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Grease 3

Guest Luc

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Pretty sure it's not happening.

There was talks of it being done (and from my knowledge they did approach Kylie Minogue also for a role) but any actually source is dated back to 2003.

I do know though that in the USA the High School Musicals were actually marketed as Grease Sequels...

So High School Musical 1 was in fact Grease 3 (and type that into IMDb and thats what comes up) and HSM 2 was Grease 4. (and i suppose HSM3 is gonna be Grease 5).

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I'm confused Luc. Are the sources from 2003 or they're recent? :lol:

I havent seen the 2nd, many said it was crapola. I LOVE the first one though, it's one of my all time fav movies. Not this High School Musical crap these days :lol:

Don't bother with Grease 2 you didnt miss much. The only original character from Grease to apear is Frenchy.

I'm still hoping for a Grease 3.

And I'm not a fan of High School Musical either. I don't get the hype over it. Talk about an over-rated movie.

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