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The Vault Contents

As of 19 April 2008

Contents of the BTTB Vault can be found in alphabetical order as follows.

If you find one of your fan fics in here that is finished, not abandoned, and would like it moved to the NDL please PM a librarian with the title and link for it to be moved.

Could librarians please update this contents each time a thread is moved into (or out of) here.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic


A Believer By Force (by dolly-999)

A Birthday To Remember (by home and away fanatic2)

A Complicated Life (by mrsfleeshman248)

A Different Future (by Karissa)

A Different Kind of Family (by justjash)

A Different Life (by Evil_gummy_shark)

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (by Jess)

A Forgotten Danger (by -Annie-)

A Forgotten Past (by Penie)

A Girl Like Me (by loobieloo)

A Hard Life (by Princess of Roxy)

A Hidden Agenda (by Jamey-Maria)

A Journey of Love (by charlie29)

A Life In Summer Bay (byLeahVinneVJ)

A Little Help (by Bobby Missed Forever)

A Little Push In The Right Direction (by fi101)

A Match Made in Heaven (by +~Nicole~+)

A Mother's Love Calls For Desperate Decisions (by beckyboo)

A Mother's Treasure Is Her Daughter (by lollypop)

A New Beginning (by Jackieleanne)

A New Direction (by Blaxland 89)

A New Family Arrives In The Bay (by Kimmy)

A New Life (by pagey)

A New Member To The Baker Family (by handcuff_me_sexy_peter_baker)

A Night Of Love (by stephyrose4)

A Precious Life Taken Too Soon (by KKB)

A Real Man!!! (by captain_jack_sparrow)

A Shoulder To Cry On (by xGlowingAngelx)

A Shoulder To Cry On (by xGlowingAngelx)

A Silent Night (by *catherine*)

A Simple Misunderstanding (by emmasi)

A Special Connection (by *~Abi~*)

A Special Present (by ~Rosey~)

A Strong Attraction (by Charlie-brax)

A Struggle To Cope (by .Amy.)

A Sudden Shock (by Charlie-brax)

A Summer Bay Wedding 3 - Don't Tell The Bride (by TelephotoMarigold)

A Third Chance 2: Return to the Bay (by Roccoluver)

A Twist in the Tale (by Georgia)

A Twist in the Tale (by Georgia) - last updated April 2009

A Week In A Lifetime (by shellybelly46)

A World Alone (by Lucii)

About A Boy (by alias)

Abuse Scars (by beachside)

Accidents Happen (by Kristen)

Adult Education (by standbyme)

After the Bomb (by aliasangel)

After The Crash (by standbyme)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints (by standbyme)

Alf's 75th Birthday (by sallyandflynnfan)

Alison Patterson's Journey (by Bretto)

Alive But Presumed Dead! (by Sarah_Lewis)

All On My Own (by Sarah_Lewis)

All Or Nothing (by ~Amy~)

All Or Nothing (by smokinace)

All That I Want Is All That You Are (by xchazx)

All That You Can't Leave Behind (by Adia)

All The Best Girls Have Daddy Issues (by smokinace)

All You Need Is Love (by phize)

All You Wanted (by kaciexox)

Always And Forever (by 13max13)

Always Comes Back To You… (by Danifan)

Always Losing (by Evil_gummy_shark)

Always Where I Need To Be (by Aden+Belle forever)

Amanda Must Die! (by The Phoenix)

An Extraordinary Xmas (by home and away fanatic2)

An Irish Summer (by Symphony)

An Ordinary Life? (by sxc_detective_baker)

An Undeniable Bond (by chrisNissy forever)

An Unexpected Start (by Joanna-Melody)

& Sometimes Love Isn't Enough (by lilgemziilou)

And The Stalker Is … Dan Baker (by ter06)

Angels Don't JUST Live in Heaven (by AngelRose)

Annie's New Love (by bijou)

Annie's Return (by ish_the_angel)

Another Story About Jack And Martha (by Jamey-Maria, -Jade-, xGlowingAngelx & Nicom)

Anya (by standbyme)

Archie (by alias)

Are Things Meant To Be? (by Amanda)

Art of Love (by adellejefferiesxox)

As Long As I Have You (by callyha)

Asher Dean (by smokinace)

At The Same Time (by Kyle)

Attraction (by ~Angel~)

Attraction (by ~Natasha~)

Awakening (by Foxy)

Away and Home (by Roccoluver)

Away From The Bay (by alias)

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Baby On The Doorstep (by Tamxxx)

Back In The Days (by Psycho Sis)

Back To Normal (by brady!)

Back To The Future (by solaris)

Bad Blood (by justjash)

Bad Boy Holden (by alias)

Bad Girls/Home and Away (by marshall_quo)

Bad Mistake (by -ParaisGirl-)

Baker Family Holiday (by katef2007)

Bay Crush (by Drew)

Bay Crush (by Drew)

Be Careful What You Wish For (by maccaz)

Beach of Blood (by victim-ofthenight)

Beautiful Awakening (by bubbleburst)

Beauty In The Breakdown (by whispered_envy)

Because Life Doesn't Just Stop (by h&a-girl)

Because You Live (by kaciexox)

Because You Loved Me - Part 2 (by beckyboo)

Becky (by amzy angel)

Bed Of Lies (by swfc)

Before Her Fame (by ~Maddie~)

Behind Blue Eyes (by adellejefferiesxox)

Behind Broken Eyes (by Evil_gummy_shark)

Behind Closed Doors (by allibaz91)

Behind The Curtains - The Cameras Are STILL Off (by ilovekateritchie)

Behind The Scenes of 2005 Home and Away (by sallyandflynnfan)

Behind the Scenes - Part 3 (by Traceve)

Behind The Smile... (by WYN100)

Being Loved Is Everything (by PINK)

Belle and Matilda’s High School Reunion (by Cal)

Belle's Dad (by standbyme)

Belle's Heartache (by Kristen)

Betrayal and Revenge (by PINK)

Better In Time (by Nicole+GeoffForever)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (by callan_is_a_babe)

Bingo (by smokinace)

Birthday Surprise (by Theresa)

Births Deaths And A Wedding (by wilbar88)

Black Balloon (by .Amy.)

Black Hole (by Willz)

Black Hole (Edited Version) (by maccaz)

Blazing Hearts (by Louise_2983)

Blood & Sand! (by Melbelle94)

Blood and Sand (by bijou)

Bloody Water (by Solarbaby)

Bound By Fate (by bizkit01)

Boys Don't Cry (by smokinace)

Breathe Me (by TelephotoMarigold)

Broken (by jessie)

Broken (by KatieroxNZ)

Broken (by standbyme)

Broken Friendship (by standbyme)

Broken Pieces (by pamy)

Brotherhood (by emmasi)

Brothers (by smokinace)

Bruises (by MissOlivia22)

Building Bridges and Knocking Down Barriers (by AngelRose)

Buried Underneath The Sand (by BillyK)

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Call It In The Air (by monkeysmoke)

Call Me Maybe?  (by Phoebe)

Can You Ever Forget The Past? (by Lilone)

Cary + Hunter (by bijou)

Case Of The Ex (by smokinace)

Catastrophe in the Cyclone (by InfantryAlex)

Celebrating The Bay (by beachside)

Change (by brady!)

Charlie Buckton, Darryl Braxton, Angelo Rosetta story! (by Charlie-brax)

Cheating, Lies and Deception (by Jack+Martha4Eva!)

Childhood (by -ParaisGirl-)

Christmas Day (by Stuart2006)

Christmas Is Here! (by ~Rosey~)

Christmas Wish (by CS2402)

Cinderella Tale (by whats occuring)

Claudia's Mother (by bijou)

Clawing at Your Broken Back (by D.B)

Closer Each Day (by Eli)

Come Back Down To Me (by theAdellefan)

Coming to Terms with It (by DrRhysLawson)

Complications We Didn't See Coming (by Lissabelle24)

Complications We Didn't See Coming (by Melbelle94)

Confessions Of A Lonely Heart (by Sally_Fletcher and Roccoluver)

Confusion and Frustration In Modern Times (by Lauz)

Corey's Revenge (by Home and Away Always!!!)

Crash And Burn (by Billy)

Crippled Love (by jdoddy)

CUT! When Studios Close... (by ilovekateritchie)

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D.S.B Will Change And Make You Live Forever (by eye_catching_gangsta)

Damn Feelings (by Paige_)

Dan's Demise (by Lady Stardust)

Dance In My Blood (by Drew)

Dangerous Games (by HeavenForbid)

Dangerous Life (by Melbelle94)

Dangerous Life (Re-Post) (by Melbelle94)

Dangers (by sxc_detective_baker)

Dani Returns (by Tamxxx)

Dani's Return To The Bay (by Traceve)

Daniella (by dncllpyk)

Dark Summer (by Foxy)

Darkness (by benjibear14)

Days Go By (by smokinace)

Dazed (by Nicom)

Deadline (by Luc)

Dear Diary - The Diary of Maddy (by pangie1)

Death Threat (by Billy)

Debated Heart (by TelephotoMarigold)

Deception Of Friends, Love With The Enemy (by eye_catching_gangsta)

Deep In My Heart (by Tasha)

Deepest Darkest Secrets... (by Phoebe)

Denial (by -Jade-)

Desire (by h&acouples)

Desire & Despair (by Drew)

Destined (by Jackieleanne)

Detective Peter Baker Is Back! (by sxc_detective_baker)

Determination and Courage (by xGlowingAngelx)

Devastating Lie That Will Bring Turmoil (by InfantryAlex)

Different Lives (by .Amy.)

Dingo Sheila Woman (by Jay Preston)

Do You Follow Your Heart Or Your Head? (by Siobahn B)

Donald Fisher, The Prequel. (by Homeandawayfan.)

Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dreams (by Symphony)

Don't Take It Away (by [.jessa-belle.])

Double Trouble (by Gemma)

Doyle (by alias)

Dr Death (by Stuart2006)

Driftwood (by Ludub)

Dying To Be Alive (by jenlee)

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Early Days (by Amanda)

Easy Tiger (by -Siobhán-)

Emma Story (by Gemma)

Empty Cradle (by beckyboo)

Endless Love (by ~Rosey~)

Entwined (by Zetti)

Escape from Maitland (by Bray)

Et Je T'Aime Encore (by adellejefferiesxox)

Eve's Life In Prison (by Stuart2006)

Even Angels Fall (by Louise_2983)

Everlasting Love (by -ParaisGirl-)

Every Little Thing (by Gypsy & Will Fan)

Everyday Life At Summer Bay (by RoisinAshford_4)

Everyone's Got Problems (by wrongturntaken)

Everything Happens For A Reason... (by puja)

Everything Has Changed (by Phoebe)

Ex's and Parents Can Be Such A Pain (by Southernfan)

Ex-tremity (by Krazy Karl)

Exact Opposites (by Charlie-brax)

Experiment (by Oxidizer)

Extras (by Adia)

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Facing Up to Life (by *dW*)

Fair By Heart (by HeavenForbid)

Falling Again (by Lakshya-KTrocks)

Falling For You (by loobieloo)

Families and Trouble (by TelephotoMarigold)

Family Life (by Jackieleanne)

Family Matters (by HighwayUnicorn)

Family Reunion (by AvrilRP212)

Family That Sticks Together (by kathrine french)

Fan Fic (yet to be named) (by Liz)

Fatal Attraction (by Ashirr-Leigh)

Fatal Attraction (by lollypop)

Fate (by chloexox and kaciexo)

Fight For This Love (by freckleface)

Finding Something True (by Melbelle94)

Fire Bug (working title) (by aussie fan)

First Becomes Friendship Then Becomes Love (by KKB)

First Love (by LauraPhilly!!)

Fixable? (by Melebelle94)

Flynn Sees The Light! (by JusticeMoragBellingham)

Follow Me (by .Amy.)

Fooling Who? (by beckyboo)

For Lovers Peter and Amanda (by Alyson Amy Baker)

Forbidden Lust (by ~Natasha~)

Forever and a Day (by ScreamingQueen2006)

Forever and Always (by Kristen)

Forgive and Forget (by steff99)

Forgiven but Forgotten (by ~Angel~)

Forgotten Truths (by WYN100)

Forseen (by Cerise)

Friends and Family Can Be Complicated (by sazcaz89)

From Happiness to Hell (by tasha7905)

From My Point of View (by SfanS)

Frozen in Time (by Claire_Blake)

Funfair (by Stuart2006)

Further To Fall (by BethFaye)

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HAA07 (by xMissxKeatzx)

Halloween (by standbyme)

Happiness Is Real (by Home and Away Always!!!)

Happy Families (by Sarah_Lewis)

Hard Situations! (by Lilone)

Hard Times (by aliasangel)

Harrys Revenge (by Jamey-Maria)

Hate It Here (by jessica_2005)

Having Faith (by LauraPhilly!!)

He's Different (by Melebelle94)

He's Mine! (by jack+martha=trooluvv)

Heal (by Laura2015)

Healing The Wounds (by adellejefferiesxox)

Heartbeat (by Traceve)

Helping A Stalker (by Sarah_Lewis)

Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt Her! (by Summer2011)

Hidden Feelings (by emzyflower)

Hidden Truths (by kaciexox)

Hiding a Secret (by BethFaye)

Hold My Hand (by xGlowingAngelx)

Hold My Hand Part II (by xGlowingAngelx)

Hold On (by loulou170388)

Holden (by standbyme)

Holiday from Hell (by Tasha-Kit fan)

Holly Sweet Holly (by alias)

Home and a Way (by Perry)

Home and Away (by Lauries top Fan)

Home and Away (by sxc detective baker)

Home And Away - 'A True Love' (by martha-jack)

Home And Away - One Last Kiss (by martha-jack)

Home and Away 2015 (by dr kimberley)

Home and Away Fic (by Lauries top Fan)

Home and Away In 2007 (by Stuart2006)

Home and Away Script (by Lauries top Fan)

Home And Away Stunts (by Stuart2006)

Home and Away The future (by Willz)

Home and Away: The Dark Days (by Drew)

Home and Away: The Early Years Redux Book 1 (by Jackpittorino)

Home and Away: The Kierain Geaney Story (by Bobby Forever Missed)

Home and Away: The Movie (by Stefan)

Home and Away: Together Till The End (by DE4DJ)

Home and LA (by Perry)

Home Is Where The Heart Is (by Homeandaway_fan1)

Home Is Where The Heart Is (by Roccoluver)

Home Sweet Home (by JM_stuchers)

Homecoming (by honeychild)

Hope, Peace, Love. (by KirstyEkua)

Hostage (by sarahandkatie)

How Do I Breathe (by southsrock_123)

How Does It Feel (by Kris10na)

How To Save A Life (by -Tess-)

Hugo's Son (by alias)

Hungry Like The Wolf (by bijou)

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I Can Wait Forever (by adelle fan.)

I Can't Live Without You (by sallyandflynnfan)

I Don't Wanna Be Told To Grow Up (by *caitie*)

I Forgive You (by Sarah_Lewis)

I Hope You Dance (by dolly-999)

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It (by HeavenForbid)

I Kissed Your Lips and Held Your Hand (by ~Rosey~)

I Lied To Protect You (by AvrilRP212)

I Love You (by bell)

I Love You Already (Maddie nd Ric 4eva!)

I Love You, Forever And Always (by x-Taylor-Rocks-x)

I Miss You (by Kristen)

I Miss You (by Kristen)

I Never Meant To Say Goodbye (by claire_louise)

I Want You Boy (by archie-cookie)

I Want You Irene (by Willz and swfc)

I Will Be (by Tasha)

I Will Never Regret A Second I Spend In Your Arms (by PINK)

I'll Come Back To You (by jessie)

I'll Never Give Up! (by Channy!!!)

I'm In Love And Always Will Be (by bttb-rox!)

I'm Sorry? Really! (by Amanda)

I've Got A Secret (by Tasha-Kit fan)

If Love Is All There Is (by christine king)

If No One Will Listen (by Louise_2983)

If Only Love Was So Simple (by Girlies)

If You Believe (by ~Natasha~)

In A Heartbeat (by ilovechax)

In Another Life (by loobieloo)

In Good Times And In Bad (by XXXh&aXXX)

In His Touch (by beckyboo)

In Love And War! (by snakewoman52)

In My Eyes (by fruitburstroxy)

In Search Of The Truth (by george)

In The Company Of Wolves (by standbyme) 

In The Early Years (by Sarah_Lewis) 

In The Eyes Of Others (by >>Emma<<)

In The Mind Of A Stalker! (by Sarah_Lewis)

In The Wake Of A Tragedy (by SkyBlueFeeling)

In The Wake Of Death (by russianliliakopylova)

Incomplete (by 13max13)

Incurable (by Guevara01)

Indecent Proposal (by snakewoman52)

Insanity (by Melbelle94)

Irene, Kane, Rocco (by alias)

Is Anyone Home? (by Charlie-brax)

Is This Deja Vu? (by RoisonAshford_4)

Is This Love? (by baby gurl)

It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie (by jack+martha=trooluvv)

It All Starts With The Summer (by PINK)

It All Went Wrong (by ~Angel~)

It Cant Be True? (by beckyboo)

It's A Hard Life Without Your Mum! (by Sarah_Lewis)

It's Always Been You (by angel15784)

It's Just Too Little Too Late (by steff99)

It's My Life (by HeavenForbid)

It's My Life (by Melbelle94)

It's My Life! (by Sarah_Lewis)

It's Not Over (by Traceve)

It's Not Over Yet (by Kristen)

It's Tricky (by Perry)

Izzie (by MissOlivia22)

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