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Fri, 18 Apr 08 - Episode # 4620

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If This Is Your Girlfriend, Then We Need To Have A Serious Talk “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 18 Apr 08 - Episode # 4620]


Noel tells Ric & Maddie that he is looking to have Ric on the ANZAC Day “card”, with more money for Ric if he fights. Maddie tells Noel that it’s not happening, but he suggests that she should come along to the fights, as some of the most passionate punters are women.


Roman suggests to aden that he can stay at roman’s place for a while. Roman makes it clear that he is ex-army [just in case Aden’s forgotten]. Aden isn’t so sure bout this, but roman insist that they shoaled just see have things go.


Maddie & Ric are in a bedroom when Ric reminds Maddie that she once said that she’d spt him no matter what if he found something that he really wants. It’s clear at this point that Maddie still not that keen on the idea.


After roman enters, Morag tells him that, since Martha is gone, she will move out to. Roman suggests that she should stay.

Morag then turns the subject towards roman & Martha, as she thinks thinks that roman let Martha go of fear of being rejected in future.

After Morag tells roman that it’s should be great here, i.e. lots of peace & quite with just the two of them, Roman tells Morag about his offer to Aden.


Aden tells his dad about Roman’s offer, and although his dad kinda thinks it’s a good idea, he is a tad wary about it. Larry esp. wonders whether roman will let him visit Aden [in light of the way the roman found them fighting last time]. Aden insists that roman won’t have an issue with him visiting.


When Morag tells Roman that she’s just replaced one intriguing situation [living with Martha] with another [inviting Aden], roman insist that this is different. Morag however insists that roman shouldn’t lie to himself about his deep feeling for Martha.


In the main room, Maddie tells Ric that she’s OK with him doing the boxing thing. He suggests that she should come to a fight, and if she doesn't like it, then she won’t have to ever again.


Next day, Leah is at the whiteboard and Belle tells her that she can erase Annie’s msg to Geoff as they have sorted things out.

Jazz enters, and tells Leah, Belle & Miles that she has just score that job as the Mr Bartlett’s PA at the school. Jazz tells Leah & co that its will be coooooooooooool working at the same place as Miles.


Jazz enters ands tells Maddie that they are going to seeing each other a fair bit this years, because eof her new job. When jazz comments tat things will be fun at school, Ric comments that he doesn’t think that’s true – as Mr Bartlett seem to have had a humour bypass.

After having had that little chat, Ric thinks that Jazz would be the perfect person to go to the fights with Maddie.


Miles comments to Leah about how cooooool this place is, and how there’ll probably be no kids at school because they’ll all be here.

After mailes bails, Leah & belle comment about how Miles was obliviously to Jazz flirting with him before. They also wonder about finding the right girl for miles – I get the felling that belle was hinting at Leah being her suggesrtion.


Ric approaches Jazz, who says that she’ll DEF go with Maddie to the fights. Jazz also inists that she WILL get Bartlett to loosen up.


After Morag once more comments to roman about her opinion about his decision to break up with Martha, roman suggest that they should have a “no counselling” rile in this house.

There’s a knock on the door – but its NOT Aden who enters Its Roan’s daughter Nicole, who comets to roman that they need to have a serious chat if Morga is his g/f!!!!!

Soon after, Nicole “slightly” has a go about how much of a backwater that the bay appears to be. Morag responds by waaaaaaaaaaaaay having a go at Nicole’s Paris Hilton style antics, but Nicole responds by saying that she like how forthright that Morag is.


As Aden gets his things together, huis dad tells him that he is going to sell their house – as there are too many bad memories for both of them there. Aden suggests that that is a good idea, but for the monet he is still going to live with roman. Larry comments that at least there’ll be no distractions for Aden from his schoolwork [with responsible ppl like Morag & roman that Aden will be living with]


Roman expresses her schock at Nicole just turning up on his doorstep out of the blue like this. Nicole responds by wondering if Roman actually wants her here [total quilt trip] and she also insists hat sicca she met him recently she rally wants to be to know her dad.

Nicole tells roman that she is heading for the shower, and if he’d like to grab that rest of her bags [form in her car[that would be ace.

Son after, Morag comments to roman on the “fun” of them having to del with two teenagers now.

Aden & his dad arrive, and aden's dad thanks roman for doing this. After Larry comments on how good this environment will be [no distractions], Nicole decends the stairs – it’s clear that both Aden & Nicole like the idea of being in the same house. It’s also clear that Larry isn’t exactly keen on the idea.



Will JnM get together???

There’s a marriage proposal – but who proposes to who?

Aden AND Geoff appear to be VERY interested in Nicole!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: maroon [white coral etc motifs] low cut spaghetti strap dress


Jazz: black & yellow [black on bust, yellow the rest] low cut v neck dress


Belle: red [white crest?] top


Aden: green [white crest] t

Aden: white singlet/olive green long pants

Larry [Aden’s dad]: dark blue button up shirt

Larry [Aden’s dad]: powder blue button up shirt

Leah: white [raised white squares at the top] mid thigh dress

Matilda: red thin strap top/dark blue [light pink floral] shorts

Miles: apple green button up shirt/olive green t

Morag: dark brown long sleeve top/grey long pants

Morag: grey [mottled?] top

Nicole: grey singlet top

Nicole: white singlet top/black sleeveless jacket

Noel: brown [kinda silvery vertical stripes] button up shirt

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo etc] t

Roman: olive green t

Ric: white [unknown black logo] polo shirt

Roman: brown t [with red t neath]/denim jeans

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