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A Life In Summer Bay

Guest LeahVinnieVJ

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Story Title: A Life in Summer Bay

Story description: Belle falls for Geoff, but he's in love with someone else will she tell him how she feels

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Belle, Geoff, Rachel

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: yes by my friend

Any warnings: just some kisses

Summary: Belle starts to give up on life but will a new comer help her

(Annie is older in this she’s not 15 she’s 17, and is with Aden, I did a script type story similar to this at Summer Bay Journal,

And it’s your choice if it’s a different Actress so imagine what Annie will look like; and Belle ends up dating a new guy)

A life in Summer Bay

Chapter 1

Belle was walking along the beach; she loved the sound of the waves.

She carried on Walking until she saw Geoff. Belle walked towards him and sat down

“Hey what you doing, Geoff” Belle Asked Smiling, he turned around to look at Belle and couldn’t help

But Smile back. “Nothing, I just need to be in peace, the beach gives me that peace” He replied and he stopped Smiling.

Belle looked at him again, he was looking at something, she looked around then saw what he was looking at it was Rachel.

“Rachel” Aden Laughed but stopped when Annie looked at him. “What, He’s 18, he fell for someone like The Doctor” Aden said

While turning to look at Belle. “He’s, 18, and she’s 31 or 2” Belle Told Annie when she sat down. “Well it’s not my Fault he’s gone Crazy so

I’m leaving, see ya” Aden said, he kissed Annie’s head and said goodbye to Belle while walking out.

Belle sat in the pier Diner wondering what annoyed her so much about, Geoff liking Rachel, was it because she had just married

Tony, because of the age difference. Then she new when Geoff walked into the Diner, she liked him, she wanted to be with Geoff.

Belle walked up to Geoff and Rachel who were talking “You really looked Beautiful when you married Tony, last week” Geoff Smiled.

“Yeah, I feel old though” Rachel said, but it was over heard by, Ric, Matilda and the person who told them Aden. Geoff looked at them

“What, your only, 31 Rachel” Matilda quickly shouted trying to stop the noise of Ric and Aden’s Laughter. Geoff looked at Belle, Belle looked back

At him but she knew he didn’t like her, he liked Rachel.

Belle Drank her milkshake the next morning, with Aden on one side of her and Matilda on the other, Annie and Irene walked in

“I’m so nervous about the exam” Annie told Irene, “Good Luck” Aden smiled. Annie smiled back and walked out. “What’s up? Your

Stiller than a err” Matilda Said “Statue” Aden Laughed. “Or Maybe a Statue that can’t have the man she wants, Right” Aden Added to his sentence.

Belle looked up, when Geoff walks in “Hey, Ric hand over the money” Aden said holding out his hand. Ric placed the money in Aden’s hand.

Geoff walked over and Belle smiled “Hi how’s the Rachel Situation” Belle asked hoping he was over it. “I think I’m in love with her” Geoff replied

Matilda looked up and Aden and Ric spat out there drinks Laughing, Belle just stared in mid-air, and ran out Crying. “Good one Guy’s” Matilda said

But Ric and Aden couldn’t stop laughing.

Belle ran into the beach house and into her room. She started wiping off all of her makeup and opened her wardrobe.

She cut up all of her, clothes. The next day she came back with all new clothes, bags full. “You been shopping Doll”

Irene asked, Belle nodded and walked into her room, she did her hair and make up and put on a lovely dress, it was

Black down to her knees. She walked into Noah’s bar and her friends looked at her. Meanwhile 4 people stood on the beach.

There was a lady in tracksuit and a boy, wearing a shirt and his hair was in Cain Row’s, he had lovely Dark Skin (I based this guy on

My best friend, when we were teenagers). And was about, 19. Then there was two other girls, one was wearing a, Gold top and Denim

Skirt and Blonde hair and another, her hair, died black, with Black lipstick and black clothes. “Bit different to the other Town’s” Lewis said.

“Yeah were soon making trouble right” Holly said looking at her longish nails. There mother looked at them and sighed

Belle sat in a chair “What’s wrong with me, no one likes me” she said laying her head on the table. “Yeah they do” Annie replied

Looking at her. “So you got dressed up to just sit there sulking” Aden asked. Just then the new family walked in and Belle looked at Lewis.

Lewis and his family walked over. “Hey, I’m Lewis, I’m 19” Lewis smiled, Belle looked into his dark Blue eyes and smiled.

“Belle, Belle Taylor, is this your family” Belle Replied. “Yep, I’m Lewis Jackson; this is my mum, Lisa Samuels and my sisters

Holly Cainbridge and Little Miss Goth, but her real names Leanne Thomas” Lewis told Belle. “Hi, Hi and Hi all different surnames huh”

Belle Laughed “Different dads” Lewis Replied.

Lewis and Belle sat on the beach laughing “Yeah, I’ve moved around a lot, my mum gave birth to me, met a new man, and gave birth to

Holly met a new man, had Lee and met a new man that was trouble” Lewis told Belle. “I used to take photos for the paper” Belle replied.

Belle and Lewis kissed and Belle felt happy for once in the whole week. Meanwhile Geoff was at Rachel’s having a drink. “So what did you want to?

Talk to me about” Rachel asked, she sat down and Geoff suddenly kissed her.

The next chapter is mainly about Rachel but in includes Belle and Lewis and his family

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here's Chapter 2, chapter 3 is coming, really, Really soon...

Chapter 2

Rachel sat there crying when Tony Walked in he rushed to Rachel “Rachel, what’s wrong love” Tony asked.

“Oh, Nothing I’m just sad, a patent died at work today, he was a nice person” Rachel Replied, she wiped her tears and walked off.

Meanwhile, Geoff walked in the beach house smiling, he saw Belle and Lewis kissing on the sofa “Oh, Hi” Geoff said shocking Belle.

She looked weird but he went off to his room.

Rachel walked into the hospital, and looked around “Rachel, someone left flowers for you” Nurse Julie told Rachel giving her flowers

She thought they were from Tony, but they were singed from Geoff, she started to cry and walked off. “How was the exam last night?”

Aden asked Annie. “Really Good, I hope I passed” Annie said hugging Aden. Belle walked in the room with Lewis “What are you doing here

It’s your first day at school” Lewis said looking at his sister. “I didn’t want to go with Lee, I’m not smart like her, and anyway now I don’t have to

Guess where you have been all night” Holly teased her brother. Jack walked in the room and she whistled “Hey, Wow, the cops are cute, I’m Holly”

Holly said introducing herself to Jack. “Wow, you and Lewis” Annie smiled. “Yeah, you’ve gone up from Fancying Bible Boy” Aden said, Annie nudged him

And he smiled.

Matilda, Ric, Aden and Belle were walking along, “Lewis is cool, different from Geoff” Belle said looking at her mates “Really I thought they were similar” Aden joked.

“Isn’t that Rachel and Geoff” Matilda asked, as Ric nodded. “It shouldn’t have happened the other night” Rachel said walking along, “What’s wrong, you’re acting grumpy”

Geoff said touching her shoulder unaware that, Matilda, Ric, Belle and Aden were watching. “Because I’m Pregnant Geoff” Rachel Screamed. The pair looked forward to

The four staring faces. “That’s disgusting” Aden shouted, “When, How” Ric asked using his usual speech, “I think we can tell how, Eric” Aden replied laughing. Rachel ran off

But Geoff ran after her.

Matilda hugged Belle, but Lewis came along smiling, with his sister Lee standing next to him “Hey, you must be Belle, I wanted to ask if you’d take pictures for

My book, A Life in Summer Bay, based on what’s happened in my life and how I came here and found a town I love” Leanne said, Belle nodded. A

The next Chapters 10 months later and there’s two babies

So guess whose they are

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