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Mon, 7 Apr 08 - Episode # 4611

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Martha’s “Tree” Has A Name … And That Name Is SAM !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 7 Apr 08 - Episode # 4611]


Several police & ambulance officers carry a body bag up from the beach to the nearby ambulance. Annie & Geoff are amongst several students nearby – and Belle is there too, taking as many pics as she can. Be approaches Lara and asks her about what’s happened. Lara tells Belle that she can’t reveal anything to the press at this stage.


Belle tells Gavin about the photos she took 0 and that she thinks it’s either a local or someone that Lara personally know. Gavin congratulates Belle for getting the pics etc – as [he says] a body is always god for business. Belle isn’t overly keen on that statement though, form look on her face.


Geoff tells Matilda that he this that Belle was too “full on” the way she just took those pics this norm. Matilda suggests that Geoff should cut Belle some slack, especially since its Belle’s job to get pics like this.


Gavin gets off the hone, and tell Belle that it’s SAM that has died. As Gavin tells Belle all they have to do for this story, Belle just sits their in a stunned silenced. It’s only when Gavin REALLY calls out to her that Belle bails for the office with him.


Lara & an unknown male uniform officer enter, and they ask Tony is he knows where Jack is right now. Tony isn't exactly sure.

Lara turns her querying towards’s Rachel, who says that when she took the phone call form Sam [we see this in flashback], she tells Lara that Sam sounds Very scared on the phone, and they agreed to meet, but when Rachel got to where they agreed [beach near wharf], Sam wasn’t there 0- bout Rachel did see [via torchlight] blood on the beach.

Lat suggest to Rachel that she rally should have contacted that police before she went to meet with Sam – and then Lara reveals that Sam is dead.

Lara then questions Tony about jack once more. Tony tells Lara [we see in flashback] that he met with jack [stewart’s point]. Jack told Tony that Rory doesn’t want to know him [jack] anymore, and that he is worried of loss everything [incl his career, because of Sam’s allegations.

When Lara asks, Tony says tat that’s the last he saw of jack, and he left jack at Stewart’s point, but he did take jack’s car keys [not want jack driving in that emotional state].

Lara answers her mobile – and when off phone. She tells Rachel & Tony that a note has been found in Sam’s car.


Lara approaches Constable Jones. Who tells her tata suicide note was found in the loosebox of Sam’s car. Lara reads out the note – in which Sam says that things are just too much for her and that she can’t live with herself anymore.

Lara clearly believes that this IS a suicide, but Constable Jones thinks that the note could be a fake – and that Lara is letting that fact that she’s worked Jack with jack affect her judgement.


Gavin & Belle arrives, and Gavin is keen on getting, form Rachel & Tony, any pics, info on Sam & Rory, but tiny “suggest that this isn’t a good time, Belle then tells Rachel & Tony that she and Gavin are going – but when they are outside the door, Gavin well & truly tells Belle that if she ever undermines him like that again, she;;; be in big trouble.


Lara enters and asks Morag about when she saw Sam. We see, in flashback, Morag call out to Sam [near wharf] after Sam had locked her car. Morag explains that as soon as she got home she called the police – to inform them that she had seen the fugiitve from justice [sam].

Lara tells Morag that Sam is dead – and just as she does, Martha descends that stairs. Martha can’t believe sth Lara has said thins – and she rally wants to know where jack is. After lara tells Martha that jack was probably the last person to see Sam alive. Lara wonders if [the still in shock looking] Martha had any contact with Sam yesterday. Martha says that she didn't – and when asked about the cuts ion her face, Martha tells Lara that Sam things that she told Leah & Irene [“battle” with a tree branch].

Lara is satisfied with those Reponses for now, so she bails.


Geoff & Annie talk about going to the city to comfort etc Rory for what’s occurred. Melody is keen to join them – but Geoff suggests that melody didn't really know Rory that well.


Morag quizzes Martha about what she isn’t saying about what ahe knows about the last day of Sam’s life – and we see a flashback of Martha mot only finding Sam in Romans’ house, but Sam telling Martha that she can have jack – IF Martha [that night] gives Sam ALL the money she can get her hands on. Sam insists that if Martha doesn’t do this, then Sam will destroy jack’s precious career –m and Sam makes it very clear that she knows that Martha knows just what jack did for her [the “loss” of THAT drug evidence last year].

Morag can’t believe it that Martha agreed to this, and we even see Martha [flashback] waiting on the beach near wharf so dam, but Martha says that Sam never showed. Martha adds that roman tried to talk her out of the “give money to Sam plan” – and he waited for Sam for some time after he concivceced Martha to go home.

Morag the RALLY can’t believe it when Martha confesses tyjhat THOSE cuts on her face are courtesy of Sam scratching her!!!!!

Morag insists taty Martha WILL accompany her to the police station RIGHT NOW – to tell police everything., and that they will phone roman on the way there [so he can tell all he knows too]. Morag is soooooooooo NOT IMPRESSED with Martha’s STUPID behaviours.


After Geoff admits to Maddie that he knows that Bel HAS been affected by all of this [sam’s death], he sees Melody nearby, and talks to Maddie about how it seems that melody thinks that she is his g/f. Maddie amidst that Geoff is kinda sending out mixed signals to Melody. Geoff adds to this by telling Maddie that he doesn’t want to hurt Melody’s feelings by REALLY sertting her straight.


After Gavin tells Belle that she’s now on the “social pages” beat, belle has a go at Gavin for being VERY unprofessional. She even tells Gavin that he’s taught her everything that she DOESNLT wants to become. Belle then tells Gavin that she QUITS!!!!! Belle walks away – Gavin seems quite surprised that all this has occurred.


We see Martha [alone?] is in the interview room, before we see Lara [main part of station] on the phone. The nearby Morag tackles an interest when she hears that Lear is talking about an autopsy.

When Lara is off the phone, Morag wonders about what Lara was discussing on phone – and Lara amidst that preliminary reports have found NO water in Sam‘s lungs, which mean that she was dead BEFOE she hit the water. Lara tells Morag that this is now a MURDER investigation!!!



The investigation into Sam’s death begins – with Jack, Jazz and Martha the prime supsects!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Tony: white (with aqua & grey on chest) polo shirt/dark long pants


Rachel: red kinda low cut v neck t/dark long pants


Martha: electric blue spaghetti strap top/dark long pants


Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/black [white dot lined] crop jacket/black [white check] skirt/black leggings

Constable Jones: dark blue police button up shirt/dark blue cap/dark blue t/dark blue long pants

Gavin: purple button up shirt/dark suit

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jack: sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Martha: dark purple thin strap top/denim jeans

Matilda: SBH uniform

Melody: SBH uniform

Morag: grey [mottled?] top /denim jeans

Morag: white top/beige suit

Rachel: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] v neck top/dark brown beaded necklace

Sam: red v neck t/denim jeans

Tony: green (with lighter green horizontal trip across chest) polo shirt

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