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Fun House

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Does anyone else remember a great show from the 90's called Fun House. I always wanted to go on the show, but i think it was mainly 11/12 years old that went on and i went to a single sex school.

I was thinking a while ago and i reckoon if you reproduced fun house for coporate days out it could work really well. Kinda want to do something like that for my birthday later in the year, but there isn't anything.

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I loved Fun House. I remember the end race best, collecting the points.. Then when they went into the Fun House to get the prizes.

Kids TV back then was so much better than now..Not that I watch kids programmes now :huh::P

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I loved Crystal Maze, that was another good one.. I went to a Crystal Maze park thingy.. It wasnt big or anything, but it was pretty good to do. You had to hit the lights that came on in the Crystal at the end, instead of collecting gold and silver paper.

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I only remember some of it.. There were no rooms.. Just one big room with walls cutting off some of the things.. I remember one where you had to step over this quite large (for my age of about 10) gap and press a button, but it needed 2 people because of 2 buttons and the buttons had to be pressed at the same time. Then another was putting you hand basically in this box that you couldnt see in, cant remember the reason though.. Maybe you had to press a button in there, that was a fear one, I think there was a stuffed or rubber rat or spider or something in some of them, possibly goo in another. It was a pretty cheap version of the Maze lol, but for a 10 year old it was fun.

I think alot of these types of games would be popular now.. They are bringing back Gladiators. So why not others?

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I don't remember the theme off by heart....honest.... :ph34r:

It's wacky, it's fun, it's crazy, its outrageous!

Fun House, its a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won

It's a real crazy show where anything will go....

Fun House, its a quiz its a race, a real whacky place

Use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game!

Fun House!

Big part of my childhood there

I'm sure I've got an MP3 of the theme somewhere amongst my collection.....

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I used to watch this when I was five, I liked it alot, but I can't remember much of it, just alot of rollers, balls, gunge etc and a car race at the end. Aswell as a guy with 80's hair :P

I did want to go on it, but there was a task, i'm sure, where they had to crawl through a little tunnel, which put me off because I'm very claustophobic.

They replaced this with that show about ripping a house apart to find an item didn't they, can anyone remember the name?

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