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yeah i'm Dyslexic.... they found out when i was in year one....i don't tend to tell people because i find they talk to you differently or think i'm joking. Although i'm in year 11 now and i'm doing really well....i just have trouble with my spelling alot ...and can get pretty confused at times( but i just say that i'm having a blonde moment...hahaha :lol: ). But yeah being Dyslexic in primary school was really hard but i got past it and have improved alot since then. Now i'm doing better at school than people who arn't Dyslexia at school.... but i do have to work a bit harder than others. I started this thread because mum said lots of people are Dyslexic and also lots of people are but don't even know it.

Greenday :D

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The weird thing is that I've always been pretty good at expressing myself through writing, and I even came top of my year in an English test in year 10. I can usually work out what I want to say pretty clearly, but whether my spelling and word-substitution keeps up with me is another matter. And my memory SUX. I've already had to reread this post three times while writing it to be sure of what I've said. It's ridiculous. And being good at writing - I guess story telling - makes people not believe me when I say that I find reading and writing properly difficult. My handwriting is a joke - I'm amazed when other people can read it (which is rare). Sometimes I'm amazed when I can read it lol. I always mess up letters - even typing, I'll mess up letters like p and b which are no where near each other on the keyboard, but the way I see them in my head, I guess they get mixed up somewhere along the way and my brain tells my fingers "hit the key that looks like this 'p'" when really it should be hitting the key that looks like this 'b.' It's bloody annoying!!

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