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The Other Vale

Guest smokinace

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title: The other Vale

type of story: long fic

cast: Whitney Vale, regulars, mention Amanda and Kelli lus their mother

rating: A

genre: drama

spoiler: maybe

warning: language, sexual content, violence

plot: Whitney Vale arrives in the bay and tears familes and relationships apart.


Aden and Axle noticed a young blonde girl walking out of the water in a bikini with a surf board.

"Who is she?" Axle asked, not being able to take his eyes off her.

"Don't know. But i'd love to get her in the sack" Aden replied also staring

She wrapped a towel around herself and looked up and noticed them stasring. And then gave them a flirty smile.

"What you you guys loo... who's that" Roman asked.

"Don't know we were wondering the same thing.

She got up and walked towards them.

"Don't you guys know it's rude to stare". she said as she stood in front of them all with her hands on her hips.

They all still stared.

"Well, take a good look because that's all your gonna get" she said lifting up he bikini top flashing her tits

"Whit come on" a guy yelled in the distance

She smiled at the and then ran over to him.


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