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Never Let You Go

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Hi everyone!


This fan fiction was disappearing into the 2nd page, I had to rescue it! Lol! So here's Chapter 5. Finally up to date. If you want to read it on my site (or check out my site!) here's the URL:


Chapter 5

The next morning, Sally woke up with the sun streaming through the window. It hurt her eyes as she struggled out of sleep. “Eurrgghhh,” she moaned. Still clad in her Snoopy pyjamas that Ric had given her as a joke a few weeks ago, she made her sleepy way downstairs.

When she arrived in the kitchen she grabbed an apple and started eating it. Somehow, everything seemed to shine brighter, and, well, Sally was in a good mood. Until she remembered Cassie. How she had sat for hours last night hugging Cassie, whose heart was broken into forty million tiny little pieces. Suddenly, the brightness diminished, and Sally sighed. Poor Cassie. What had she done to deserve this?? Even though Sally didn’t like Henk, she had to admit that he had never done ANYTHING to Cassie and that he actually seemed to be a pretty supportive and loyal boyfriend. So how? How could he just…take off like that??

Sally, still in her pyjamas, tramped through the dewy grass to the caravan where Cassie, tired from crying a million tears, had slept last night. As she reached the door, she bumped into someone. “Oh, I’m sorry…” she said. It was Miles, and she smiled brightly at him. She had an undeniable connection with this man. It was crazy. But nice. She liked it. It stirred memories that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Altogether, he was the loveliest person she knew at the moment, even though she hardly knew him. A bit like Flynn, really…just that lovely warmth and friendliness oozing from him and making all the atmosphere around him nice.

“Good morning, Sally,” grinned Miles.

“Good morning!” replied Sally, looking into those deep, chocolatey-brown eyes. A bit like Sally’s really…

“The caravan’s lovely and comfy,” Miles said, after an awkward pause.

“Oh, that’s good. Did you sleep well?” Sally asked.

“Not really. I had…a nightmare,” said Miles.

“Ohhh,” said Sally, sounding concerned. She met his eyes and took in a deep breath. “Ummm, Miles…” she said softly.


“Well…oh, it doesn’t matter. If you can excuse me, I’ve got to go and visit Cassie,” and Sally turned away on her heel.

Miles stared after her and sighed. Sally silently cursed herself. “You can’t be falling for him, Sally Fletcher!” she muttered furiously to herself. “You hardly know him!!”


Rachel lay in the white hospital bed, unmoving, solemn, with Tony and Jack by her side. Jack had just come into the hospital to try and get some sense out of the Reverend, who couldn’t talk, only gibber and was obviously a bit mad. Jack had decided to drop in and see how Rachel was doing. It was really the same. No better, no worse.

Tony sighed hopelessly. Jack turned and looked at his dad and saw something in his father’s face that he hadn’t seen before, not since Beth had died. “Dad…” said Jack softly. “You love her, don’t you?” Tony nodded.

“I know how it feels,” Jack sighed. “I love Martha, but it can’t ever happen.”

Tony didn’t disapprove or judge Jack, like he had done before, but put his arm around his son’s shoulders, and they shared each other’s grief.


Two hours later…

Leah and Tony sat by Rachel’s bedside, just being there for each other. Tony loved Rachel, and Rachel was one of Leah’s best friends. The clock in the room ticked slowly…tick…tock…tick…tock…

Suddenly, Rachel’s eyelashes fluttered. Tony sat up straight, and so did Leah. “Did you see that?” Leah asked.

“Yeah. First time she’s moved in ages,” Tony murmured. And then Rachel’s delicate, white hand moved gently, and touched Leah’s fingers. Tony and Leah remained quite still, and then, suddenly the eyes flickered open.

“Rachel!” Tony & Leah cried.

“Rachel, can you hear me?” Tony asked.

“Leah!” murmured Rachel, “Tony…”

“I’ll get a doctor,” said Leah, and sped out of the room. Tony looked into Rachel’s eyes. “Rachel, can you hear me?” he asked slowly and clearly. And Rachel’s head nodded slowly. Tony’s heart leapt.

“Oh, gosh, what happened?” murmured Rachel, running her hand over her forehead. Then suddenly she gasped. “Reverend! The Reverend…oh God Tony!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Tony said quickly. “Reverend Hall is under control.”

Rachel smiled sadly, and tried to move. “Ouch!” she cried out. “My stomach hurts.”

“Well it would do,” said Tony quietly, “you were shot in the stomach.”

“What a sad man,” murmured Rachel. Tony felt a buzz of confusion. She was feeling sorry for the Reverend, whom had shot her. What a person Rachel was. How could that idiot Kim have messed her around so much? Just then the doctor came running in, and checked Rachel’s pulse. “Can you hear me, Dr. Armstrong?” he said clearly to her.

“Yes,” Rachel replied.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” asked the doctor.

“Three,” replied Rachel correctly. The doctor turned and smiled at Leah and Tony, the former who had come running in after the doctor. “Well, this is a definite improvement, unless she’s lost more blood. It’s hard to tell at this stage of course.” The doctor moved over to the bedside. “Mind if I check your tummy, Ms. Armstrong?” Rachel nodded, and the doctor opened the white hospital shirt to see the blood-stained bandages. There was no fresh blood, Tony noted with joy. “Well, there’s been no more bleeding, and she seems to be responding allright. Are you in pain, Dr. Armstrong?” he asked.

“When I move,” Rachel replied. “I’m very tired.”

“Now you just rest,” the doctor said, and he walked out of the room. Tony and Leah just looked at each other and hugged.


Three days later Rachel was allowed out of the hospital. She had recovered very well and quickly, although she was still weak and moved slowly, she hadn’t bled anymore at all and the bullet wound was healing up well. Tony and Roman visited her a lot, and one day Tony squeezed her hand and whispered something in her ear that had made her gasp in surprise. The next day, Roman had done the same thing. Rachel was surprised at this and felt uncomfortable with two men in love with her at the same time.

However, something sparked up in Rachel that happens a lot when women have two men courting her. She felt an undeniable vixenish pleasure in the fact that two men liked her, and took pleasure in teasing them and leading them on. A lot of people do this and it is pretty good fun until the love triangle reaches a climax and there has to be a decision. That happened to Rachel. Two weeks after she was out of the hospital, feeling quite well and strong, Tony came and asked her out on a date. Rachel accepted – she had been on a couple with both men already and they were lovely company. Tony looked delighted at her acception and marched out very pleased with himself.

Rachel walked over to her wardrobe to pick a dress and then suddenly gasped in shock as she realised that she had double-booked – she had agreed to go to a movie with Roman. Movie with Roman or dinner with Tony, she thought furiously. How could she decide? She couldn’t exactly say to Tony, Oh sorry Tony, can’t come, got a date with the other man. She could lie. But who would she lie to? She liked them both enough so that she didn’t want to lie to them. She could just simply not say where she was going. But then they might press her for an answer and she wouldn’t be able to which would sound suspicious. Maybe she should fake a cold. Maybe she should reschedule with one of them. That was a good idea. But if things were this troublesome already, maybe she should just stop this double-dating thing and choose one of them to go on a date with, and leave the other. Even better.

BUT WHO DO I CHOOSE? screamed Rachel in frustration. Sam called from the other room, Rachel,what’s up? Rachel yelled back, “Nothing.” She raced into the living room, and made her decision very quickly. She picked up the phone and dialled a number.


While Rachel was getting confused over her two lovers, Sally was having love problems of her own. She was falling in love with Miles, quickly and rapidly. Well, Sally thought it was love – but there was something more to it. She didn’t know that, though. She had been spending a lot of time with Miles, who was working at the Caravan park as a maintenance man, and they were very good friends. Sally knew and felt that there was something between them, and decided it was time to act on it.

One day Sally and Miles sat at an outside table at the surf club, watching the ocean, and drinking coffee. Sally stood up, and so did Miles.

“Look at the ocean,” said Sally dreamily. “Isn’t it beautiful.”

“It is,” agreed Miles.

Sally turned around and looked up at Miles. His chocolatey brown eyes weaved a spell on her and she leant in to kiss him. Miles drew back, and Sally looked at him quizzically.

“Sally…” said Miles.

“Yes?” asked Sally, feeling a little embarrassed.

“I know there’s a connection between us.”

“Of course there is!” Sally cried. “I don’t go around kissing random people whom I don’t have a connection with! I feel it, Miles, there is something between us.”

Miles looked a little surprised at her outburst. “Of course there is. But it’s not what you think. I…I can’t tell you yet.”

“What do you mean!” Sally said forcibly.

“We have a connection, but it’s not romantic. Us together isn’t meant to be.” And with that Miles left.

“Miles!” Sally called after him. But he didn’t turn back.

Chapter 6:

Sally is still hurt and confused by Miles’s comments. Who does Rachel choose, and how does the other one react? Also, Ric makes it plain to Matilda that he’s not very happy about her and Geoff.

There ya's go. Please comment!!

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Guys, I'm having heaps of ideas for new fics, I'll just put a few here, and you can tell me what you think:

He's Mine!!! - A love square between Martha, Jack, Tasha & Robbie

Love In A Chatroom - Martha & Jack are friends in real life, but have fallen in love with each other in an anonymous chatroom, however they don't know this!

Four Weddings And A Funeral - The love stories of my four fave Summer Bay girls - Martha, Sally, Matilda & Cassie.

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Chapter 6

Rachel held the phone with trembling hands, biting her lip. She felt awful, doing this. Really, really, really awful. Tony was one of her best friends…Rachel stopped brooding as Tony’s cheerful voice piped through the phone. <i> Oh god, he’s really happy about it! </i> Rachel agonized silently. “Hello, Tony Holden here!”

“Um…Tony?” Rachel quivered. “It’s…um…it’s me. Rachel.”

“Oh, hi Rach,” replied Tony. He must have detected the fear in her voice. “Is everything all right?” Rachel winced at the sweet concern in his voice.

“I…I can’t come to the date on Thursday,” Rachel murmured. Quietly. In fact, too quietly.

“What was that, Rach?”

“I can’t come to the date on Thursday,” she gabbled quickly and loudly.

“Oh. Oh, um, okay. Why?” There was the disappointment. Rachel decided to get it over and done with, like ripping a Band-Aid off.

“I double-booked. I had a date with Roman planned and I have decided to go to the date with him.”

Quick gasp from Tony followed by something like a sob from Rachel, who was struggling to control her emotions. “And…you dropped me for Roman.” There was Tony’s hurt and pain.

“No!” Rachel cried. “I…I…didn’t mean that…”

“Yes, you did.” Tony’s voice was hard and cold, and Rachel felt frightened. “Yes you did, Rachel. You leave the ugly older man for the hot new bachelor, that even Colleen’s been eyeing up. Still, suppose I was stupid to think I could get an angel like you. Suppose I was stupid to think that you even were an angel.”

Nothing could have hurt Rachel more than that. <i> Suppose I was stupid to think that you even were an angel. </i> When she was dialling the number Rachel had sworn fervently not to cry if things went badly. She broke her vow VERY QUICKLY. She could hear her wet breaths snuffling down the phone and her sobs sounding all scratchy. “Tony!”

Click. He had hung up. “GOD!” yelled Rachel, very loudly, just to relieve her feelings.


Sally sat on the sofa of her home, biting back tears. What on earth did Miles mean? If only she understood! Then it might be easier to deal with his rejection of her. The door slammed open and Sally sighed. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone. However it was only Ric.

Ric marched in, looking majorly angry, and Sally looked up at him quizzically. “What’s with the grumpy face, Ric?”

“Nothing,” growled Ric.

“Yep, right,” Sally said disbelievingly. However she was too depressed to follow it up.

“What do you think of Matilda & Geoff?” Ric asked suddenly.

“Oh, so this is what that’s about,” Sally said.

Ric yelped. “Don’t worry Ric,” Sally said dully, “It’s allright to be jealous.”

Ric looked at Sally curiously. “What’s up with you Sal? Normally you’d be counselling me and trying to get me to talk.”

“I’m having a bad day.” Sally rolled over, indicating that the conversation was finished.


Ric banged on the door loudly. He wanted to see Matilda as soon as possible. Tony opened the door. “What’s up mate?”

“I need to speak to Matilda,” Ric said shortly.

“Ric, don’t start messing her arou…” Ric pushed past Tony, not caring what he had to say. There was Matilda, in a cute little pair of tight denim shorts and a blue T-shirt, reading a book. She was sitting on the sofa and had her back to Ric. Obviously she was so absorbed in her book she hadn’t heard the slight scuffle as Ric had shoved his way in. Ric crept up behind her and squeezed her at the pressure points just above her hips.

“Aargh!” Matilda screamed and then turned around and gave him a stony cold stare. “Oh…hello.” She turned back to her book.

Ric swivelled her around again. “Mattie, what is going on between you and Geoff?”

“I thought you knew,” Matilda replied coldly.

“Well, never trust gossip,” Ric said, with a slight laugh. Matilda didn’t even smile.

“Gossip is right, for once. Me and Geoff are together and are very happy,” she said, going back to her book. Ric grabbed the book and held it tight.

“You don’t love him,” Ric said softly.

“It’s none of your business,” Matilda replied quietly, a tear shining at the corner of one blue eye.

“It is my business. Mattie, since we broke up all I’ve been able to think about is you! All I want is you!”

“Oh yeah? Well you should have considered that when you jumped into bed with Viv.”

“Matilda, you don’t love Geoff.”

“So what if I don’t?” spat back Matilda, worked up now, her face flushed with anger. “Geoff wouldn’t sleep with some sleazy older woman!”

Ric didn’t have anything to say to that. He turned and left, throwing the book back on the sofa, and Mattie growled to release her feelings.


Rachel picked out a sexy black halterneck dress for her movie with Roman, and slipped it on over her body. It followed Rachel’s curves, and ended just below her knees. Sitting on her bed she pulled on a pair of black high heels. Why was she getting so dressed up just for a movie? Well, Rachel didn’t feel that good about this date anymore, since she’d hurt Tony so much and she didn’t want to dampen the date by being depressed, so she was doing everything she could to make the date good. Looking in the mirror she brushed her curly hair and added a few pretty clips, applied some clear lip gloss and painted her nails a light blue. So there she was. Dressed up to the nines for a movie. “I’m pathetic,” she thought.

There came a knock on the door. Rachel put on a grin and raced through to open it, finding Roman there, smiling. “Hello gorgeous!” she said flirtatiously.

Roman laughed confusedly and kissed her on the cheek. “You look lovely, Rachel.”

“Thank you,” she said graciously. “I’m ready, should we head off?”

“Why not?” he said.

As they drove to the cinemas Roman asked, “What movie do you want to see?”

“What’s showing?”

“Um…there’s Titanic, Splatter,Flushed Away, Casino Royale and Narnia.”

“Let’s watch Titanic,” Rachel said excitedly.

“All right,” replied Roman, focusing on the driving.


The movie was over and Rachel & Roman were standing outside in the dark. People were laughing and chattering as they poured out, discussing the movie and hopping into cars. Rachel and Roman were very close together.

“So how did you like the movie?” Roman asked.

“It’s wonderful,” Rachel replied softly. “My favourite movie ever, I must have seen it a million times. Isn’t Kate Winslet great?”

“She looks a bit like you actually,” mused Roman.

Rachel giggled. “My favourite scene is the kiss scene.”

That line had the effect she hoped it would. Roman leant in and pressed his lips against hers. Rachel felt zings run through her body and she held him tight to her.

Neither of them saw Tony, mooching along the road, but Tony saw them, definitely. He was feeling depressed. Mattie and Ric had had a spat, Rachel had rejected him, it was just starting to rain and it was a long walk home. Then he saw Roman and Rachel kissing in front of the cinema. Tony stared in disbelief. “What…” he murmured slowly. He couldn’t watch anymore, and turned on his heel and ran home as fast as he could, only stopping a couple of times.

Rachel & Roman walked arm in arm back to the car, and laughed all the way home. In the back of Rachel’s mind was a niggling thought though – what about Tony? When they reached Rachel’s home they stood outside on the verandah, Rachel’s arms around Roman’s neck.

“You were fantastic,” Roman told her seriously.

Rachel held him tight and gave him a long, lingering good-bye kiss. He squeezed her hand and left in the car.


Lucas arrived home after a day at the beach and a quick trip to the shops. He had been in a good mood and had bought a pair of brand new boardshorts for his dad, for no particular reason, and was looking forward to giving them to Tony. As he entered the house he yelled, “Da-ad!”

No answer. He yelled again, and someone yelled back at him, but it wasn’t Tony. “Shut up, Luc!” Matilda had yelled.

“Touchy, touchy,” murmured Lucas, but knew better than to start a spat with Matilda. He walked in the living room and found Matilda looking grumpy. “Do you know where Dad is, Mattie?” he asked.

“Nope,” said Matilda.

“Then I might go back to the beach.” As Luc headed out he saw an envelope sticky-taped to the door which he hadn’t noticed before. It said Luc and Matilda on it. He pulled it off and ripped it open.

“Mattie?” yelled Luc.

“WHAT?” screamed Matilda.

“Dad’s left town…”

Where is Tony? Something very important is revealed about Sam...

Please comment

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