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Thurs, 3 Apr 08 - Episode # 4609

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sally, Just This ONCE, Call Me Alf “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 3 Apr 08 - Episode # 4609]

Note – is it a coincidence, or otherwise, that this landmark ep [sally leaving the Bay] takes place exactly 16 years to the day after another of H&A’s most memorable moments – Meg Bowman dieing after the seeing the sunrise one last time [03/04/1992] ???????


McGrath tells Sal, Pip, Colleen etc that some of the van park guest saw a removal van, and some removalists, and thought that Sally had arranged them to come during the concert etc.

After McGrath leaves, Sally comments that today was been great, before this happened.


Tony tells Rachel that he can’t believe that Sam hid Johnny is his [Hunter] house. Tony is also worried about Jack, e.g. “how is he EVER going to be able to trust [a woman] again”.

Jack is lying on his bed – looking forlorn.


After Miles & Ric bring in some mattresses [from the vans?], Sally, Pip, Carly, Miles, Ric & Stevo decide to have a picnic on the floor. Someone comments that the parents of the students thinking that Sally likes a drink – as she got a fair few bottles of wine from them.

Pip is concerned that Sally is talking of delaying leaving the bay til all this is settled.

Btw, Matilda’s laptop is amongst the things stolen.


On front patio, Rachel & Tony talk bout what’s happened tween Jack & Sam, and Tony tells Rachel that he feels useless as parent right now.


Stevo jokes about how Sally kept saying “WOW!!!!” when she entered each room of the van park house form the 1st time all those years ago.

Sally goes into the kitchen, and Pip tells Sally that leaving here will seem like that hardest things she’s ever done, but you just have to have faith in those you leave behind. Sally says that she waaaaaaaaaaay trusts Miles to look after the house AND Ric & Matilda.


Tony opens the bedroom, and asks jack if he could get jack anything, but jack declines the offer. He just wants to be alone.


After Sally apologise that everyone has to sleep in the vans tonight, Ric exits the house. Moments after he bails, Ric gets a 2 txt messages. The 1st says “sorry about your furniture” and the 2nd “bet you want to talking now”. Ric looks waaaaaaay frustrated.


Next day, Ric approaches Noel, who offers him DOUBLE the money for fighting. After several comments form Noel, Ric raise that its noel that’s behind his run of bad luck [no job, no car etc]. Noel suggest that Matilda will walk away form Ric if he still doesn’t have a job in a number of months, but Ric insist that he’s NOT going to fight. Ric walks away.


Alf sees Sally sitting on the sand. He goes to approach her, but he just can’t. Alf turns around and walks in the other direction. It doesn’t look like Sally saw Alf approaching btw.


As Rachel exist the house, McGrath enters. He tells jack that there was a letter hand delivered [placed at front door] to police station, containing BIG allegations of misconduct against Jack [incl jack getting rid of the drug evidence against Martha]. McGrath assures Jack that if these allegations can be proved, that Jack is in serious trouble.

Soon after, Tony tells Rachel to apologise to Sally for his not attending Sally’s farewell.

Jack meters the room – with a bag over his shoulder. He tells Tony & Rachel that h is going away for a few days. He assures Tony that he will let the otter police deal with Sam. Jack exits the house.


Sally & Carly are in the kitchen, talking about Sally’s move in the big, wide world. Carly also talks about the daily joys she has with her kids. Carly says goodbye to Sally and Carly bails.

Sally talking to Miles. He is overwhelmed when she hands him a document saying that he is now the co owner of the van park/van park house. Sally also tells Miles that she and Cass plan to go to Phuket – and they she & Cass will pray a prayer for miles when they are on THAT beach.

Miles thanks Sally for giving him his life back, but, as they hug [both are all teary btw], Sally insist that Miles gave Sally HER life back.

Pippa enters and takes several pics of Sally & Miles.

Soon after, Sally descends the stairs and enters the all but empty of furniture main room of the house. She takes on last look, before exiting her home!!!!


Sally approaches Alf, and the two almost can’t believe that this will be the lat time they see each other so a while. Alf tells sally that, during her years in bay, he’s seen her grow taller, prettier & smarter than he could have ever imagined. Sally & Alf in both holding back tears when sally says that Summer Bay will always be her home.

Alf asks Sally to, just this one, call him by his 1st name, and as they hug, sally says “you’ll always be Mr Stewart to me, Alf”.

Sally &Alf say goodbye to each other once more – before sally walks off the beach, to Pippa & her awaiting car. As Sally heads form the car, she looks back a few times at her great friend Mr Stewart.


Miles places a photo of all the gang [that has taken at sally’s Farwell] on the mantelpiece, and then the camera pans a bit to the right, and the ep ends by showing a GREAT framed pic of Sally [at the now condemned] diner.



Whose BODY washes up on the beach???


Who is the murderer ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: black [with multicolour floral strip right at the very top] spaghetti strap dress


Jack: sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt


Sally: red v neck top/dark long pants


Alf: white (with black, yellow & brown vertical stripes) button up shirt/bone long pants

Carly: lime green & brown “jungle like” pattern halter dress

Carly: cream wide collar top/dark long pants

Colleen: purple blouse/sky blue long skirt/dark blue top/pearl necklace

Jack: black [green lining & “BONT” logo] singlet

Jack: green & black t

Miles: dark suit/dark brown shirt/gold tie

Miles: black [multicolour cityscape] t/bone shorts

Noel: dark purple button up shirt/dark suit

Pippa: red [darker red floral] long sleeve blouse

Pippa: red long sleeve blouse/baby pink top

Rachel: dark blue halter top

Ric: black button up shirt

Ric: grey [with black collar & “YD” logo] polo shirt

Sally: white halter neck dress [with raised double ended triangles]

SGT McGrath: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Steven Matheson: green [with black vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark suit

Tony: green (with lighter green hoizontal trip across chest) polo shirt

Tony: red & black horizontal striped polo shirt

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