sheilas arrival and warm hearted personality and Aden and Sheila have their first proper meeting with sparks flying.

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Chapter 3

Roman , Leah , Coleen , and Irene all see the the two arrivals go in the house with their stuff and the four decide to pay them a visit deciding to welcome them to their new place to stay. Sheila who is carrying her bag while Sheilas dad is busy taking stuff out of the cardboard boxes looks around the big house.

Sheila- I think im gonna like this place as its nice and beatiful and those 3 people very very nice , shame one wasn't.

Dad-You mean that Aden guy? well i must say the chap is very attractive

Sheila( who guys to help her dad) yeah but they say the attractive ones are the most conceited

Dad-I think you like that boy?

Sheila-Me no way i cant stand obnoxious guys , not really my type(knock on the dor and Sheila goes to see who it is and its the 4 cooks) Hi looks like your Summer Bay residents as well come in

Roman -Yes we are (all come in) we just saw your car parked and heard that your gonna be living by the diner and i must say that its gonna be pretty awsome having new arrivals

Sheilas Dad- Thats very kind of you we think this place is perfect and my daughter loves it , hi im Daneil Porter and this my pretty daughter Sheila

Sheila- Its nice to meet you and i think im gonna enjoy being here with nice people like you

Leah-That is so sweet well im Leah Patterson and this Irene , Colleen and Rpman(points to them all and they say hi to them) and welcome to Summer Bay and were looking foward to meeting you evreyday

Irene- I must say i think you two need a hand

Sheilas Dad - No its ok ...

Colleen-What do you mean this place is empty yet once we get this place running its gonna be amazing

Roman -Yeah we wouldnt want you do it on your own so let us help

Sheila-Ok lets do it(she says with excitment and they all start helping with tidying the house)

At the Diner the two introduce themselves to Miles and Miles is impressed with the two new arrivals esp with their beatiful daughter who has a smile to win hearts

Miles- Well it was nice meeting you two and good luck with evreything as you come to the right place see ya

Both- Bye(Sheila spots Aden wearing a blue t shirt and shorts and sits by him with him looking stunned)

Sheila-Looks like your gonna see alot of me as the bay seem to warm to me and my dad

Aden- Good for you so go and celebrate somewhere else

Sheila-Why are so angry girlfreind dumped you

Aden(goes closer to her)- actucally no they were all flings anyway why are you interested

Sheila- I just wanna get to know you thts all as you know my name is Sheila and you can come at my house anytime as i live by the Diner

Aden- Great as i work here i have to see you evreyday

Sheila(looks happy)-you work here wow thats great looks likeyou cant get rid of me anyhow soon

Aden- Yes bad news to me as i know have to wear a blanket on my head to aviod seeing you(Aden walks off leaving Sheila with a smile on her face with Aden who is on the beach with a little grin)

Preview- Its Sheilas first day and Aden gets jealous hen Sheila has all the men on her feet.

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