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Never Let You Go

Guest jack+martha=trooluvv

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Okay, you're shocked.


I was very pleased with that stroke of genius of moi :)

I'm itching to tell you what I've planned but...no...you must wait!

Actually you guys have to wait for a while, as I'm going on holidays for two weeks but will update as soon as poss afterwards. So catch ya round guys!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm ba-ack!

I must say, I'm annoyed <_<

I come back and find this fan fic on the 3rd page along with my other fic and nobody's replied.

But I'm not worried :rolleyes:

Have an update for yas soon!

I've worked out finally how I want the fan fic to end and I think it will be finished with about twenty more chapters....

If you've got any good ideas please PM me!!

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I hope I did this allright because Martha has a bit of an emotional breakdown and I hope I wrote it all right, it's happened to me before and it's so hard to put into words...anyway I'd love your opinions.

Chapter 8

The wind blew sharply, scattering leaves and sticks along with it. The sky was a heavy leaded grey and there was obviously an impending thunderstorm. As Martha walked along the deserted beach in a spaghetti-strap dress she shivered in the cold and wished she’d brought her jumper.

It was the day after Martha’s discovery – Roman owned a pole-dancing club! And he was cheating on some little curly-haired girl. Poor Rachel. Should I tell her? Martha wondered. It might not have been Roman – but then she was almost certainly sure. Martha made up her mind that she would do some more spying some time and see whether it really was Roman.

Suddenly a gulf of agony hit Martha, and she almost doubled up with the emotional pain of it. What a horrible, miserable life she had. Something inside her had finally snapped with this Roman thing. Suddenly, memories came rushing back – Jonah kidnapping her and Tasha, the bomb going off at the wedding, Matilda screaming from the pain of her blistered shoulder, all the fights that she and Jack had had, Jack rejecting her on the beach last week, Roman kissing a girl, memories from Cam…

“Why can’t I have a normal life?” Martha yelled at the heavy sky. “WHY!?” Then the heavens opened and rain poured down, so hard that it made Martha’s head hurt. Sinking down to the sand on her knees she rested her head on her knees and sobbed, sobbed for the agony of this moment and all the agony of the past. Thunder cracked and rolled overhead and lightning flickered, and Martha wondered if she could take any more. She was shivering with the cold – her dress was clinging tight to her and was completely soaked through. Her hair was hanging in draggly strands but Martha didn’t care about the cold or the rain.

The thunder rolled and the lightning flickered, and then stopped rolling and went out for a last time. The rain continued to come down but the thunder & lightning was gone – it had been a short but violent storm. As had been Martha’s spasm of sadness. Now, all that was left was an empty depression, and Martha rolled over on her side on the beach, letting the rain beat down on her. She started to think logically again – Rachel had a right to know, but Martha couldn’t handle telling her. She couldn’t handle anything. Not even getting up right now.


“Gawd, that was an awful storm,” Irene said in wonder, as the rain started to subside, finally.

“Pretty awful, hey?” Leah said, while wiping dishes. It was about six o’ clock now, and people were coming in to get take-away dinners. In wandered Matilda, looking awful.

“Anything up, love?” Irene asked. Matilda shook her head mutely and asked for some juice. Sitting at the table she swilled the orange pulpy juice around with her straw and thought over her predicament. Tony had left, and she had only just realised how she had depended on him to cheer her up with his optimistic nature and caring smiles. Ric – whom she loved – was angry at her. She had no one. Lucas had reacted to Tony’s departure in his own way – retreating into his room and tapping away at his laptop for hours, so he had left her basically on her own. Martha was…well…she was somewhere, Belle was occupied with her job, and Cassie was grieving for Henk, Sally comforting her. Nobody wanted her. Life sucked. Matilda didn’t even have the heart to finish her juice. She chucked it in the bin and headed home.

Luc was in his room – she could hear the tapping. He wouldn’t come out for ages. Matilda sat and watched telly, not taking any of it in, for three hours, until the house was dark. Then suddenly…she noticed a bottle of Scotch in the cupboard. Matilda shook her head but she could feel herself weakening, she just wanted to drown it all...feeling very guilty she got out a glass and poured herself some alcohol.


Ric was walking quickly along the beach, physical activity and getting his muscles warmed up helping him to forget about the Mattie predicament. It was getting dark, around nine o’ clock, and there weren’t very many people at the beach, though the Surf Club & Diner were full up. Then he heard a high, sweet but very slurred voice singing. “Uh-oh, some drunk girl,” he thought.

I don’t care what they say

I’m in love with you

They try to hold me back

They don’t know the truuuth”

The singing was coming closer and closer and then whoever it was bumped into him. Ric put out his arms and steadied the petite wavering form. He tried to see who it was. “Hellooooo, Ric,” she grinned. It was Matilda!

“Oh, God,” murmured Ric.

“It’s goo’ to see you,” Matilda laughed. “It’s grea’ to see you. I missed you sooooooo much, Mr. Ric Dably – I mean Dalby – because Geoff’s nice but he’s soooo booooring and I wante’ to see you. Oh an’ another bottle o’ Scotch, I’d love to see one of ’em.”

Ric held her steady. She was so drunk. “What happened, Mattie?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’ know, Tony left town and there was this bottle of Scotch sitting there and I was just like, “Mr Scotchy, you’re my bes’ friend!”

She is sooo drunk, Ric thought. “Tony left town?” he asked.

“Um, yeh,” Matilda murmured. She slung her arms around Ric’s neck and looked into his eyes. “But you’re the one for me, Ric. I don’ need Tony, wiv you around…”

Ric didn’t know what to say.

Matilda giggled. “Ooops I’m being naughty, I’m cheating on bible boy, naughty Mattie!” She pretented to slap her wrist. Suddenly Matilda lurched backwards bringing Ric down on top of her in the sand. They lay there, very close together until Mattie giggled again.

“Ooops we’re being naughty now Ric!”

Ric looked into her eyes. She was obviously very drunk. She leaned up to kiss him and Ric could smell the alcohol. He knew that she was drunk and this was wrong but he couldn’t help himself, he kissed back. He only let it happen for a few seconds then quickly pulled away and rolled off her. “Mattie, we’ve got to get you home.”

And he did. Lucas was surprised and concerned about her, and led her into the shower and helped her get to sleep. Ric did not mention the forbidden, but so wonderful kiss.


Tony made his way out of Simon’s B & B to sit in the park, and just relax. The sounds of the city vibrated around him and he felt lonely, disturbed, misunderstood as he parked himself down on the dewy grass. He looked up at the sky. It was velvety black with stars studded like diamantes in the sky, and big grey masses of see-through cloud from the downpour today floated lazily across the sky. He remembered screaming at Rachel, and Rachel screaming at him. Maybe she was right. Rachel was so much braver than him – but what else could Tony do? He couldn’t stand toughing it out anymore.

Tony sat there, feeling like a tiny, worthless nothing in a huge universe of stars and happy couples, feeling sorry for himself until suddenly someone sneaked up behind him and put their arms around him from behind. “What?” he said, struggling.

“It’s me,” purred a female voice.

“Kristee?” he asked tentatively.

“The very one,” she said dreamily, resting her head on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at her. There she was, with her long floatly blonde hair and puppy-dog brown eyes…Tony remembered their brief, passionate romance in their highschool days. It had ended when Kristee had moved away to America, and Tony had forgotten her. What was she doing here now?

“You…you’ve come back?” he asked quietly.

“Yep,” murmured Kristee. “For you. My friend told me where you were and I…couldn’t…resist…”

Tony looked around at her. She had that way of weaving an irresistible spell on you. She was coming closer and closer now – her soft pink lips were parted…

Next Chapter: Tony and Kristee's old flame is re-lit. Two women have a fight...WHO?

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Hey, I just found this fic. It's really good.

I feel sorry for Tony, I almost want him and Rachel to be together. Almost. And I'm not a Tachel fan.

Jack, you silly, silly boy. You love Martha. Just be with her already. Sam a pole dancer. :o Having an affair with Roman who owns a club. :o Did not see that coming. Martha just tell Jack about Sam, and Rachel about Roman, and then you can have Jack all to yourself.

There better be a fight between Sam and Martha next chapter.

More please.

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Matilda giggled. “Ooops I’m being naughty, I’m cheating on bible boy, naughty Mattie!” She pretented to slap her wrist.

that was . . . . BRILLIANT

ahhhhhh Meg that was my favourite bit I absoloutely loved it hehe :D

And also I liked the bit where Martha finally broke down . . .

It was so sudden but really well written and I loved it as well . . .

update soon hun

muahhhhh xox

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