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Poison Ivy

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TYPE OF STORY: long fic

GENRE: drama

STARRING: mainly Jack and anoter girl but other people also



WARNINGS: launguage, sexual content

PLOT: While shifting boxes Sam finds a photo of Jack with a young girl and wonders if he's hiding something, and then tries to find out who she actually is.

Sam lifted up a box to move it only for the bottom to move it but all that happened was the bottom came apart. She sighed and started to pick everything up when she came across a photo of Jack and a girl together and Jack had his arm around her. On the back it said Brandi's bbq 2007. She heard the door open.

"Sam" she heard Jack call "Sam" he called again she quickly put the photo in her back pocket.

"Hey" she said as she walked up to him and hugged him.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked

"Just cleaning up, moving boxes, making room". she told him

Rachel walked in

"Oh hey guys" she said

"Hey, i gotta step out for a while" Jack said

"Will you be home for dinner?" Sam asked

"Don't know" Jack shouted as he walked out the door.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked sensing something was wrong.

Sam pulled the photo out of her pocket and showed her.

"Who's Brandi?" Rachel asked

"That's what i'd like to know"

"Well ask him thre's probably a perfectly good explenation"

"She looks really young though.v Does he wanna get arrested" Sam said confused


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Sam was sitting on the couch looking at the photo when Jack walked in.

"Hey" Jack said as he kissed Sam

"Where'd you get that?" he asked "I've looked for that for ages"

"Who's Brandi?" she asked worried about the answer

"Well for starters that's not Brandi in the photo. It's my daughter" he said

"How old is she?" Sam asked standing up "And why didn't you tell me about her"

"Because i doesn't matter, i haven't seen her since that photo was taken and Brandi told me i was not to have anything to do with her".

"Ok well what's her name?"


"I wanna meet her, we should all get together, you, me, her and Rory"

"I don't think will go down to well"


"You don't know Brandi"

"Scew Brandi, you can't let her do that"

"Fine, i'll talk to her, see if she wants to or not"


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Aden noticed a tall tanned blonde girl walking along the street

"Hey there" he called

She looked at him and kept walking.

He notice a birthmark on her right shoulder in the of ivy.

"I said hey" He said now standing infront of her.

"Yeah i heard what you said, i was ignoring you" she told him"

"What's your name" she asked

She sighed


"Do you wanna know mine" he asked

"No, not really"

He went to ask another question but she cut him off.

"Look horny jerkoff from a high school movie, do you have annything important to say because if not **** off" She snapped.

"Year um are you lost because i could help you find the way" Aden asked

"I'm not lost i just don't know where i'm going"

"That's called lost"

Ok, my name is Talia Bell i'm here looking for my dad's joint, he's name is Jack Holden. Do you know where he lives" She snpped

He laughed

"4 houses down"

"Thankyou" she said as she turned and walked away

"We should hang out sometime" Aden called out

"I highly doubt it" she called back


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