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2008 - Help But Not In So Many Words

Guest Skykat

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PAST: As a teacher, Sally knew what she could do with a pen. And over the rigorous days that followed Brad’s departure, Milco’s arrival and the death of Milco in a car accident. She began to write, sometimes fiction, sometimes diary, it depended on what she felt. After a while she stopped and found that she missed it. Sally began to realise that without venting her feelings into the words she wrote, she was vulnerable, it was like writing was her vice. She began to write about the lives of the Summer Bay residents, the latest dramas and tragedies. She wasn’t doing it for them, she as doing it for herself.

PRESENT: Lucas is visiting Mattie who now lives with Ric and is pregnant with his child. Sally comes in from school, with a briefcase, she opens it on the table and gives Mattie some work that she missed, Sally closes the briefcase and goes upstairs. Lucas remarks on how quiet Sally is lately and then heads for the door when he spots a sheet of paper that must have fallen out of Sally’s briefcase, titled ‘Summer Bay Scandals: Teacher‘s pet.’ He lifts it and puts it in his pocket.


Scene Location: The Caravan Park

Sally is making up the beds in the caravans when Lucas and a lady arrive.

LUCAS: Sally!

Sally turns around

SALLY: Hey Lucas, if your looking for Ric and Mattie, I think they have gone out

LUCAS: Actually I was looking for you

SALLY: Really, well how can I be of help?

Lucas takes the story from his pocket, unfolds it and hands it to Sally

LUCAS: I found that, I read it and…….

Sally interrupts

SALLY: Lucas, I am sorry if any of it offended you but my writing is personal, its supposed to be for my eyes only

LUCAS: It didn’t offend me, quite the opposite. This is Mary Wright

Lucas turns signalling to the woman

LUCAS: She is my publisher, I sent her your story, She wants to publish it! Isn’t that great?

SALLY: Lucas, as great as that sounds, you had no right sending a stranger my work, its my personal writing

Lucas points at the paper

LUCAS: Sal, that story is one of the best I have ever read, but I can tell that it is a cry for help, written by someone who needs a fresh start in life, someone who needs a break. Now at least talk to her. If you agree, you get a fresh start, a house in the city, a book deal, basically a pass out of Summer Bay.

Sally starts to walk away towards the woman, they begin to walk together leaving Lucas standing. Sally turns around to him and whispers

SALLY: Thank-you


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