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Choir of Hard Knocks

Guest Di

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I was given the book of Choir of Hard Knocks. For my birthday pressie. :)

Link here, to the programme

I have just had a quick look, though it. It sounds like an amazzing, uplifting. Emoitinal at times. Tv show.

No matter what, 'issuess' any of the people had. This made them feel, specail. Wanted and loved. That they were amungst, others who were going through isuuess. Prob made them feel 'normal' etc... For once in there lifes.

I'm really looking forwards, to reading the book.

Has anyone else whatched the show??

If so what did you think of it.

This is the sort of tv show, I'd love to watch. Wish there was more of them. They are waaaay better than the 'trashy, I want to be a the next new wanabe celeb' **** on tv. Now a days.

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