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How's your day been?

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today was dull and boring, but yesterday, well last night was the best.

I went to the Celine Dion Concert in Sydney, and she was breathtaking. It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to go to her concert, and I am so happy i did go. She was absolutely beautiful, and her voice is so powerful, and she is just amazing. She is back to being my favourite artist. She sang a lot of her old classices, and it was so much fun singing along to them. And then she sang 'My Heart Will Go On' and the whole stadium just errupted. She got 2 standing ovations. And she is so quirky, its so cute. And Anthony Callea opened for her. That was the first time i actually got to a concert to see an opening act. And he was absolutely wonderful as well. 'The Prayer' got the loudest cheer, expectedly.

It was the best concert ive been to, and one of the best nights <33 Love you Celine :D

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Hungover waiting for a train to find out ALL lines BUT one have major delays on them because of an accident in burwood <_<

So I FINALLY get home soaking wet because it poured down rain on me and now have a headache. So going to bed :)

this arvo, I was down at Melbourne Central, every bloody train on every bloody line was delayed. All you could here are announcements of delayed trains from all 4 platforms. <_<

Incredible how every single line has a defective train at the same time.... :rolleyes::wink:

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Well I'm hating uni, cartography is not what I thought it would be. I'm going to transfer into surveying - things are in my favour for that to happen. Surveying is something that I'd much rather do plus there's huge job oppurtunities upon graduation.

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I felt unwell this morning so I took the day off and went back to sleep as I had four hours of sleep.

Time has gone so fast today by the time I was up again bath etc it was 1.

I thought I would get some work done even if I was at home that's kinda working out now.

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Okay... felt a little crap this morning, but went to school. This girl who I'm friends with but doesn't really talk to me when we're alone (Call Her X) together actually did talk to me... so that was alright. Then another girl from the area came along (call her Y)... she's really funny and hyper, and everyone really likes her. So do I, of course. The other two of our friends didn't show at the stop - So 'Y' asks if we wanted to get off at the cross with her because she wanted to go to the shops - so we went there. School doesn't start until 9 and our bus gets there at 8:10, and although I had Homework I figured I'd get it off Kate, so Y decides to take us around a long way to school. We were right beside the gravel pathway that leads up to the building, but she took us around the corner saying there was a lane... It took us ten minutes to reach the lane, which was full of dogsh*t and smoking second years. And we had the climb over a fence, and we came out into the courtyard which joins the two parts on the school. So then Y made us go up to the very top of the school to her locker, then we went down to mine and X's locker, and Y smudged Lipgloss all over her locker so it looked all pink. It was funny, and we were about to go up, and then X forgot her Fonn 1, so we went back and X locked her keys into her locker, so we had to break it open with a ruler, breaking the ruler in the process. By the time we got up to our base room it was 8:55, so I only just had time to copy the Dialann off Kate.

First we had Geography - I forgot to get my test signed, so I got a note home. FYI, in the test I got 29%. An E. So I failed. What do I need Geography for ANYWAY?

Irish - We had a test, translating foclóir from Gaeilge to Béarla, and vice versa. That sounds easy, but did absolutely CRAP. I think i got around 25-30%. Two consecutive tests failed.

Religion - Didn't go. I had extra Irish.

Break - Went on MSN

English - Media Studies. Was funny, Ms. McCraith can be nice, she's sarcastic funny, and quite fair. She's not strict at all, really.

Italian - Reflexive Verbs. Lavarsi - To Wash oneself. To say to wash myself, get rid of the SI and then the AR because it's an are verb and replace it with the ARE endings. Got it.

Lunch - Did my Science lab report, went on MSN, made my Spiral Snake for Science.

CSPE - Free Class.

Maths - I'm two chapters ahead of the rest of my class.

Science - Mr. Nugent. What more can I say?

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Italian - Reflexive Verbs. Lavarsi - To Wash oneself. To say to wash myself, get rid of the SI and then the AR because it's an are verb and replace it with the ARE endings. Got it.

Don't get me started on Italian grammar...

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Sounds interesting Kat and Jayde! :P

Mine was ok... I'll give you a run-through :P

8:40 - I arrive in school and chat.

9:30 - Irish. I actually am beginning to understand it! It only took 14 years!

10:10 - Double Art. I spent my time making random objects with friends. It was a waste of time but it was fun!

11:30 - LS. Just talked.

11:40 - Break. Consisted of me chatting ... again.

12:00 - Math. WHY does she take 40 minutes to correct the homework? I'm, like, a bajillion sections ahead now.

12:40 - French. I had a test on Messages. It was good!

13:20 - Lunch. Spent my time wandering around because most people were in DT. :(

14:00 - Business Org. Free class. Boring.

14:40 - English. I got my Bosnian Short-Story back. 70%!

15:20 - Geography. Nuff said. <_<

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Well lets see...

Woke up (late)


Tried to do some revision for those exams (that are ever so close)

Got distracted (by tv/music/internet/phone - in that order)

Decided to head of to the library (which is just over an hour away)

Actually started revising

Got distracted (by this guy sitting at the desk in front of me :ph34r:)

Came home a few hours later (managed to get one and a half topics done-ish)

Fell asleep

Woke up (again)


I am now here on BTTB

Need to TRY and do some more work in to the night.... -_-

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