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As most of you will be aware we have just announced the winners of our second script competition. Part of the terms and conditions of entry was that all entries would be published either on the site (if they were shortlisted) or in the fic forum. This forum only contains 2008 entries at present but any subsequent years will be added in here. Feel free to comment on individual scripts in the threads or discuss them collectively in here.

The numbers are for the 17+ entries and the letters for 16 And Under.

Those whose scripts were shortlisted are welcome to continue them on the main fic forum or post them in here for discussion. Anyone can PM me if they'd rather I posted it.

So did you agree with the judges? Any here that you'd have shortlisted instead? Feel free to discuss away and congratulations to all who entered, it takes guts to put your work out there for judging. Well done to you all.

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