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2008 - Miles Away

Guest Skykat

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Sally's decided to leave Summer Bay because Miles has found a job some distance away. Her two main reasons for going with him are that after all their years apart, she wants to be near him.

Second, she believes she owes it to herself to try and find happiness, in the form of a relationship, again. She feels that in the Bay, her memories of Flynn will always be too strong and that she's ready to make a new start. She'll never forget him, but after Brad, thinks it might be easier to commit to someone else in a new place - if or when she meets that someone.


[it's a few months after Cassie found out she was HIV+. Henk returned after three weeks away trying to come to terms with what he'd done, she gradually decided she still loves him, two days ago we saw them having a clifftop picnic... Sally's decided the time is right to tell Cassie her news.]

INT. SALLY’S HOUSE (caravan park)

(Cassie stands a few steps inside the front door, Sally near her. By the table.)

SALLY: Hi Cass, thanks for coming over.

CASSIE: Any time, what is it?

SALLY: (a little shyly) Well, um, it isn't easy to say. (smiles) You're the first to know. I'm leaving the Bay!

CASSIE: (happily) You're taking a holiday? It's about time!

SALLY: No, Miles has got a job at this school a couple of hours north, and I'm going to live with him.

CASSIE: (shocked) Ohmygod, no! Is this for real?

SALLY: Yes, but first I need to know that you're okay with it.

CASSIE: Wow, Sal. Well, it's great. If you're sure it's what you want.

SALLY: (firmly) It is. I’ve thought about it a lot.

CASSIE: Oh, I'll miss you so much.

SALLY: Any time you need me, I'll be straight back to the Bay. I'm hoping it will make it easier to move on from Flynn as well. There's just so many memories here.

CASSIE: Sal, I know he'd want you to be happy.

SALLY: (nods slightly sadly:) Mmm.

CASSIE: (the realisation of the enormity of life without Sally around starts to hit) Oh! (she sits down wearily, back to the door) Can I do this (puts hand gently on stomach, and looks down) without you?

SALLY: The last thing I want you to feel is that I'm abandoning you, but I know you've got plenty of people here to support you... (trails off - Cassie looks worried) What is it?

CASSIE: (hesitatingly) Er, I have some news too. But it can wait. God, I can't believe it. You're leaving Summer Bay!

COLLEEN: Yoo-hoo, only m... (appearing in the doorway) WHAT? I'm sorry, I couldn't help but overhear, you're leaving us?

SALLY: (grins ruefully) Yes, it's really true, I'm afraid.

COLLEEN: Oh, pet. What will we do without you? This place won't ever be the same.

SALLY: Colleen, please keep this to yourself, I haven't even talked to Ric yet.

COLLEEN: (a little gleefully) Your secret's safe with me.

SALLY: Here's your post. Sorry, we're kind of in the middle of something. (starts to slowly shut the door)

COLLEEN: Of course, of course. (leaves, looking amazed)

SALLY: Come on Cass, what did you want to tell me?

CASSIE: We were looking for the right time. Sal, Henk asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

SALLY: Oh, Cass. (big smile) Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. (they hug)

CASSIE: (concerned, pulls away a little to look at Sally) Are you sure? I know you were worried about him, but after everything we've been through, I know he's the one.

SALLY: That's all I need to hear. I'm thrilled for you both. You have to come and visit us as soon as possible. (hugs her tightly) Now, don’t go anywhere, but I must phone Ric!

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