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Most Popular character poll 2008

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MPC 2008 Poll!  

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In the first poll, it lists the top 20 current characters (at the time the votes were taken). Which character was your favorite? Out of those top 20, my favorite would have to be #14. I just adore Colleen. I always have, and I always will. She just brings so much to the show, without requiring 1,000 storylines to do so. I wish she scored higher. :(

The second poll lists the top 20 past characters of the poll. This one is more difficult to choose, as there are a lot of great and notable ones. My choice would probably be #15. I loved Dani's time in the bay. I just loved her style and attitude and I do miss her from time to time.

Honestly? I predicted certain characters would do well, so I guess it's correct in that perspective. I also was pleased to see certain characters rank so highly. However, I truly believe that there are more rankings I disagree with than agree with, so I voted no.

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Jazz. I didn't vote for Luc because he's not around, and Ric's boring these days, sad to say. And you made it easier to pick her by leaving out Aden :lol:

And past character? Duh. Do I even need to say it :rolleyes:?

(Robbie, BTW)

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With the current characters there is only a couple i genuinely like and for me Matilda is the best person on the show right now (shame she tends to be overlooked when storylines are handed out).

Probably very predictable but Dani got my vote as my favourite past character. Hayley and Selina come a close second.

And i voted no as the rankings weren't anywhere near how i'd have liked them but at the same time most characters ended up vaguely where i thought they probably would.

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